Gen 1- Lacey: Chapter 5


A little time had passed and Bubbie was now a full fledged Patrol officer! He looked so handsome in his uniform. Unfortunately his new schedule was very hectic and tiring. He spent a lot of his spare time working on reports. There was so much paperwork. I felt terrible for him, but he seemed to love it.


Well my pregnancy flew by, and actually going into labor took me by completely surprise. I ended up having another home birth. I felt much more comfortable at home than sitting in a cold hospital surrounded by strangers. Just a few hours later, we welcomed Carmine Chiffon into our family.


Carmine was such a sweet little guy. He had his father colorings and my eyes. It was really quite amazing. He was like a little carbon copy of Bubbie, and just like Roz we fell in love with him instantly.


When Bubbie was not working on his reports, he worked on sharpening his cooking skills. He was quite the cook and I am not exactly sure why he never went into the culinary business, he would have made an amazing chef, but instead I was his only loyal customer.


Of course he always had time for the boys. Carmine and Roz were growing so fast. I could hardly believe it, but i was almost time for Carmines birthday, I was so excited to see my little man growing up. I just knew he and Roz were going to be best friends.


There was a little drama at the local library recently and luckily for everyone involved, Bubbie was there doing some research. He ended up having to take about 10 different statements though. Apparently Papi Blue was trying to use one of the computers, while Vanilla-Mango was talking on her cell phone just near by. Papi Blue got a little heated and ended up throwing her phone across the room. I guess normally he was a pretty low key guy, but it would seem that he was having a really bad day.


It was almost time for Carmine’s party, so I fed him and changed him and then the festivities were about to begin.


It was the usual crowd in attendance. I had become very close with Blushberry and Merlot so naturally they were there. Pocky and Mulberry were also there. They had pretty much become Roz and Carmine’s honorary uncles. Our family was growing by leaps and bounds and everyone got a long so well. I felt quite blessed.


Here is our little cutie pie Carmine. He had such a blast at his party.


My birthday was up next! Oh my time was flying by so fast. I was going to be a full grown woman. Surprisingly I was looking forward to it! I was learning so much and I knew it would only get better as I aged. I was maturing like a fine wine. I also decided that I needed a much more mature look. So after my party I made an appointment at the salon.


Ta-da! I felt like a new woman. I also bought myself a new outfit to complete my look. I looked pretty amazing if I do say so myself.


It took a little while for Carmine to get use to the new me. Eventually he did, but I was starting to worry I had traumatized the poor little guy for life.


Roz was talking up a storm now. He and Bubbie were chatting all the time. Half the time we had no idea what he was talking about, but it was just unreal to think that he was already developing that fast. We did do our best to translate. He had a lot to say about his bear White Coco.


The sink broke down for what I was pretty sure was the 2000th time, but this time was different. We had enough money coming in that I was able to hire a repairman. What a wonderful feeling to know I was never going to have to deal with that piece of… well you get my gist.


Sadly I still had to clean up the horrible water mess that was left behind. Oh well can’t win em all. It was definitely a sacrifice I was willing to make.


Later that evening I got a phone call from Merlot. His oldest daughter had just enrolled in the army and they were throwing a BBQ party at Skittles Park. So Bubbie and I packed up the boys and we headed over. I was so stoked! I had been stuck in the house for days. I was beginning to catch the cabin fever.


It was so hard to believe she was already graduating. I shuddered to think how fast the boys would grow. She actually had some questions for Bubbie. She had big plans to join the academy after her service was over. Now that I was a mother I couldn’t help but observe genetics. Shiraz looked so much like her mom, but you could definitely see Merlot in there also.

It also got me wishing I had a little girl of my own. I started bringing up the idea of adding another little Chiffon in hopes that it was girl. Lucky for me Bubbie was pretty open to the idea, and it did not take me long to convince him

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  1. I love how you brought Fairy and Merlot into the picture again!
    Your stories are always so great.
    I’ll be looking forward to the next installment!

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