Gen 3- Chapter 6: Apricot Bloom


I was so mad I was fuming from the ears. Pummy suggested we go to my room so I could “cool off”. But I didn’t want to cool off, I wanted march straight into that living room and yank her off the couch by her hair. Why was she always doing this to me and my family!?

Pummy wanted to stay and keep me company but his mom called and needed him at home.

“Promise me you won’t do anything crazy ok?”

In a disappointed huff I agreed.  “Fine.”

After she finally left, I headed straight to Peche’s room to give him a piece of my mind.

“Peche do you even realize what you are doing!?”


“What are you talking about?”

“I am talking about the little green serpent you have yourself wrapped up with. Peche I am warning you she is pure evil, and she is like 5 years younger than you! Gross!”

“Hey! She’s 18 and besides from what I hear, your side of the story is slightly exaggerated.”

The room was starting to spin. This couldn’t be happening. That evil creature was actually turning my brother against me. I was at a loss for words. I tried several times to make a comeback but there was nothing. As I stormed out finally something came to me.

“Fine…but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”


After I left Peche’s room, I headed straight for Mom. She was in the art room when I burst in almost frantic.


“What is it sweet heart?”

“How could you let the THING back into our house after what she did to me! Her soul purpose in life is to make mine miserable, and you are helping her!”

“Oh sweetie I am sure you are just over reacting.”

“I am not!”


“Well there is nothing I can do. He is a grown adult, with the right to date anyone he chooses.”

“But she doesn’t love him! She is only trying to put a wedge between us and it is working! Mom she is gonna break his heart. I just know it.”

“Then that is a lesson he is going to have to learn on his own.”

*Grrr* I reached up to hold my pendant, like I always did when I was stressed…


But it wasn’t there. I frantically searched my neck. Oh no, I thought to myself as I ran into the bathroom to have a better look. It was definitely gone, I felt my heart sink. How could I lose it? I ran all over the house looking for it. What if I dropped it on the plane? No, I had it in the car, I remembered that much. I ran out onto the porch and there was a small glimmer in the flowers just under the living room window. Yes! There it was. I was so relieved and also a little grateful Pummy had not noticed.


Speaking of Pummy, he had gotten a job at the local pool as a life guard. I wasn’t sure this was the best idea. I could just see him slipping and falling into the pool, bumping his head and drowning! He assured me he would be fine, but I decided to make sure I was around to keep an eye on my clumsy boyfriend.


So everyday after my “appointment” I would go over to the pool and just hang out. I never acutally would get in the water though. That water had to be teeming with germs. Yuck!


I am happy to say that there were no accidents involving Pummy on my watch, acutally there was never any accidents at all. Pummy’s job was pretty much sit around all day and look sexy in the hot summer sun. Which I might add he did incredibly well. I made sure to keep ever vigilant even when I was doing my homework though. Our birthdays were soon approaching and I had to make sure he made it!


My birthday was only a couple days after Pummy’s. We decided to have a big party! I was so excited to graduate and never have to see that Olive again. Well *sigh* at school at least. I made my wish and blew out the candles. I did it with almost no fear too! Dr. Blue would have been so proud.


I thought there was going to be a huge difference when I became a “young woman”, but I felt exactly the same.


Even before the smoke had settled from the candles, Pummy came up to me and grabbed my hands.

“You look amazing.”

“So you do you cutie.” I said with a wink.


“Now I know I said we were gonna wait, but I have been saving all my money, and well…”

My eyes about popped out of my head. Was this really happening right here, in front of everyone.


“Apricot Bloom, you are sweetest most lovable woman I have ever known. You are my best friend and I want the whole world to know how much I love you. Will you marry me?”


Of course I said Yes! He went to place the ring on my finger and accidentally dropped it in the grass. He scrambled quickly to retrieve it. The second time it slipped perfectly onto my hand. I looked down at the beautiful ring that was sparkling ever so gently in the setting sun.

“See I told you I would get you a real ring.”


He pulled me into a hug and the whole world disappeared. I was on cloud nine when I felt a small tap on my shoulder. I pulled away from Pummy to see my mother looking none too pleased.


“Don’t you think this is a little soon?”

I looked back at her in total shock. The thought had never even entered my mind that anyone especially my mother would disapprove.

“But, mom we have known each other forever. Its not like he is a stranger. I have wanted this since we were children.”

“Well I think you better just take some time to think this through. I know I said I wanted you keep this family going, but I didn’t mean right this second!”


Her disapproval cut through me like a knife, but instead of doing what I normally did which was cry. I stood my ground.

