Greetings from Berry!

Splash of Color

Eeeee! Yes I too have jumped on the Rainbowcy bandwagon! Its like the most perfect legacy for Berry sweets is it not? Well anywho I say yes!

Of course what makes a Rainbowcy so awesome is all the different possibilities there are!

I don’t have much information yet, But lets meet our Founder!

This is Chantilly Lace Chiffon ( I know she is a teen here, but that will be where our story will begin!)


My colors will go as followed

Pink (Technically Purple)









More info to come!

Can’t wait to get started I am so excited ^_^


34 responses

  1. very cool…I never even herd of the Rainbowcy. But your dead on, your perfect for it…you always create the most colorful and beautiful sims! I added you to my blog roll so I can keep updated you story. πŸ™‚

  2. I just bounced back here and found what I was looking for, a list of colors. You can’t be almost half-way through already! I want this story to cover a palette the size of a box of Crayolas!

  3. PINK! yes PINK well rose but awsome and blue yay and lavender MY FAVORITE COLORS
    btw thanks for posting this I even wouldnt have thought of it
    ur so awesome berry Im gonna tell all ma friends about ur website

  4. Woop woop! After teal theirs blue! that means Tranquil has to marry Granite! (Hope I spelt them correct D:)
    Unless.. you find another blue hunk O.o

  5. Ooh, the colours are so pretty! I’m glad there are two shades of pink coming! Cherry kinda gave the second generation a whole different colour XD and I was kinda disappointed we would never have a pink heir, but now it turns out we’re gonna have two! Love all the other colours too though!!! ❀

  6. Hey Berry, could ya extend the amount of colors?!? We have barely any more generations left, and I want you to continue! >.< I love the colors btw πŸ™‚

  7. oooo yes!! I can’t wait for Tranquil’s kids (hopefully more than one this time) to be looking for Lavender spouses!! That’s my favorite color!!

  8. how do make your words different colors? I tried to change the color but it wouldn’t let me and i tried changing the colors on Word and the Copy-Paste but it wouldn’t work 😦
    please help?

  9. OMGGG its going to end soon nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!! the next one is lavender soo i think lily and disco are going to have purple babies? hahahah just a guess πŸ™‚ , your stories are so addicting and amazing i love them!

    • Disco is not pink. His skin is a slightly lighter shade from the purple slider which has a bit of pink, but his clothing and hair are OBVIOUSLY lavender lol… What that means…well we will have to wait and see.

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