Gen 2- Chapter 1: Cherry Blossom


There they sat…looking so innocent and sweet, but every morning it was always the same. We get on the bus and they found a spot good and far away from me. I was pretty sure they would never accept me the way mom and dad did. The illegitimate daughter. They may not have said it verbally anymore, but I could tell. Those eyes said it all. “You don’t belong here.”

Well what ever, I had more important things to worry about than those two.


I was hanging out in the art room after school, when Shelton came over to talk to me. It was rather strange because he was usually the first one on the bus, but not that day. He was talking kinda silly too. It was all high pitched and nervous sounding.

“Uh…are you alright Shel?”

“Ya. I’m Fine.”

“Did you need something?”

“N–no just wanted to say bye.”

“Oh…well bye!” I said with a smile, as I grabbed my bag and prepared for the walk home.


I didn’t even make it out the door before he ran after me.

“Uhh, Hey wait a sec Cherry.”

I stopped and waited. “Yes?”

“I was wondering if you wanted to go with me to the Bistro tonight?”

“You mean like a date?”


“Sure! Sounds Fun.”


Later that night while I was getting ready for my date, Mango came to me with her usual dilemma. Everyone in the house knew she had this massive crush on Carmine (well all of us but Carmine that is) and Mango and I had been conspiring together, to figure out perfectly excusable reasons for them to hang out. It was actually really fun. I guess she could have just told him, but wheres there excitement in that?

I promised her that as soon as I got home, we would do some more brainstorming.


Well my date with Shelton was amazing! We met at the Bistro and he was dressed so nice, and he smelled good too! I was so nervous for some reason. I had known him since we were kids, but seeing him there in the moonlight turned my legs to jello.Β  I had hoped I would experience my first kiss, but unfortunately it did not happen. Oh well…maybe next time.


So when I got home I found Mango and Carmine chatting it up in his room. I had to giggle. I don’t know how he couldn’t possibly see what was going on, but somehow he didn’t. I poked my head in the room and whisked mango away, we headed back to our room so I could tell all about my date!


So while we were hanging out, the most brilliant plan struck my brain! Every morning Carmine goes for an early morning jog around town, Mango could ask if she could go! That way they would get to hang out all morning and do something they both enjoyed! It was genius!

“Oh Yes! Yes! Cherie that is perfect!”


The next morning Mango set her clock for 5am (20 minutes before Carmines would go off) and gathered her nerve. When she heard his door open and she nonchalantly walked to the art room to greet him.

“Would it be alright if I ehh… how you say? Tag along for your jog today?”

“Ya sure! The more the merrier.”


Excited about her early morning venture Mango readied herself for the morning ahead. As for me I had my own plans for the day. I was going to be spending the day with my dad…my other dad. He was in town for a couple days and wanted to see me. It had been a while since we had hung out last, so I was quite excited.


We decided to meet at the park. That had pretty much become our meeting spot. He was kinda late that day, so I hung around the jungle gym until I saw his car pull up. I slid down the pole and rushed off to to greet him, I didn’t get far when I noticed how tired he looked.


I met him with an extra big hug, but it wasn’t until I pulled away, I noticed how incredibly pale he was. Something in my head made me start to worry. I motioned the park bench and we both took a seat.

“How are you feeling Dad?”

“Oh, I am fine love.”

Something about this whole situation made me believe other wise. I gave him a very concerned look. If I had known what was actually happening, maybe I could have reacted a little better.


It was then that things started to fall apart. We were sitting on the bench when suddenly he grabbed his chest. It didn’t dawn on me what was occurring at first. Then it all sunk in. He was having a heart attack! I jumped from the bench and pulled out my phone and called 911.

When the paramedics arrived, they let me ride in the back of the ambulance and hold his hand, but by the time we arrived it was too late.


I paralyzed on the hospital steps just staring into space. The tears had dried up and all I could do was stand there. I eventually caught the attention of Dr. Sammich, who came outside to see if I was ok. That was when I lost it. I started to cry all over again, but luckily for me, she was kind enough to lend me her shoulder. It hurt so bad.


I stood outside the hospital for several hours. I just wasn’t ready to have to talk about what had happened. It kept repeating in my mind over and over like a bad song, that gets stuck in your head. I knew I couldn’t stay there forever though, eventually I walked home.


Luckily for Mango things had gone much better for her that night.


When I got home, Mom was waiting for me at the door. I guess she could already tell something was wrong. I hated having to be the one to break such tragic news.