“I love Pummy and he loves me. Either you will get over this…what ever you want to call it, or I am out of here. You did this exact same thing to Seashell. Why can’t you just be happy for me.”

“I know you think you love him, but its way too soon. Teenage love is not real love.”


Ouch. That hurt. The look on her face expressed “I didn’t meant that.” But it was too late. The damage had been done. I could feel the hot tears rolling down my face. Old Apricot took over and I ran off crying.


Pummy tried to reason with her but she was not having it.

“I am sorry, but I will not allow this. It is way too soon. Neither of you have a career, how do you expect to support each other?”

“I never really thought about that…”

“Thats right, you have not thought any of this through. Peche and I will not be around forever, and this house has some pretty large bills.”

Defeated he jumped in his car to find me. Little did he know that I had made it all the way to Skittles Park.


When he found me, I was still crying. I had never been so angry in my life. I had only thought the Olive thing had made me angry. That was childs play compared to this. He wrapped his arms around me and tried to comfort me.

“Apricot don’t cry. Even if your mother doesn’t approve, that doesn’t change how I feel about you. I love you more than anything. Maybe she is right, maybe we should wait. There is plenty of time for us to get married.”

“How can she one second argue with me about Peche Jr. being able to make his own decisions and then try to use the iron fist on me?! Its not fair!”

I kicked the ground and a pebble bounced across the pavement and out onto the street. My eyes followed it up to the big building just the other side of the road.

“Maybe we don’t have to wait.”


There was city hall. We could go in and get married right that second. I turned to Pummy.

“Lets do it!”

I was filled with exhilaration.

“Right now?”


He stopped for a couple seconds then a huge smile spread across his face.

“Ok, Lets go!”

I grabbed his hand and we ran across the street.


Once we were inside, I started to get a little worried that they were closed for the day. It was completely empty, except the last window at the end of the hall. There was a man looking over some papers. He took our names and gave us some paper work to fill out. Once we had filled them out he took us throuhg the large double doors. Inside was a beautiful chapel. The soft glow from the candles illuminated the room as we said our vows.

“Apricot, I hereby pledge myself to you.
I give myself wholly this hour and I promise to guard, cherish
and protect you all the days of my life.”


“Pumello, I hereby pledge myself to you.
I give myself wholly this hour and I promise to guard, cherish
and protect you all the days of my life.”

Then we shared our first kiss as husband and wife.


Afterwards, we walked out onto the front steps of city hall. I jumped into his arms, I was so happy! I whispered into his ear.

“I love you Mr. Chiffon.”

“And I love you Mrs. Chiffon.”

We decided it may not have been the best idea to go straight home and let the family know we had eloped. So we opted to take a small camping trip. Pummy always kept a tent in his car, so we jumped in and headed out the local camp ground.


He looked so incredibly handsome standing there, I could barely breathe.

“Come on! There is something you just have to see.”

He lead me out to the lake in the middle of the grounds, and you could see the fish jumping out of the water. It was so beautiful!


We held each other close under the moonlight. I just knew someone was going to pinch me and I would wake up, but they didn’t. This was real. I was now married to my best friend.


That night under the stars in the privacy of our tent, we cemented our pledge. I will leave those details to your imagination.


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  1. YA! Another Great Chapter with a Great Twist! You rock Berry!!!!!
    But make sure not to forget your other fans! Kate isn’t going to go through her life without me watching!! (did that sound stalker-ish to you as it did to me???)

  2. Oh, my! Drama! I’m so excited for Pumello and Apricot! It did seem a little hasty, but the private wedding was beautiful. Cherry is going to be super mad. I wonder why she will let Peche Jr. make his own decisions, but not Apricot. Maybe it’s because she is her ‘baby girl’ and has some ‘problems’. Although them not having a job is a good reason to wait just a little while…

    I hope Olive Bitters goes away forever. She’s an annoying little thing.

  3. Yah well I hope Cherrys mad. I mean what the hell whas that whole speech about? Didn’t she and Peche meet as teens in France? Apricot and Pummy have know eachother for a hell of a lot longer than that!!

  4. YAY they are married. That was a lovely chapter. Shame Cherry made such a fuss about it and they had to elope though! Seems its double standards. Hopefully they will have babies soon xxx

  5. Love the last pic >.<

    I can see why Cherry would be mad but Apricot is right in saying Cherry has no problem with Peche making his own decisions.
    I can relate, being the youngest in my family, for some reason there's a different set of rules for us.

