And the Winner is!

And the winner is……

To my utter delight, Apricot Bloom has won by a landslide with 83 votes! I am really excited because I had this great storyline all planned out if she won and yay! She did

Sunset: 16
Peach Puff: 13
Seashell: 9
Peche Jr.: 2

13 responses

  1. I’m Extremely happy to see its G3 Heir is Apricot Bloom! :3 YAY! I Cant wait to see what happens! I can see her having blue babies for some reason… O_O

  2. This is so awesome!
    So far, I’m two for two on the heir voting! =D
    I’m really glad she got chosen, I’m excited about new hair colors and skintones in the new future!

  3. I KNEW IT! I didn’t vote (I think??) but when I was reading chapter 13 a few minutes ago, I looked at Apricot and said “She’s the winner. I just know it.” MAN I am GOOD!!! xD congrats to Apricot! :DD

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