I Think I am Gonna be Sick…


I have lost my saves again… I really have no idea what is happening all I know is I was half way through an update, when I tried to save. The game crashed during the saving process, and the file completely disappeared when I tried to start it again.  I have a back up, but Peach Apricot and Olive were all teens again. I got everyone aged up and it crashed again. I am really frustrated and am trying to figure out a solution.

I AM NOT QUITTING. I just need a little time to figure out what I need to do. I don’t think I have any choice but to rebuild Sugar Valley from the ground up, or something else. I have some ideas, but I need to wait until I have ambitions before I begin. Don’t give up on me! I shall prevail and the Chiffon’s will live on. Just might take a little while.

Thank you Everyone!

Much Love,



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  1. I’d suggest making a copy of your town save, and put it somewhere safe on your PC. After every save, replace it with that one. It’d atleast help with the losing so much of your data while you try and fix it.

    Ambitions release date is tomorrow, though. It looks pretty fun.

  2. That sux! When you update your game tho, maybe you should move ur cc folder out of the my computer folder as well as anything else that could be touched by cc cause u no EA updates conflict with any non EA cc. This includes ur saves, worlds, downloads, screenshots, vids, uploads, mods etc. Then uninstall and reinstall, and check that ur cc is gone before downloading the update. Then its safe to move all ur stuff back. I do that everytime they release ad update and it takes me about an hour, but thats the price u pay to keep ur saves! Good luck!

    • Candy if it is happening to you too…maybe it is a certain lot we have downloaded. I know lots of people who use SP and SC and never have any problem.

      I kinda tried to compress all my sims packs like my package files and when I did the land was jacked to hell. Replaced them and it went back to normal(or so I thought). Gonna try a brand new clean town and see how we go. If it still happens…i just don’t know.

  3. Hey! I’m sorry to hear about your crashes..I had the same problem, I dont know what sized lot you have your legacy on, But i’ve noticed after excessive saving that if you use a 60×60 lot (or higher) you crash more! I have no clue if thats the case or not, World adventure crashes me alot too so i stopped using it :/

    Hope everything works out in the long run for you!

  4. I hate when my game crashes to!!! But don’t worry. Your fans are too devoted to leave, including me!!!! 😉


  5. Thats too bad. I hope you can get a “clean” Sugar Valley to work. FYI I saw your guess that something you and Aly have in common. I have much of the Berry Sweets downloaded too, so if you want a list from me to compare to what you and Aly have let me know. Good luck!

  6. OH NO! I cant believe it, i am so sad for you! Try this:
    – move your saved game and folder to your desktop including your mods file.
    – uninstall game and re-install game
    – add back in saved game and mods file

    This should clear out all the bad stuff but you still have your built game in tact?

    I really hope you are able to solve this as i love this legacy!

    Good luck xxxx

  7. Oh man, I hate it when that happens 😦 I had that happen to me with another family I was starting. Sadly the entire game file was corrupt and I had to start over.

    Now I make my game autosave every 20mins. It can be a bit annoying when it suddenly stops what you’re doing to save, but in the long run it has helped me out greatly. I hope you’ll be able to get it back again, I really love reading your story.

  8. Oh noes! Hope you can fix it soon!
    But I must admit, when I saw the title, I was scared for a second and thought “OMG is she pregnant!?”

    I’m seeing some people have problems with the recent patch, But I haven’t had any. Sucks to be you D:

  9. Take as much time as you need to get it sorted Berry. Everyone here supports you no matter what happens to the Chiffons 🙂

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