  6. i think maybe its just that Cherry is having a hard time believing her littlest baby is old enough to be engaged. i see alot of tears n the horizon and hopefully lots of little Aprimellos!

  7. I just absolutely adore Pumello. Is he up for download, or will he be? I would LOVE to have him in my game. Maybe even use him somewhere in my future legacy.

    I originally wanted Tea Rose to be the heir, but I’m kind of glad that she wasn’t. Apricot is my favorite Chiffon, and I can’t imagine what if she was never in the legacy story. I can’t wait to see the new Chiffon babies.

    I hope that Olive breaks Peche Jr’s heart, as mean as that sounds. I feel like he needs to learn the hard way. I can’t believe he thinks that his own sister is exaggerating her side of the story, and that he is sticking up for the girl who has been bullying his own sister since childhood.

    • I was thinking this exact thought yesterday. I love Apricot and couldn’t even imagine what our third heir would have been like any other way.

  8. Getting married behind Cherry’s back…Who would of guessed that Apricot would be the sneaky one? Nice job, as always. Now I’m dying to see their children!

  9. Eh What!! Cherry, Double-Standards!! Oh Wait I get it!! I guess she doesn’t think her Apricot is ready OR she is scared that something like the Lacey Affair could happen again.

    I just hope that Peche Jr. realises that Olive is a big meanie to his sister. Wonder what would happen if Olive actually does love Peche though?

    Twisted :/ , I know!!

  10. Oh so much drama. I hope that the family axcept Apricot and Pommy’s wedding. What happent to sweet suportive Cherry?
    I wonder if Olive is actually envious Apricot, she seems to want her life, her every thing. Or maybe she is plain evil.

  11. Oooh, so much tension and love all in one chapter! I was hoping that Berry would approve, but ah well. Can’t wait to see what happens!

  12. I absolutely loved this chapter. I hate that Cherry is so protective of her baby, but its time to let go now. She has known Plummy as long as Apricot has and she knows he is ok.

    … That Olive.. Maybe her and Jr will fall in love… who knows. Maybe she can change..

  13. Thank you everyone for your amazing comments and feedback! So much I want to reply, but I don’t want to give anything away! But I will say… I don’t think Cherry is so much holding a double standard, as she just doesn’t handle big surprises very well. 😉

  14. yay!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 i’m so happy that apricot and pummy finally got married. i think they are my fav. couple of the rainbowcy. i think it was becuase of his curly hair when he was a little kiddo. lol ;P cherry!? girlfriend needs to chill a bit. i’m not sure that i want peche jr.’s heart to be broken, but if that’s what he needs to realize that olive is such a jerk, than so be it.

    great update berry 🙂 ❤

  15. Great Update and so lovely. They are lovely couple. I wonder why Olive Bitters just won’t leave Apricot alone, and oh Cherry is so protective over her. I guess she will not be mad again though, especially if Apricot has a candidate for the new heir/heiress 😉

    • Thank you Jenna! I have been really sick, hopefully I can finish decorating the new house today and get some shots for the next chapter ❤

      • Feel better Berry! I know we’ve all been awaiting anxiously. Feel free to borrow any sprite from me,I owe you,and i have leftovers from when i was sick!

        Feel better,and keep simming berry!

      • Thank you! I am trying to keep simming, but my game is not wanting to help. Lost my gd save again. I think after I get ambitions and update I am gonna have to rebuild Sugar Valley, or move them to Twizzlerbrook 😉

  16. I think Olive may be envouis of Apricot, I mean come on, she has the best boyfriend EVER, a great mom ( usaully) AND she’s hot.
    I still hate her. I’M envouis of my BFF, but she’s my BFF. Great twist! There is something seriously WRONG with the game if they DON’T end up with beautiful babies! Lacey was amazing, Cherry Blossom was stunning, and Apricot Bloom is gorgeas! Maybe Olive will APOLIGIZE and she and Apricot will be FRIENDS? Perhaps over pregnancy? ( This is very unlikely, I know) Or maybe she will be a heartbreaker and crush Peache Jr. if she doesn’t, this will make for intresting family gatherings, maybe they will put her on probation like Cherry did for Roz…

  17. I started reading this like 2 weeks ago, and I have been checking everyday to see if your new chapters were up haha.

    I’ve been so anxious!! I love your work 😀

  18. Haha, I love this!
    I really hope things work out between Pummy and Apricot!
    Funny thing is, I have been reading this but never really paid attention to the name “Apricot”. Those are my favorite fruits and she’s my favorite heir up to date! So that rocks!

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