Gen 3- Chapter 3: Apricot Bloom


I didn’t even believe it when she told me. The famous Interior designer Kiwi Syrup Waffle from the show Sweet Swap was in our house, redesigning our kitchen and front bathroom. Apparently mom had met her through an art show and from then on, she was a regular, commissioning artwork for her “projects”. She said she really owed mom for all the amazing work she had created for her over the years. So when she brought the idea to her, she was more than excited to work on it and for half price!


Mom insisted to pay full price just like any other client, but Kiwi was insistent. Mom finally conceded and they got right to work. Mom had some pretty simple guidelines.

“I want a modern feel, incorporated with Peach and purple. Anything else I leave up to your genius.”

“I will get to work right away Cherry. I already have an idea in mind. She started jotting down some notes on her little kiwi notepad, and then she called her workers. Not only was she the famous designer she was also 8 months pregnant. So there was no way she was doing the work herself.


It only took the crew a couple of hours and they had totally transformed the kitchen, dining room and bathroom. Mom was more than overjoyed by the end result.


The only thing she was not crazy about was the kitchen windows. Kiwi said it was an easy fix, and it must have been because by the time I got home from school it was all totally finished.


I on the other hand was not nearly as overjoyed as mom had been. In fact I had a small little break down. I don’t like change and this was a whole lotta change! I really did not like the new food processor. I had just gotten use to the old one. Such a scary loud machine.


After my meltdown, I decided to take a bath, a nice long hot bath. As I sat there enjoying the hot water I could hear mom playing her guitar downstairs. I pulled the plug on the bath and stepped out. I threw on my night gown and headed down the stairs to listen. With out missing a strum she looked up from her guitar with a smile.

“Honey, I need to you to come to the art room for a little while.”

“Sure thing mom.”


I followed her to the art room, where there was a fancy bar stool sitting just away from her easel. She motioned for me to take a seat. She pulled her palette out and squirted some neutral peach and cream colors onto it. She studied my face for a few moments and then turned back to the empty canvas.


“You know you are a lot like me, when I was your age.”


“In a way yes. Full of life and ambition for the future. Honey I want you to keep this family going…after I am gone.”

“Geez mom thats kinda morbid. Wait… Are you dying? OMB, Mommy please say no.”

“No dear I am fine. I am just thinking about the future. Your grandma had big dreams to see this family continue for generations and generations, and for some reason she gave me the honor. She must have seen something that others didn’t. Just like what I see in you.”

I was kinda at a loss for words. That was a big responsibility to put on my little shoulders. Immediately I started worrying.


I could hear dad in the other room on his laptop. “Honey! Don’t you start worrying about this right now! You have many many years ahead before this will even become an issue.” He knew me too well.

“Ok Daddy.” I called back. Dad had been so busy with his new side job, we barely saw him away from that computer. He had been hired by an online cooking school to write out recipes and class curriculums for the flambe courses. It was excellent money, but extremely time consuming.


Things had pretty much been the same for Sunset, until that night of “the talk”. In fact it was just as I was heading out to watch mom play when I passed sunset in the hallway. He was preparing for his evening jog. He took his normal route around town, but something was different about that night. He was just about to cross the street towards the pier, when he heard a small voice.

“Excuse me?”


When he turned around, he saw a beautiful young woman standing across the foot path. ” I am so sorry to bother you, but would it be possible for you to have a look at my TV? It went on the fritz about an hour ago and I have no idea what to do with it.”

“Uh, suuuure…”

Sunset followed Sakura up the steps and into her home. As he entered the front room the gentle smell of bubblegum wafted through the air. “This is a nice house you have here.” He said as he pulled the TV away from the wall.


“I am Sunset by the way.”

“I’m Sakura. Sakura Sugarblossom.”


It didn’t take him long to fix the problem. He pushed the TV back up against the wall and stood up. He was kinda thrown off guard by how close Sakura was when he got back up.

“Oh uh. Seems to be working now.”

“Thank you. Sunset I really appreciate it.”


