Gen 1- Lacey: Chapter 2


Well this was just great! It was the third time this week, my shower had exploded on me. I swear this bathroom hated me. If it was not the shower it was the sink, if it was not the sink it was the toilet! I was about ready to take a wrench and just smash up the whole room!


Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse. The mail man dropped by with the months bills. I barely had any money left and IĀ  was having more than a little trouble trying to sell my artwork. I tried 2 different art galleries and 3 different art stores, but no one was taking on new artists! I was in so much trouble.


The horrible bathroom and lack of money started to get to me and I began to cry. This was just too hard! I started to feel like I had made a huge mistake thinking I could do this on my own. The huge pool of water on the ground was only getting bigger and my tear drops where not helping matters.

Just then my phone rang. I looked at the ID and when I saw the name Bubbie I answered it asap! He inquired on how I was holding up and seeing I am not a very good liar, he could tell right away I was upset. He asked if he could come over and of course I said yes.


Not even 10 minutes later he arrived. He must have been calling from around the corner or something. I didn’t mind though, it was just nice to see a friendly face. He also offered me a sympathetic ear and I kinda unloaded on him. I felt really bad later, but he did not seem to mind. I was really lucky to have a friend like him.


Standing there talking to Bubbie I could feel the chemistry between us and my flirty nature reared its ugly head. He was just so incredibly cute, how could I not flirt with him? Then he did something that would change my life forever. He offered to room with me to help me get on my feet.

“You know. I could help with bills and stuff, just until you get on your feet of course.”
I almost couldn’t contain my excitement.

“That would help me out so much. Thank you!”

Well it was almost dinner time, and since we had no kitchen to speak of, Bubbie and I headed back to The Pep.


Well after dinner we were getting ready to leave and I am not sure if it was the beautiful sunset or sea air, but I kissed him. Thankfully he was into it, I would have just died if my first kiss was rejected. It was such a rush!

I also smiled at thought of my new memories I had to replace the old ones. I know my dad would have been glad to know I was moving forward with my life and no longer stuck in the past.


So after dinner we dropped by Bubbie’s folks house and they helped us move some of his stuff. He did not bring too much, just the necessities like his bed and some clothing. It wasn’t until later that night that we realized he had forgotten bedding for the bed! Luckily for him I found spare set in the closet. There was only one bed room and it was just big enough for both of our beds. I even had to move my easel into the kitchen just so we could fit. We had a wonderful first night together, it was like a slumber party. We stayed up into the early hours just talking, until I think it was me who finally crashed.


The next morning I got a phone call from Pocky. He said his nephew was having a small get together and since he knew I was new in town, wanted to know if I would like to go. I figured meeting some of the neighbors would be a good thing, maybe I could get hooked up with someone in the art biz.

I arrived at the Muffin’s and was greeted by Mrs. Muffin herself. I had heard from Bubbie that the Muffins were quite influential around these parts.


I also got to meet Tyson and his wife Blushberry. Blushberry and I really clicked. I could tell right away we were going to be great friends!

Unfortunately I couldn’t stay very long, I had to get back to my artwork and hopefully get something sold. I thanked everyone for their hospitality and headed back home.


When I arrived home, Bubbie was just getting home from the academy. He was almost a full fledged police officer. He looked even more sexy than usual. I may have been a little to forward, but I suggested pushing the beds together for a little fun. Goodness. My flirty-ness was going to be the death of me!


Well you can probably guess what happened next. I won’t get into the graphic details, but I will say it was fun, and there’s no harm in a little fun now and again.


18 responses

  1. Again it was great. Keep it up and check on my blogs while your at it. I have a new post with 0 comments. Its making me sad. šŸ™‚ I must be losing it or something. Any way I do have a new blog thats coming up.

  2. Too bad Sims can’t woohoo in a single bed. I mean, sure, it takes a little manuevering, but it’s not impossible! lol! XD

    I never get tired of seeing cameos of other Berry Sims!

  3. Very cute…love the innuendo of…erm you know…lol

    btw…its a little hard to access your chapters 1 & 2…try adding a calender to your blog or an archive so newbies can get hooked on this story just like the rest of us! šŸ™‚

  4. Glad that Lacey’s getting back on her feet and that things are heating up with Bubbie. And Blueberry made an apearance! Anyways, love it and off to read some more.

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