Gen 3- Chapter 12: Apricot Bloom

How many birthdays can you fit in one chapter? How about 6?


My beautiful girls grew so quickly, that when their birthday arrived I was in denial. In fact all 4 girls were getting ready for their birthdays! We decided to throw a big party and celebrate all 4 together. Of course we ran it by Orange Blossom first. She was so excited about it she did not care who she shared the day with. With her consent out of the way, I ordered 4 cakes and invited the crew!


Orange Blossom went first since she was the oldest. We gathered around the cake and she made her wish.


My goodness she was stunning. Was it strange I started to cry? Well even it was, it didn’t change the fact I teared up. She looked so much like Pummy, yet in a very feminine way. Our Orange Blossom had bloomed into a beautiful young lady.


Next up was Persimmon Peel…


Persimmon was the more traditional of the three. I just adored her complexion and gorgeous eye color.


Then Pumpkin Pie…


Pumpkin was a very cautious child. She was just as brave as her sisters, she would just have to be much more sure of the situation before she would go for it.


Lastly was Saffron Sugar…


Just like the other two, Saffron was incredibly brave and outspoken. 4 amazing gals. I don’t think Pummy and I could have been prouder.


After the festivities the girls all migrated to the living room, where they watched TV until it was time for them to go to bed. Even when I went to the couch and watched them all converse and laugh, I had a hard time accepting the fact all my babies were turning into young ladies. All unique and special in their own way.


Almost the first day of school Persimmon made a friend. Her name was Sugar Snapple. She invited her home one day after school, and from then on they were inseparable.

“We’re gonna be BBF’s!”

“Honey I think it is BFF…”


Like a lot of the family, Persimmon fell quickly into painting. I never really got the hang of, but it was well known fact that almost all Chiffon’s were born artists. Persimmon was no exception. She had such an amazing grasp on color and depth.


Pumpkin also made a friend not long after school had started. His name was Apple. He was a very sweet boy, and just like Sugar we saw a lot of him.


Saffron never really latched on to anyone at school. She much preferred the company of the family. She was focused on school than the others also. She was always asking for Orange for help. Orange was more than happy to help out when she could. All the girls got along famously. I was grateful for that.


There was only one person Saffron liked hanging out with more than Orange and that was mom. She loved that “grammy” would sit and play dolls with her.

“Ok Grammy. You get to be the mommy and I will play the daddy.”


Orange also liked to hang out with grandma. Though they spent most of their time hanging out in front of the TV. Orange Blossom loved to watch TV. I worried that she was maybe watching too much, but she always got her homework done first. Then she would sit and watch for hours.


Her TV watching may have not been such a bad thing actually. She caught a show one time about fashion designers and make overs and she fell in love with the idea instantly. She begged Pummy and I to get her a sketch table so she could practice her drawing. We bought one for her as soon we could. After that she quickly became disinterested in the TV.


All the girls were coming into their own and it seemed none were blessed with my uhh problem. That is until one night about 3 am when Pumpkin burst into the bed room.

“Sweetheart are you ok?”


“Oh ya. I’m Fine. I was just uhh… wondering if I could sleep with you tonight.”

“This would be third time this week. Whats wrong with your bed?”

“There is something creepy in my hamper, I just know it.”

“Honey there is nothing in your hamper. I promise.”


Poor girl was so anxious over that hamper. Nothing else ever phased her, but that hamper could have fallen off the edge of the earth and she would not have batted an eye.

I took her back to her room, where we looked through the hamper. As expected nothing was there. I tucked her in and kissed her on the forehead. She was not as bad as I was at her age, but I still kept a close eye on her just in case.


More time passed and soon Pummy and I were also celebrating our birthdays. Dad fired up the grill and cooked up some awesome veggie burgers for the party. We once again invited the family.


I got to go first. I wasn’t nervous at all (what a shock) I was actually looking forward to getting older. My life was pretty darn awesome. This was just the inevitable next step. I made a wish to bless my family for years to come and then blew out my candles.


Oh ya baby, I still got it.


