Gen 1 – Lacey: Chapter 6


Bubbie was really movin on up! He was now crime scene investigator, you know, like that CSI show. Ya his job was extremely fascinating to me. I am sure there were things that he couldn’t talk about, but what I did hear was so interesting. Didn’t help his hours though. I think he was working even more!


Can you believe it is already time for Roz’s Birthday! Time just flies by when youΒ  have young children. I had wished so much that my mom was around to talk to, but she had pretty much cut off all communication. I desperately hope that never happened with my children.


The party was going great until Theron Heart Cake decided that he was going to get into a huge tussle with Blushberry in my kitchen. He just came out of no where. No arguing or anything, just right up to her and *slap slap* I stood there with my mouth wide open. While I was still standing there in shock, Bubbie and Merlot escorted him out side. I think poor Blushberry was as shocked as I was.


Well it was time to blow out the candles. Roz pursed his lips just like me and helped blow them out. It was just about the cutest thing I had ever seen!


When Roz finally got to sit down with his cake, he tore into that thing like tomorrow. I can tell you he thoroughly enjoyed it.


So during the day before, I started to get that all too famliar “ill” feeling and I knew what was on the horizon. I whispered to Shortbread.

“I think baby number 3 is on its way.”

She giggled with excitement. I told her to shooosh, because I had not given Bubbie the good news just yet.


Oh I almost forgot about my little treat that I purchased for myself. I had sold a pretty brilliant painting (in my humble opinion) and gotten quite a bit for it, so i decided to buy some bedding for our bed. I was so sick and tired of that awful white stuff. It was lovely applique` pattern and a vast improvement indeed.


My paintings were selling for more and more each time! I was over the moon, and also curious to see what my next painting would sell for. At that point my highest selling painting was about 800 simoleons. Not half bad.


Well the baby bump was officially starting to grow quite fast this time! I felt so much bigger this time around than I had the last. Almost double the size! My appetite had also doubled. I was eating almost 24-7. If It was edible and with in my arms length it was quickly consumed! I seriously couldn’t help myself.


Almost imediately Roz had become extremely interested in painting. He definitely had my talent for the arts. I hoped he would stick with it as he grew. He was headed for great things if he did. Only problem was we began fighting over the use of the easel. It did not take us long to buy him his own.


To no surprise Roz and Emit were best buds. I guess you can’t help it, when you have been hanging around each other since the womb. Little Emit definitely took after his mother. Yes we had some pretty handsome boys.


We can’t forget about Carmine! He was growing so fast. Already learning to walk and talk. My goodness his eyes were captivating. He did not go anywhere with out that silly tiger either. He almost had a coronary when I had to borrow it for a little while to clean it, but I did not have a choice, it was utterly filthy.


Everyone in the family, even the extended family were excited about our new arrival. I had my suspicions that there could possibly be two little ones in there, but I kept my hunch to myself. I was eagerly awaiting the big day and so was everyone else!


Bubbie was up to his usual routine when the big day arrived. Unfortunately he had forgotten his cell phone. I ended up calling Blushberry and she rushed over faster than I thought was humanly possible. Due to all of our experience now with births, the delivery went very smoothly. Within just a couple of hours, we helped deliver two healthy baby girls!


Tea Rose


Misty Rose

Just a few days after the girls arrived we were celebrating Carmine’s birthday. We started an inside joke that everyday in our house was somebodies birthday! I had to stop eating the cake because I could feel my pants starting to get tight.


Carmine was a handsome little guy. I could tell that one had the potential to be a serious heart breaker.


Speaking of heart breakers. Roz had gotten himself a little girlfriend. Her name was Nikisha and she was just as beautiful as her name. She and Roz were inseparable. She even started calling me and Bubbie, Mom and Dad.


Not to long after Carmine’s birthday, I was in the kitchen putting away the left over PB&J sandwiches, when I almost threw up in the sink. I was able to hold it in though and quickly rushed to the bathroom.


Oh no no! How could this be? I had thought to myself. Bubbie and I were so extremely careful now! I couldn’t possibly pregnant again. Well whether I wanted to believe it or not, I was.


19 responses

    • haha! That is an understatement! XD They keep rolling wants to have a child with… and they don’t even have family oriented trait.

  1. Great job on the whole legacy so far πŸ˜€ I know it’s stating the bleeding obvious but your story is so beautifully coloured, it’s just great to look at πŸ˜‰

  2. The boys are growing and handsome, now twin girls (love their names) and another baby on the way? They are going to be very busy.

  3. I’ve just started reading today! First off, congrats on starting such an interesting and captivating rainbowcy! Secondly… wow o_O good luck with so many sim babies! I usually cut my sims off if they’ve had more than I can handle =p

  4. Berry…yeah another breathtaking visually appealing chapter. the boys are too beautiful for words and I have to admitt Lacey being an adult is throwing me off. I keep seeing the fun whimsacal girl she was and now she is this fun responsible mother.

    Great Legacy and you have a fan for life.

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