Gen 1- Lacey: Chapter 9


After weeks of only sideward glances and good mornings in passing. Bubbie finally came to me to talk. I was incredibly nervous. I just knew he had decided to leave. I stood motionless in the bedroom as he started to speak.

“Lacey I am not exactly sure what in the world was going through your head, but I am incredibly hurt. I thought you loved me and only me. I have a mind to pack my stuff and leave this very moment.”

“And you would every right to do that.”
I replied.

“Please let me continue. Even so, whether you love me, I love you and I love our family.”


I wanted so badly to break down crying and beg for forgiveness, but he was not finished.

“And I should be furious with you, but I’m not.ย  Even though Cherry Blossom is not technically mine, I love her and I am so thankful that you brought her into this world. His voice began to crack and I could feel the tears beginning to fall.

I stepped forward and reached my hand out to touch his shoulder.

“Baby I am so sorry. I made a stupid mistake. I am so truly and deeply sorry. Sorry is not even the right word to express how horrible I feel. Please don’t leave.” By this point I was bawling.


He grabbed me and pulled me into a hug. I was so glad the children had just left for school and little Cherry Blossom was sleeping. I cried on his shoulder and he held me until I stopped shaking. This just made me feel worse. Here he is being so supportive and loving after I was so disrespectful. I felt so low. After I finally calmed down, we sat down on the edge of the bed and started to discuss ways we could begin work things out.


Since that day of the birthday, I had pretty much lost myself in a deep depression. For weeks I did not paint and the poor girls again didn’t get a birthday party, but after the talk with Bubbie things began to improve. I was starting to feel like my old self again.


Tea Rose’s hair was finally starting to grow. When she was a baby, it barely grew at all. I was concerned the poor baby was going to be bald. We took her to get a haircut, just to style it up a bit. She felt so special.

CLC135 CLC136

Misty Rose was the total opposite, she had already had about 4 hair cuts since she was a toddler and she was a little haircut pro.


Since the girls and boys were starting to grow, and we had a little extra money put away, we decided to make a bedroom for the boys, so they did not have to live in the living room anymore. They were so excited to have their own space. It was only fair, we had already built a room for the girls when the twins were born.


Since we finally had an open living room, we bought a couch. Everyone except Tea Rose were ecstatic about the new additions to the living room. She could have cared less. She especially hated the TV. She would sit in the living room just to be with the rest of the family, but you can bet her nose was buried deep in a book.


Misty Rose was still mommies little helper. She was very good about helping with the chores I had assigned to her. How did I get so lucky to have such amazing children. Even Roz was starting to normalize, probably because he was only days away from graduation. I could hardly believe it.


Little Cherry Blossom was growing so fast. She was such a beautiful girl and unlike poor Tea, her hair grew even faster than the twins put together, and whether we wanted to admit it or not, it was such a gorgeous shade of purple.


Carmine was starting to look incredibly tired. His homework load was weighing on him. I don’t thinkย  he was getting much sleep. I wished I could have helped more, but math was never my strong suit. So I was almost more lost than he was.
CLC143 CLC144

Even with his hectic schedule, Carmine always found a little time to play with Cherry Blossom. Something about that little darlin had captured all of our hearts.


Since I was starting to feel better and I felt a need to make up for lack of birthdays parties, I took all three girls for a whole day at the park. Sunrise to sunset, that was a deal. We packed a lunch and goodies for Cherry Blossom and off we went.

CLC147 CLC148 CLC149


Well the girls ended up tiring before I did, I was feeling surprisingly recharged. As we walked up the step, I happened to notice that the old house to our left finally had someone moving in. Excited to see who are new neighbors were, I put Cherry Blossom to bed and headed over.


I was greeted by Creamy Honey and she told me that her and a group of her college friends had thrown their money together and rented the old place. She welcomed me inside to meet the rest of the gang.

“Some of us have not made it into to town just yet, but you are welcome to meet everyone who is.”

CLC152 CLC153

I headed towards the front door, it was slightly open, so I pressed it open. The door squeaked,ย  or at least I thought it was the door, and a very bubbly girl came bouncing into the hallway.


“Hello.” I smiled.

“I’m Tessa. Nice to meet ya.”

After the very friendly introduction, Tessa layed the house gossip on me.


She lead me through the house until we stopped in front of a bathroom door.

“You could meet Serenity, but she has not been out of the bathroom now for about 2 hours. I am starting to worry she fell in.”

My eyes were wide. “Oh my.”

“Nah! I’m just kiddin!” Shes just a little whoo hoo… she said as she made few circles around her ear with her finger. I chuckled.

We then headed to the kitchen. There was a guy preparing something that smelled amazing.


“This is Xigua he is our resident chef.” She leans in closer and whispers in my ear. “If it wasn’t for him we would all starve.”

Tessa and I spent several hours just talking, and then I finally started to come off of my park excursion high. I also had someones birthday to prepare for. I wished everyone a good night, and I promised to come back to meet the rest of the crew.


I was bound and determined to throw Cherry Blossom a party and anyone else who would be having a Birthday in the future. No more mopey Lacey. We kept it to just the family, but we bought a cake and prepared for Cherry Blossom big moment!


We blew out the candles and with that my little Cherry Blossom was no longer a baby.



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  1. awe… loving the story really… the pictures are spectacular… ur really really good from my view ๐Ÿ˜€

    and im really loving Cherry Blossom … so u know where my vote’s gonna go ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. I’m so glad that Lacie and Bubbie worked things out. Now just make sure Lacey stays away from the cook next door and everything should be fine…lol.

  3. Just read the whole thing up to this point. Can’t wait for more! I love Cherry, and I am happy that Lacey recognized her mistake and the family is back together.
    Wonderful story! Can’t wait for more!

    • It’s your internet connection, not the blog. My apologies. Photos load fine, but this does happen for some people. Nothing I can do sadly.. :/

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