He nodded and then excused himself heading out the front door back towards home, when he heard Sakura from behind.

“Sunny wait!”

No one had ever called him Sunny before, but hearing it from her, he kinda liked it. He stopped, she grabbed his shoulder, and pulled him back towards her.

“So I was wondering if you were planning on jogging this way tomorrow?”

“I could do that.”


From that moment on, Sunset was back to his old self. He and Sakura were on the phone constantly. It was really great to see him taking joy in something again. She seemed really nice, but it was hard for the family to adjust, seeing that we all simply adored Renae, but Sunset was happier than he had been in months and that was good enough for us.


I was just away from him on the floor doing my homework. I didn’t like the new table just yet. So I chose to sit in the living the room, same ol living room. I was just wrapping up my answer checking when I heard Peach Puff racing up the front step.


She busted through door and ran right towards me. Her eyes were wide and she was panting. “Apricot. *Pant* I need to talk to *Wheeeze* you.”

“What it is Peach?”


Once she caught her breath, she proceeded.

So while I was at school, waiting for my chess class to start. I was practicing at the upstairs table, when I could here that all too obnoxious laugh and then I swore I heard your name! My ears perked and I realized it was indeed Olive.


I looked down over the edge and there she was with one of her cronies, laughing and giggling.

“So then I kissed him and she ran off crying like a little baby! It was so hilarious!”

“Haha! So do you like him?”

“Puhlease! He is just as weird as she is!”




“So After my chess match I ran straight home to tell you. I really don’t think Pumello had anything to do with it. You should really give him a chance to explain.”


She was right, but all I could think about was the evil little green witch. Needless to say I was angry.

34 responses

  1. Give him a chance to explain Apricot! 🙂
    I like the new decor in the house, I hope Apricot can adjust soon enough.
    And Sakura Sugarblossom, what a cutie, and what a fantastic name 😀

  2. My, my, doesn’t Sakura look familiar 😉 I’m so happy Sunset moved on and a perfect sim to move on with!

    Lovely interior decorating! I was wondering when peach and purple would take over.

  3. oh i am so happy for Sunset! he had been my fav from the start (dont take offense Apricot i have grown to love you) and Sakura is gorgeous.
    thats not… am i… i cant tell from that picture but that looks a whole lot like my simself in cahoots with Olive?

  4. Awesome chapter!
    So glad Sunset’s happy again and I love Sakura! Shes so pretty and nice. Hope Apricot gives Pumello a chance they’re so cute together!
    Can’t wait for more!

  5. love what you’ve done with the house!
    and I lol’d quite a bit when I saw Sakura on the scene, but my, is she cute or what?
    ofcourse, I’m a bit brokenhearted now that Sunset has found a potential new lover, but I’m sure I’ll get over it.
    as for Apricot.. GO GET HER! >:)

      • Yes, I have read it now. I like the story. It’s very lovely and I was surprised that Merlot is the main character there. Until now, I am curious with behind the story of Merlot and Lacey’s affair.

  6. Glad Apricot found out the truth. Love the redecoration hopefully Apricot adjusts to it. Sunny, I love that, glad things are going better for him.

  7. ^.^ I loved it Berry! I look pretty cute all Berryfied and what not. I want to know who has knocked me up in your game?! hahahaha! Hopefully you will let me see what my kid looks like. This story just keeps getting better and better.

  8. I love the kitchen remodel. It looks lovely. I haven’t been feeling good so I’m sorry I haven’t said anything lately. I love the story line, and I hope she gets together with Pumello. 🙂

  9. I’m so glad that Sunny has found someone new.

    I hope Apricot can adjust to the changes in the house. It’s looking good.

    I also hope that Apricot can give Miss Bitter some sort of payback for dirty tricks.

  10. Has anyone else noticed that the name “Sakura” is actually Japanese for “cherry blossom”? Just thought I might point that out, because I think it’ s a pretty neat coincidence! Also, this chapter is so cute! You are an amazing storyteller!!!<3

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