Gen 3- Chapter 2: Apricot Bloom


“Pummy. Can I talk to you for a second?”


“I l-like you, like…really LIKE you.”

“I Like YOU.”

I had practiced all morning in the mirror. I knew it was true and the only plausible thing I could do was tell him. I mean we were BBF’s he would understand. Maybe it would go somewhere or maybe it wouldn’t, but at least I would know.


I went downstairs to have my breakfast, but I was so nervous I could barely keep it down. I had this goofy nervous grin on my face that I couldn’t shake. Just as I finished washing my plate I heard the bus pull up. I put my plate in the dishwasher and ran out the front door.


I climbed on the bus. “You can do this Apricot.” I whispered under my breath.


When I got to school, I found Pumello in the library. I was doing good. This was it! I was so proud.

“Hey you!” He turned around and all my confidence went right out the window.

“Morning Apricot!”

Gah! I totally froze. My super awesome plan… *poof*

“Everything ok?”


“Y-ya never better.”

*RING* I don’t know if it was the bell, but I got a second wind. My head was screaming “JUST DO IT! LIKE A BANDAID! Quick and Painless!”

“Uhhh Hey Pummy meet me at the Berry Bell after school. I need to talk to you about something.”

“Sure thing! See you after class!”


That had to be the longest school day I had ever experienced. Minutes seemed like hours. I sat staring at the clock the entire day. Mrs Dolceto was none to pleased.

“Miss Chiffon, do you have somewhere more important to be?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Well then can you please watch the presentation and not the clock?”



While I was having the most excruciating day of my young life, my family was busy with their own things. Peach Puff decided to play hookie that day. Her and her boyfriend La Shawn spent all afternoon at Rainbow Skittles Park. I still don’t know how she didn’t get caught. She was right out in the open!


Mom spent the morning playing her guitar. She waited till almost 11 am and finally decided to check on Sunset. He had been incredibly depressed since the accident and spent almost all of his time in his room.




“Its sure nice outside today. Wanna come sit outside with me for a while?”

We were all really worried about him.


Even Dad had tried talking to him, but nothing seemed to help. He was hurting so bad, and all we could do was watch. It sucked being so helpless, but really all we could do was be there for him until he was past the worst of it.


The only time he went out, was for his morning jog. He would head out about 5am and then wouldn’t be back until about 11. Then he was back to his room, where he would stay for the rest of the day. I had tried a few times to talk to him, but he wouldn’t even answer his bedroom door.


Peche Jr. had been studying hard for his culinary exams. He either had his nose stuffed in a cook book, or he was in the kitchen practicing. That particular day he had been working on his spring salad recipe. He may not have been as good as Dad just yet, but he really did have the passion for it.


Back at school the bell finally rang. I was on my way to the big berry bell. My little feet skipped down the big marble steps. I was just heading out the front doors when the unthinkable happened.


There was Olive Bitters kissing Pumello. I stopped dead in my tracks as I gasped. What was she doing? What was he doing? How could he? With her? I could no longer see either of them as the tears welling up in my eyes blurred my vision.


I busted through the front doors and ran all the way home. As I ran I could here Pumello yelling. “Apricot! Wait! Come back!” But I didn’t wait, I kept going. By the time I got back to the house my chest ached from all the running and crying.


As I went up to my room, my sadness had quickly turned into anger. I started working the dummy, quite aggressively I might add. “Stupid Olive! Grawwwwww. Who does she think she is!”

*Ding Dong*

I stopped my work and peeked out the hall window.


“Mrs C, can I please talk to Apricot? Please?”

“I am so sorry honey, I wish I could, but she gave me specific instructions that she did not want to see you or anyone else today.

Looking completely defeated he nodded his head and left.



Determined not to turn into another Sunset. I sat and meditated. I knew the last thing mom needed was another one of us all mopey and depressed. It was almost her and Dads birthday, and I was going to be a happy birthday guest if it killed me!


Mom made a wish and blew out her candles. She never said what it was, but I knew. She just wanted to see her baby boy happy again. If it had worked, it wasn’t an instantaneous thing, because he did not emerge from his room for the entire party.


She may have been a little older, but she looked just as beautiful to me.


Dad was up next.


I loved my daddy, he was so handsome and has he aged, he looked even more distinguished.


What Apricot did not see~


“Apricot! Wait! Come back!”


“Whats your deal Olive?!”

“Why whatever do you mean Pummy?”

“Don’t you ever call me that again! You hear me!?”

“Wow and after the nice favor I did for you. Keeping that loser off your back.”


“Loser? There is only one loser here Olive and thats you! You are a horrible person and no body likes you! I don’t know what you have against poor Apricot, but if you ever hurt her again, you will be sorry. You got it !?!”


