Gen 1- Lacey: Chapter 8


The next few hours were incredibly ugly at my house. Bubbie’s eyes glazed over for what could have not been more than a millisecond,  before he balled up his fists in absolute anger and disgust and went straight for Merlot. I(and all of our party guests) stood there in shock as Bubbie read Merlot the riot act, before kicking him out the front door. “I want you out of our house, and I never want to see your face again!”   *Slam*


All of the commotion upset little Tea Rose and she began to cry. Bubbie stormed back through the kitchen and quickly scooped her up. He took her into the girls bedroom and did his best calm her down. I wasn’t exactly sure if I should try to talk to him or not. I stood in the kitchen not saying a word. Suddenly a very stern voice coming from the direction of their room broke the silence. “Lacey come here please.” Just his tone made my stomach turn. I sheepishly walked to the bedroom.

“What in the world were you thinking, and why would you do this to me…no not to me. To us!” Tea Rose squirmed in his arms. He placed her into her crib and turned back to face me. I was just about to open my mouth with some sort of reason, which even I was not sure I had, when he interrupted me. “Save it. I need some time to think about this.” and with that he walked out. What had I done?


The shock began to wear off and the hard truth started to set in. My stupid decision to give in to a moment of passion was now so painfully poignant. It felt like a knife was stabbed into my heart. I could only imagine what Bubbie was going through if I was hurting this much. Emmit and Blushberry entered the room to see if I was ok. Emmit tried his best to cheer me up. It didn’t work, but the kind gesture did make me smile. What a sweet boy.


Poor little Carmines birthday fell just days after the whole Cherry Blossom party fiasco and no body including myself were in the mood for any sort of party. It was very somber mood that exuded from every corner of the house. That is except for Roz, he seemed to be enjoying everyone’s depressed states. Not exactly sure why.


Even the girls were aware of all the tension. Cherry Blossom was affected the most. Her sleep schedule had drastically changed and when she would wake up, instead of just her normal whining, she was practically screaming.


The first night it happened it scared me so bad. I thought someone was hurting the poor girl. I jumped out of that bed and ran full speed to her crib. I was incredibly relieved to see she was ok, but also slightly irked by the inappropriate behavior. I never said a word though. I felt completely responsible.


Due to my unshakable guilt, I spent every free moment I had with the girls. We read about 20 books and played over 100 rounds of patty cake. I was desperately trying to keep my mind occupied from the horrible mistake I had made. It worked to a point, but the pain was still there.


Life for the boys seemed to normalize much faster than the rest of us. Roz was smitten with his childhood friend Nikisha. She was even more beautiful now that she was a young lady. I am not sure if she felt the same way as Roz did, but for his sake, I wholeheartedly hoped that she did.


Speaking of Nikisha. She had her own crush, sadly for Roz it happened to be on Tea Rose. She would drop by almost everyday after to school to see Roz of course, but also to spend a little time with her favorite little gal. I found the whole situation so adorable. Tea Rose our little charmer.


Now that Carmine was a teenager, his interest in the arts began to surface. Just like the rest of us Chiffon’s he definitely knew his way around a paint brush.


Misty Rose had a passion of her own. She started spending time with her favorite electronic the TV. She even had a favorite show. A soap opera! I came in the room and saw the TV on The Plumbobs of our lives, and I thought I would be nice and change it to the Social Bunny Hour, as soon as I flipped the channel she started to cry. I quickly changed it back and she immediately stopped. I don’t think she really even understood what was happening, but hey, if it made her happy, why not?

Things were not going well for Roz in the love department. He had been doing his darnedest to woo (not to be mistaken with woo hoo) Nikisha, but it did not go well. I later found out that she had gotten herself a boyfriend and wanted to keep things friendly and nothing more between her and Roz. He agreed, but I could tell he was disappointed.


After that night Nikisha turned him down, Roz’s personality began to change. He started tormenting the poor girls. So many times I would find him stealing candy or just teasing little Misty Rose, he seemed to pick on her the most. I don’t know exactly what had happened, I just prayed it was just teen angst and hopefully it would pass.

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  1. Why, oh why, oh why, Lacey? Why did you do it?! Poor Bubbie. And poor Roz! The males in the family are having a tough time at love 😦 I hope Bubbie gives Lacey another chance, if she wants one that is………………….

  2. hehe poor Bobbie…cant wait to see how he acts in the next chapter…
    loving little Cherry Blossom.. 😀
    ouch for Roz though… Nikisha splits his heart in two lol… loving the name Nikisha..
    really cant wait for the next chapter..
    great work

  3. Poor kiddos. Seems to be happening a lot these days. My heiress may have had another man’s babies too. That’ll be announced in the next chapter. 🙂 Drama Drama!!

  4. Everyone’s so depressed right now, it makes me depressed! =(

    Ah, well, I’m sure things will turn out okay…
    Keep up the good work! =)

  5. Berry, for some reason I am craving to do a berry sweet neighborhood. I won’t be able to start until I finish my world of night story, but would mind giving me the info and all that I will need to start one. Email me at or if you have gtalk.. send me a private message using nurse11031.

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    • :] hahaha I love that you keep commenting~! It’s been so long since I have been able to follow along with someone who has just started reading n.n

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