“Honey, whats wrong?”

I dropped my head and looked at the floor. “Mom, Dads…gone.”

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry.”

She tried to make me feel better, it didn’t work.


She never said, but it was obvious that she was incredibly affected by dads passing. I hated to see her so sad. I didn’t really know what to do for her. I wished more than anything I could cheer her up, but I soon realized that she was going to have to grieve just like I was.


Sorry about all this sad stuff, let move on to some other less depressing news. Dad was still keeping busy with his cooking, he had perfected this burger recipe, but unfortunately for us he did not make them very often, because just the smell of them made mom sick. I don’t know how she did it. I think I would die if I couldn’t eat meat.


Misty Rose was falling deeper into her cleaning thing. If that was possible. Not only did she make her bed every morning before school, oh no, she made sure every bed in the house was made. Obsess much?


Tea Rose spent almost every day after school in the art room. The campus remained open till about 6pm and that was usually when you would see her come in the front door. If anyone was going to follow in moms footsteps it was definitely her.


Dad’s painting had been improving also. He had gotten into it for his job, but somewhere along the line he actually started to enjoy it. He had recently finished a gorgeous portrait of mom. And boy was she surprised when he finally showed it to her. She immediately put it up in the living room, for all to see.


Well, its always when you least expect it, that something happens that throws you for a complete loop. That day was quickly approaching for poor Mango. Carmine was just about to be off work and she was heading for the front door to greet him.


I had happened to be outside at the time with Shelton, when we saw Carmine come up the walk, and to all of our surprise, he was not alone. I think my jaw literally dropped to the floor.


There was Pamela Lolly and Carmine looking more than a little cozy on the front step. I instantly looked to Mango, who had already backtracked into the house and was heading straight for the bedroom. I felt so bad for her. I excused myself from Shelton and went to check on her. I found her sitting on her bed looking more than a little depressed.

Oh Carmine…what have you done?

31 responses

  1. such a sad chapter T_T
    but I am so certain that Cherry’s going to be a massive babe when she grows up, sheesh! ❀

  2. Just found your story a few days ago, you’re wonderful at creating sim stories and your pictures are amazing! I’m glad Cherry gets to be the heir but it’s so sad that her own sisters don’t accept her. My sister and I have different dads and it just never affected our relationship, but then again it was just us and mom so it was never an issue in our family.

    I love how the kids turned out, they look amazing, I wish my born in game sims looked as good as yours. Anyway thanks for the story, I love it, keep up the great work!

  3. Aww.. Sad that her daddy passed, that’s never easy. But I’m glad she found Shelton πŸ˜€

    And…. NOOOOOOO Carmine why do you have to be soooo blind!!! Mango ❀ 😦

    Now .. ehm… *nudgey* More! πŸ˜›

    Btw, I loveddd the shot of Carmine and Mango jogging.. It made Carmine look like a model o.o

  4. Ahh!! Good but Sad Chapter, a bit sad to see Merlot gone and Carmine not even knowing Mango was in love with him. Still got to get used to Cherry’s POV but apart from that a brilliant and dramatic start to Generation 2!!

  5. This is my favourite chapter so far! I know it’s sad about Cherry’s dad but you are intertwining storylines so well. I love the development of Cherry and the sibling rivarly. The Carmine-mango thing is great! I laughed about the Misty Rose comment “obsess much?” LOL! Well done Berry πŸ˜€

  6. I am glad Cherry took over the legacy. Shelton is sooo handsome i hope she marries him and has pretty babies! Poor Mango – why cant Carmine realise she is in love with him. I feel like shaking him! x

  7. Aw, poor Mango! I’m really enjoying reading this and I love Cherry’s perspective even if her first chapter is quite sad. Here’s hoping things get better!

  8. I just found your legacy and read the whole first generation. I’m looking forward to reading the rest! Great legacy you got here! πŸ˜€

  9. Woah, this is late but, I think Pamela is pretty darn cute and makes a good match for Male model Carmine. I don’t know if it’s just me but I not a fan of high school romance working out between a girl and her crush. I guess it’s because I too had a crush on my best friend’s older brother but then it died when I Met his girlfriend the night after we shared a “moment” together.She was very sweet and kind not to mention knock out beautiful.It was hard not to like her and see what a good match they where together. They seriously had a lot of chemistry and balance. I moved on and found a better guy who is now my fiancΓ©e . I guess it worked itself out better than I expected.

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