EA Does it Again

So CAW is not working since the newest update. This is not just a problem for me, but for everyone. Cannot even open it before it crashes.  Sadly this means we are on hold AGAIN until they fix it. *sigh* I am so sorry guys.
The only good thing about this, is I can add more to the project while we wait. I am so irritated with them right now I cannot see straight.


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  1. Grr EA, grr. Even though I don’t CAW (I have a Mac, and they have yet to make a version for Macs…). Oh well, they usually don’t wait too long between patches…. still, grr.

  2. Wait, I’m a bit confused. I thought u didn’t need CAW for Sugar Valley. You just remove vanilla households and replace them with berry sweets. But I am a little happy that ur going to update Splash now (thats what u meant right?)

    • Yes it works for the person playing, but anyone else will need the world download. At this point I have no way of sharing Sugar Valley. You see?

      Yes New Chapter soon!

      • Oh okay I get it sorry I haven’t used CAW a lot so I dont really know much about it. Sucks tho, EA are always making their stuff to clash with cc so noone will use it.

        On the plus side, Yay new chapter!!

  3. Oh and another thing, about your rainbowcy. The character Mango, I saw someone that looks like mango her nose was the same and everything…it was weird. Well except she was dressed all purple and not orange. 😀

  4. Dang it! My rule – if everything’s running fine, don’t update. I always seem to get more problems when updating, so I often go without unless my game is glitching. Well, I can’t wait for the next chapter, so I suppose it’s more sweet than bitter.

  5. Mine is even worse. My update has caused my game to not load. Seriously. The bar fills up all the way, and then nothing happens.
    I’ve tried unintalling and re-installing the game several times, and nothing has worked. My game was completely cleared of CC and it still won’t work. I’m at my wit’s end and I am SO frustrated.

    If anyone knows how to help me, I will WORSHIP you. I’m going insane over not playing. Please help. And if you don’t know how exactly to fix it, could you give me a tip?

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