Gen 1- Lacey: Chapter 10

The Birthdays Chapter


Since things had gotten back to normal, we had been floating through life with out a care in the world. That was until Bubbie pulled me aside one day.  I was just heading out to get the mail when he said he needed to talk to me urgently.

“Babe, I think we have a problem.”
I couldn’t help but cringe. Every mothers hates to hear the words we have a problem.”

“Oh? Whats wrong?” I inquired, trying my best to keep cool.

“Its Cherry Blossom. She has been locked in the girls bedroom all day.”

“Oh dear.”

“Ya apparently the twins were teasing her and she got really upset and locked herself in there.”

Bubbie had found this information out from the informant Tea Rose. Even when she was involved she could not keep her mouth shut for long.


Bubbie and I headed to girls bedroom and I knocked on the door. “Sweetie?”

I barely heard her very quiet muffled reply “What?”

“Honey, can we come in please?” I heard footsteps walk towards the door, followed by a small *click*.

Bubbie and I both entered the room and joined Cherry Blossom on the floor just next to her bed.


“Sweetie I heard that the girls were teasing you, you shouldn’t let them get to you. They don’t mean it.”

“They said I was a weirdo and I don’t belong, because I have purple hair. They said I must be an alien.”

“Oh honey. You’re not alien.”

“Well then where does my Purple hair come from. You and Daddy don’t have purple hair?”

Bubbie cleared his throat. I knew this day would come, I just had wished it wasn’t so soon.


“Well… thats because you have another Daddy.”

The look on her face turned into a huge puzzled frown. “Huh?” She looked at Bubbie. “You’re not my Daddy?”

Suddenly I had lost all words I had planned out for this occasion, and my mind was a complete blank. Luckily Bubbie was a little more prepared.

“Yes and No, sweetheart. Technically I am not your Daddy, but that doesn’t change how I feel about you. You are still my little baby girl and nothing will ever change that. OK?”

“Ok….Can…can I meet him?”

“uhhh… sure sweetie.” I said as I stood up from the carpet. “I will have to call him and see when he can come out. He moved away just after you were born.”


Later that afternoon I made a phone call to Merlot. I was so nervous, I had not really spoken with him since that awful day. The phone rang almost 10 times before he picked up, I was about the hang up when I finally heard.


“H-hey you.”

“Oh hey Lacey. How are you dear?”

“I’m fine. Listen…I was calling to see if you would be able to come out and see Cherry Blossom. She wants to meet you.”

Part of me hoped he would decline, but he did not.

“Of course! I can leave first thing tomorrow.”

“Ok. See you then.”


So the next day Merlot arrived and Cherry Blossom bolted out the door to greet him. I had told her she did not have to feel obligated to hug him, but I think her naturally friendly nature took over and she warmly greeted him. They went to the park for a day of fun and even though I knew she would be fine, I still worried the whole time she was gone.
CLC165 CLC167 CLC166

Apparently the twosome really hit it off. They spent the whole afternoon playing and laughing. I was so relieved to hear how much fun they had. She even got him to play tag, which I found quite humorous. He was not as athletic as he used to be.

She also caught herself a beautiful purple butterfly and named it Lala. She said it was a sign. A sign of what, to this day I am still not exactly sure.


Yes it was quite an eventful day for her, she even made a new friend, Shelton Drop`-Grayson.

Now normally she could have stayed out a little longer, but it was my Birthday party that day also. So I asked him to have her home by 5 and he did. I invited him to stay for the party, but he said it was probably best if started back towards home.


This party was going to be a huge bash! I had invited everyone, and everyone showed up! It was awesome!
I took a deep breath and blew out those candles.


I felt a little bit older and a little bit wiser. Yup I had lived a pretty fulfilling life so far.


As the sun receded on my amazing party, I could not help but take in the beautiful setting around me. Good food and good friends, I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect day.


I was so excited to see Shortbread was expecting her first child! It really made me think back, when she was just a girl listening to my belly. The realization was quite overwhelming.


After my birthday, it seemed like a birthday avalanche that followed. Next up was Roz. I told the kids they needed to finish their homework, before the guests arrived or there would be no cake. I don’t think I had ever seen them move so quick!


Tea Rose had gotten a little jealous, because we had been celebrating all these birthdays and none of the presents were for her. I told her day was coming soon enough.


Roz thought long and hard on his wish before he blew out the candles. I had my suspicions on what that wish may have been, but I kept that to myself.


He was so handsome.. I started to get a little choked up at the thought, that first born was now a young man. I kept a happy face though, I didn’t want to cry on his big day.


Nikisha had also looked incredibly sad that day, and I was not the only one who noticed. Roz pulled her aside to find out what was the matter.


Apparently her boyfriend Leslie had recently broken up with her and she was still taking it pretty hard. They spent the rest of the evening talking and he did all he could to cheer up his very best friend up.


The next morning Roz started work on his first book. He had found an article in the newspaper about aspiring authors and how the local paper was giving an opportunity for new writers to get their names out there. He still loved painting, but he said he had an amazing idea for a novel and knew it would be a big hit! We even bought him a laptop for his endeavors.


The twins birthdays were up next. They wanted a swimming party, so we invited everyone to the Cotton Candy community pull for another big bash!


I was blown away by how beautiful she was. My goodness she looked a lot like Bubbie.


Misty Rose followed suit.


And she was just as stunning.


After the festivities had started to quiet down, Nikisha pulled Roz aside and thanked him for all the support he had given her.

“I’m so sorry Roz.”

“For what?”


Then I saw them hug and neither of them let go.


Misty Rose found herself a seat close to Emmit. I was pretty sure, she may have had a small crush on him. She sat there not saying a word, but her cheeks were as pink as rose petals. I couldn’t help but smile.


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  1. I nearly jumped for joy when I noticed the tenth chapter was up xD keep them coming! I wanna know what happens between Roz and Nikisha!! lol

  2. Aww…the kiddos are soo cute!! I always get impatient on what they’ll look like so I save them in CAS when their toddlers, then go in and age them up to see what they look like…lol

    Tea Rose is so beautiful btw… 🙂

  3. All of the kids are absolutely gorgeous!

    I’m glad that Cherry Blossom handled the news so well and that Merlot so easily agreed to meet her. It looks like they had fun 🙂

  4. I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented before, but I’m just rereading your legacy ’cause it makes me sad that it’s over, lol. Old Merlot makes me sad also =(

  5. Berry I absolutely adore your legacy, I found out about it last year but didnt have time to get as far as i wanted to, I finished it last week and now im re-reading it. I have always loved your pictures and your ability to tell a good story but looking back on it i think its incredible how much you developed as a writer. Your Berry sims make me so happy and thank you so much for making this legacy

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