Next was Pummy…


Still handsome as ever. As I stood there watching him take a seat to eat his cake. I thought about all the crazy things we had been through. Still going strong as ever. We had come a long way.

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  1. YAY – loads of lovely birthdays. And all the girls are gorgeous. Still not sure which is my favorite, i think i will wait till all girls are teens before i decide 🙂

  2. Orange turned out wonderfully, so very pretty. I’m glad Peche and Cherry are still around to enjoy their grandchildren, Bubbie and Lacey never got that chance.

  3. goodness! six birthdays in one chapter! 🙂 i’m with everyone else orange is stunning! berry i wish my simmies were at least half as beautiful as yours :3. i still love pummy…he’s getting ever so close to that elder stage 😦 i want him to live forever! lol

    did i spy that uber adorable curly hair on apple 😉

  4. Now the war begins for who will win heir! But I’m sure it would be something like
    ‘No sis, you be heir” “No, I want you to carry one with it!” Cause Apricot and Pummy raised their girls right! Right?

  5. if the triplets turn out as gorgeous as Orange did this will be the hardest heir vote ever! age doesn’t seem to be touching on Apricot one bit, she is still so pretty.

  6. In the picture with Persimmon and Sugar, is Persimmon floating? Anyways, Orange turned out so pretty and the triplets are so cute.

    Pumpkin and Apple are a lot like Pumello and Apricot 😀

    • I think Persimmon is on the trampoline that comes with ambitions but then again that is the most serious pose for a kid on a trampoline. Also I think when I vote for heir it’ll be for Pumpkin. She’s just as cute as she was as a toddler.

  7. Wow! Orange grew up to be absolutely beautiful! I’m thinking its going to be tough now too, although I still like Pumpkin 🙂 Can’t wait for the next chapter 🙂

  8. Orange really did grow up stunning, I can’t wait to see the triplets when they age, they’re bound to be just as pretty…

    Quick question: BBF – Berry Best Friends? >.>

  9. Oh my. I think Orange is my favorite out of Apricot’s children thus far but we shall see!

    And Apple reminds me so much of a younger Pummy! I wonder if a future romance is in the air 😉

    I can’t wait for the next update! Reading from the beginning to now makes me eager and anxious to find out what happens next!

  10. Ohh they all look so amazing grown up. It’s good to see Cherry’s still around to see Apricot grown and her grandkids aging up well. I’m sure she’s really happy too! 🙂

  11. Yay! Finally I can comment, as I don’t like commenting in the middle.
    1. YOUR LEGACY IS SO COOL, your sims are amazingly beautiful, and the theme of colors (btw where are the rules for a Rainbowcy it seems like an intresting challenge)
    2. The children are all so beautiful, I haven’t chosen a favorite yet, beause teen years are when they show their true genes.
    3. I love your way of storytelling, I’ve been trying to decide if I want my legacy to go First-Person, and I think I do because it looks easier.
    4. Congrats on the success of your rainbowcy, I love it and so do a bunch of others, keep up the good work!

    P.S I added to my blogroll and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind checking out my legacy.
    The Cadence Legacy

    • I don’t think there are many rules for rainbowcys, apart from the fact that most rainbowcys start with a white sim (I only found this out recently, which is why my founder is purple 🙂 ) and that you usually have a colour order for each gen (again not in my case, I don’t really have a plan.)

  12. So beautiful sims you are so lucky with that. The heir vote will be tough if they all are going to look as stunning as orange. Cant wait to see when we are able to vote.

  13. Oh my, Orange. Didn’t you grow up to be a beautiful young lady!

    Pumpkin is still my fav though, even if she’s afraid of that hamper, she’ll still be getting my vote!

  14. I like Orange the most! I like that they are close to their grandma I just don’t know how they’ll take it when she passes.

  15. you are such an amazing writer and i love wacthing everyone age -up, i hope you love writing these stories as much as i love reading them. I cant wait for the next chapter!

  16. as soon as I saw Orange’s teen picture, I said “O_O holy crap she’s beautiful!” haha but they’re all beautiful! ❤ keep up the good work! (No seriously, keep it up. I don't know what I'll do when you decide to end this! lol) ^_^

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