Voting Time!

Yes it is that time again. I don’t envy you guys one bit! lol

Current Life Stage: Teen


Brave, Couch Potato, Artistic, Good.


Current Life Stage: Child

Traits: Brave, Artstic, Loves the Outdoors.


Current Life Stage: Child

Traits: Brave, Neurotic, Artistic.


Current Life Stage: Child

Traits: Brave, Family Oriented, Artistic


There are your candidates. Good luck!


34 responses

  1. Pumpkin all the way! I know Saffron was prettier, but I like that Pumpkin had the neurotic trait. I love the whole hamper thing. I hope Pumpkin pulls in front!

  2. Go Saffron! If you would like, I have a rainbowcy now and would love to get all the views I can, :). So here’s the link.
    I hope you enjoy. Saffron is just beautiful, but she also has a good personality. So, I voted for Saffron. At least I think I did, my internet was being slow so I might have clicked a different name…

  3. I *would* go Orange (she’s named after my favorite color, so, you know, major points), but I have to go with…*clicks* Well, looks like my choice is winning. 😀

  4. I’ve always liked Saffron. I chose her. I think she’s pretty, and I’d love the heir to take after the Pummy in skin tone and hair color.

    [I was formerly posting as Cupcake, but noticed there was a Cupcake on Berry Sweet Site. I decided to add to my name so that it wouldn’t get confusing.]

  5. I absolutely love Pumpkin. She has her father’s beautiful eyes and they really fit her look, plus she is going to be really interesting too.

    I think Saffron is going to win though which is still good as she is my second favourite XD

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