Gen 3- Chapter 8: Apricot Bloom


By the time the family returned from their vacation, the house was fully ready for us to move in. Mom was so excited to meet her new little grand baby. Orange Blossom was capturing hearts this way and that. You couldn’t help but smile when you walked into the room with her.

A few days later, we got a phone call from Seashell. He was calling to announce the arrival of their little bundle of joy. Almond Powder-Chiffon was born only a week after Orange Blossom and as soon as she was able, Mom drove out to Sugar Valley to visit. I wanted to go, but poor little Orange Blossom had a small cold and I just did not feel comfortable driving her all over the place.


There was no doubt about it, my mother goes gaga over babies. Especially her own grandchildren. If you looked up Doting Grandmother in the dictionary, my mothers face would stamped right there. I personally think it is awesome, the kids were lucky to have such an adoring grandma. We never had that seeing both our grandparents passed before we ever had a chance to meet them.


Mom had decided since she was unable to throw me a shower before the baby was born, that she would do one after. She was really hopeful that the Powder-Chiffon’s would be in attendance.

“So do you think you guys will be able to make it down?”

“I probably won’t be able to, but Precious said she will definitely be there.”

“Oh yay! We are going to have so much fun! But you will have to get out there sometime and meet your niece. She is such a darling baby”

“I know Mom, and soon as I can, I will.”


Mom was definitely right about that. Orange Blossom was the most precious baby ever, and she had her father wrapped firmly around her tiny little orange finger. He would get off work and rush through his shower just so he could see her sooner. I was so amazed how good he was with her. He was an only child and never really had been around babies prior. I guess some are just naturally good parents.


Surprisingly Peche Jr. was almost just as amazing with her. He absolutely loved her too. I would find him in her room all the time, just talking and singing to her. She would coo along with the tune. It melted my heart to see them together. He was going to be an awesome daddy one day.


Then there was me. When they were handing out amazing parent genes, I must have been in the wrong line. I couldn’t seem to do anything right. Every time I would try to hold her she would cry, and everything I tried just made matters worse. I would get so frustrated, I would almost be in tears. Then one of the guys would take her from me and she would instantly stop. Talk about making a person feel inadequate. They said it was because I was so nervous. Well how could I not be with everyone hovering over me all the time. Dad said I would get the hang of it. I seriously doubted it.


Just when I thought my day had hit its peak, I walked out of Orange Blossom’s room and saw this. Yuck. The site of it made me almost ill to my stomach. I headed off to mom to find out what the heck was going on.

“What is she doing here mom?”

“Well, Peche has not seen her since we got back and he asked if she could stay for a couple weeks.”

“A COUPLE WEEKS?! Have you lost your mind?”

“Honey, i know you two don’t get along, but they really seem to care about each other. Can’t you just try and put those childish squabbles behind you? For Peche’s sake?”

“Fine… But I swear if she tries anything stupid, I am gonna clock her.”


Even Pummy tried his best to make small talk, but the evil winch wanted nothing to do with him, and on top of that Peche was falling into the same pattern. Luckily he did not say anything mean, I would have really had to put my foot down, brother or not, no one talks nasty to my Pummy.


It was just a weird vibe all through the house. Peach Puff was almost never home. She had started hangin out at the Holly Berry Dive downtown. She would stay there until the wee hours of the morning. I swore there had to be a guy, but there wasn’t. Curiosity got the best of me one night and I followed her out. She just sat at the bar, ordered a couple of drinks and then sat in the far corner at the vintage chess table… I still say there was a guy.


The day of the shower came and I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I had not gotten a chance to speak to Olive since I saw them that night on the couch. I had to say my piece.

“Olive. I am not sure what is going on here, but if you are trying to hurt my brother just to get back at me for Berry knows what reason, I really wish you wouldn’t.”

She stood there silent for several moments.


“Is it so hard to believe that I may acutally like your brother huh?”

I desperately wanted to say yes, but I bit my tongue.

“Just because I don’t like you, doesn’t mean I don’t like him. He’s a really good guy and ya believe it or not, I really DO care about him. So if this interrogation is over I’m gonna go now.”

She walked off and I just watched in total disbelief. Was it possible for a Bitters to have actual feelings?


It was supposed to be a happy day, celebrating the arrival of Orange Blossom, but I was anything but cheery. I still harbored a deep resentment for Olive and wasn’t sure if it would ever go away. There was a strong possibility she could acutally be my (don’t even think it!) sister-in-law one day. That just irked me to no end. I started to day dream about punching her out at her wedding. A naughty grin started to grow across my face just as my train of thought was interrupted by a familiar voice.


True to her word there was Precious. I almost squealed with excitement as I ran across the grass to meet her. I pulled her into a hug and didn’t want to let go. Finally a friendly face to talk to! We chatted and laughed as we headed towards the house. Precious was just dying to meet Orange Blossom.


She told me all about little Almond, and I told her all about my drama with Olive. She always was on my side about the whole thing. After all she was there the day Olive kicked the crap out of me at the spa. She told me I could call her anytime if I needed to vent. I don’t think she would ever fully understand how much that really meant to me.


While I was in the sanctity of Orange Blossom’s room, the family was outside with the beast. She was actually warming up to the rest of the family. I am not sure what it was about me that she hated so much. Oh well, it was no skin off my nose. I was glad to steer clear of that sunny sweet disposition.


I really didn’t get those two. One minute they were all kissy and cuddly and then the next they were at each others throats.


The good times must have been really good, to put up with junk like that…


Ok, enough about Olive, it can’t be healthy for me to complain about her all the time. Besides there was many other things afoot in the Chiffon household. Peach Puff and Sunset had decided to move out. There was house across town for rent and they got a really good deal on it. Mom was kinda disappointed, but we all had an idea this was coming.