*Piff* “How rude!”


46 responses

  1. Ahh I love it. Peche definitely gets the hottest elder award. Can’t wait for more already! Hehe. Berry, you are especially gifted.

  2. I could tell by the way that Pumello was standing when Olive kissed him that he didn’t want to be kissing her, if only Apricot had noticed that too. I agree with kelren, you are WAY too gifted, spread some of that knowledge around sister!

  3. Oooh, poor Apricot. She’s definitely my favorite character so far. I love how she gets through it, meditating, and hopefully things will change for the better.

    I worried Sunset’s going to do something stupid. :{

  4. Its so sad that Apricot and Pumello are having problems they are so cute together.
    And its really bad that Olive is such a bad ass – shes really hot if she only had a better personality.

  5. Why do the sim men always age gracefully and distinguished but the sim women just look defeated?

    I agree with Amelia on Sunset doing something stupid out of grief.

  6. Good chapter, but poor Apricot I hate that stupid Olive Bitters! πŸ™‚
    PS where can you found PumelloΒ΄s hair I just love it?

  7. I just knew something wasn’t totally right about what Apricot saw, and I was happy to see my presumption confirmed ^_^

    on the other hand..

    SUNSET! <33

  8. oh im so glad that it wasnt what it appeared with Pumelo! boy Peche is the most attractive elder sim man i have seen so far! i just wanted to climb right into your game and give Sunset some love, poor guy i hope he gets better.

  9. Peche and Cherry make gorgeous elders, but oh no, poor Sunset! I’m sure he’ll be okay…um, eventually…Assuming he doesn’t do something idiotic first… >.< As for Apricot, I hope she listens to Pummy eventually. Girls…we always assume first and ask questions later xD Seriously, Pummy's stance made it clear that he was NOT happy to be there. Excellent picture taking as usual, by the way ^^

    On another note, I can barely tell your game has been having so many ridiculous problems ^^

  10. Ohhh! That evil little Olive. She IS quite bitter, ain’t she? When I noticed her hiding behind the book case in picture #5 I just knew she’d do something.

    I hope Sunset feels better. It’d be cool if Renae came back from the dead or something. πŸ˜›

  11. Amazing story. You are very gifted. I feel really bad for Sunset. I hope he gets better as time progresses. “Time heals many wounds” even though a broken heart is the hardest thing to mend.

  12. Great chapter! That Olive Bitters. Why do I have a feeling she’ll age up and snatch a depressed Sunset? O.o.

    It’s okay Apricot. You’re young, yet. Pummy isn’t the only cute sim. Don’t settle! There are others. Play the field. Have fun! Ah, young sims fall in love so easily.

  13. Oh, nooooo!!
    I knew Olive was going to do something like that. x.x
    Maybe Apricot and Pumello will work it out. I really hope so.
    Gosh, poor Sunset. =(

  14. Poor Sunset:( Hopefully he will come out of his depression. As for Apricot she is handling the situation with Pumello gracefully. Hopefully she will find out the truth and still be able to be with him. She needs to give that Olive a little dose of SimFu.

  15. The next time I see Olive, it better be 6 foot underground :D!!

    Let’s hope Apricot finds out!!

    Poor Sunset…

    Cherry and Peche aged up well though *Yay*

    Fantastic Update and Breathtaking Photos XD!!

  16. Oh no! That Olive is always making Apricot’s life hard 😦
    And what is going to happen to Sunset? I’m worried, it is sad to see a young and promising sim life go to waste πŸ˜₯

  17. Aww! Poor Sunset! And poor Apricot!
    Man, if I didn’t already hate Olive, I do hate her now! Why’d she have to go and do that! D<

  18. Always has to be some drama!!!!!!!
    Olive Bitters reminds me of a girl I hated in school**sudders* at the thought of high school…
    Its been such a long time since I was in high school and seeing her still bugs me. The bad thing is she works with me, good thing is I’m her superior. πŸ™‚

    Anyways, GREAT update!!! Maybe Apricot will be out do her in life as well. Pummy is just so darn cute. I hate that Sunset is so depressed. Bittersweet chapter… HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERRY AND PECHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m working on my next post and its a must read for you Berry. I have a surprise….

  19. SQUEE! I made an audioable noise when I read the “What Apricot did not see” amazing amazing! I swear you can get your sims to pose in ways I’ve never seen! It’s magic :d delicious berry sweet magic.

  20. Ahh!!! That stupid Olive girl needs to get whats coming to her… and if ive got anything to do wiht it, it WONT be pretty!
    Aww, i just love this legacy so much, i agree with Flutterby, your sims always look amazing even when they age!

  21. Olive is such a bitch, why does she make it her person job to make Apricot’s life horrible :/
    And i really feel for Sunset too. 😦

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