She went to confirm with Sunset, and yes it was indeed true. They would be moving out shortly. The lease started in just a couple weeks.


Mom couldn’t help but be excited for him. He looked so happy and proud to finally be moving out. I made sure to say my goodbyes and I made them both promise they would have to come and visit a lot.


The excitement didn’t stop there though. One morning before Pummy had to go to work, the three of us were hanging out in Orange Blossom’s room, reading stories and cuddling on the couch, when all of a sudden we heard Peche’s bedroom door open and foot steps run to the bathroom.


Next we heard the unpleasant sound of retching through the wall. I knew all to well what was going on. Great looks like I was gonna be an auntie to a demon spawn….


Afterward she came into Orange Blossom’s room. My eyes followed her the entire time she was walking.

“Hey, can I…hold her?”

“You’re not going to eat her are you?”

*Eye Roll* “No…”

“I guess so.”

I placed her into Olive’s arms and she instantly started crying.

“Uh Ok… Here.”


She passed her back to me and she settled right down. I was finally getting the hang of it.

“Aww she is just hungry. Huh sweet pea? You were just hungry.”


In no time at all we were celebratingย  Orange Blossom’s birthday. We all gathered around the cake as we sang Happy Birthday. Orange cooed and laughed as we blew out the candles.


What can I say? Cute as a button no?


38 responses

  1. I don’t know, I’m still ‘iffy’ on the whole Olive thing. It’ll be interesting to see her baby!

    OH MY WORD! Orange Blossom is just the cutest! ๐Ÿ˜€ I love her little pigtails. ๐Ÿ˜€
    And Almond is a cutesy too! Aw, they all grow up so fast!

  2. Orange Blossom is too adorable! Although I still want to boot Olive down a flight of steps I think it will be interesting to see how their children turn out.

  3. Oh Orange is soo adorable!!!! I’m actually starting to like Olive. I know she used to be a byatch but I think she has actually changed. OH CRAP WHAT IF THE BABY HAS GREEN SKIN AND PURPLE HAIR? EEWIES!

  4. if there is one thing watching anime has taught me to never hate the bad guy, because well there is always a reason they are they way they are, I think in all honestly Apricot and Olive could be the best of friends…..maybe her pregnacy will bring them together? and OMB Orange is the cutest little baby….maybe another is in the making? hehe i really need to get on it with my legacy……maybe they will move to twlizzer brook. lol idk we will see!

  5. Awe……Orange is adorable. I am so happy you were able to get everything back on track with your game….and perfect timing for Ambitions too! Love the house. I can’t wait to see what Olive’s baby looks like, I wouldn’ t have been able to resist having those two make a baby either, it’ll be interesting to see how he/she looks! Great Job as always!!

  6. I’m loving this legacy and the story and all the sims in it! โค
    Little Apple Blossom is so adorable, I spent a good ten minutes 'awwww' ing. As for Olive I'm still on the fence about whether I like her or not now that she seems to have changed slightly, at times in the pictures she seems genuinely hurt, so we'll have to see….Maybe she has changed or will change with the pregnancy.

  7. Orange Blossom is so cute. I was wondering when Olive Bitters was going to show up again. Maybe pregnancy will mellow her out.

  8. So cute! And I hope the baby from Olive is going to mostly inherit Peche Jnr’s genes, though I’m starting to warm to her. Great update!

  9. Berry, I laughed out loud at “You aren’t gonna eat her are you?” My husband looked over at me like I was a loon. I can’t wait for more, as always… And I still say, that Olive should back off my man. He has a much cuter child in an alternate simmie universe… >:’D

  10. Great chapter as always. I just have one question: How do you get that list of recent posts and stuff up the side of your blog? I’ve been trying for ages and I can’t get it. I have the same theme as you so it should be the same. Help!
    ps: Also if you have time can you check out my new legacy? It’s called the Spearhead Rainbowcy. Thanks you rock as usual Berry!

  11. orange is not as cute as a button….she’s completely adorable! gotta love those pigtails. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ooh there’s so much going on in that house! i love the line about apricot being the auntie of a demon spawn. ๐Ÿ™‚ i anxious to see what is up with olive, does she have an alterior motive for hooking up the peche jr. or does she really have feelings for him?

    pummy was born for that firefighter uniform btw โค

  12. Lil Orange is so cute! She’ll be a looker when she’s older. ๐Ÿ˜› Olive…I still don’t like her…And if she has Peche Jr.’s baby I’ll just be like: AHHHHHH! But it’s an interesting twist. Can’t wait for the next chapter.

  13. Well, do I have to say that Orange is a total cutie, she is adorable, just like her mother at that age ๐Ÿ˜€

    I wish Apricot could give Olive a chance, I’m sure she is just a nice and maybe a bit insecure sim deep down inside ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Aww!! I love little Orange!!

    I hope Olive just ate something bad. Eww. Her baby… Gross. Just hope it takes after Peche Jr!!

  15. I’ve been reading the Chiffon’s story for some time now. I absolutely love it! ^-^

    Also, I can’t get other how beautiful every picture is. I’ve been curious sense I started reading on how you manage to get your pictures to look so great. I manage alright pictures for my legacy, but I was wondering how you get your sim’s clothes the not “blur” or look all funny on their skin.

  16. It’s weird, whenever I read a chapter from berry I get so inspired, but it doesn’t happen with any other writer. I guess what they say is right, “The proof is in the berry pudding!” Lol. Orange Blossom is freakin’ adorable, I don’t know why but she reminds me of orange sorbet, ahh I could do with a cup of that right about now, pregnancy cravings are great .. worst part for me is I get em and I’m not even preggers! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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