Gen 4- Chapter 2: Saffron Sugar


Ok, so I am randomly on a coast somewhere….odd red and white building and nobody for miles. This must be a dream. Sure is vivid for a dream though, even for me.


Wow it is breathtakingly beautiful. Wonder where everyone is?


“Yoo hoo! Can anybody hear me? Hello?!”


“Guess not.”


“Well I guess I will just enjoy the view.” I said to myself as I plopped down on the swing. I figured maybe if I talked out loud, I could fool myself into feeling less isolated. Still had no idea how I had gotten there. Last thing I remembered was crawling into my bed and falling asleep. It had to be a dream! No it was too real! I could smell the salt in the air and feel warm chains of the swing on my hands.


Suddenly before I could even blink, there was a boy standing beside me.

“Is this seat taken?”

I gazed up trying to get a better look, but I couldn’t see his face clearly. The sun was high in the sky and the brightness of it all was seriously blocking any chance I had.

“Since its just you and me here. I am thinking no.”

“Oh good!” He said as he took a seat. “So I don’t think have seen you here before. Are you new to town?”


“You could say that.” My words caught in my throat as my vision cleared and I got a good look at the mystery boy next to me.


Holy Berry what an adorable smile. It was infectious, I couldn’t help but smile back.

“So I take it you are from here. Yes.?”

“Yup, born and raised. Thats why I am pretty sure you aren’t, I don’t think I would have missed a pretty thing like you walking around.”

“Aww you are too kind.”

“No. Its true! You are probably the most gorgeous creature I have ever laid eyes on.”

“Ok, now I know I am dreaming.” I said as I stood up from the swing.


“Leaving already? You just got here.” He stepped a little closer. My heartbeat quickened.

“I uhhh…..”

“I’m not exactly sure, but I think you might be even cuter when you’re nervous.”


I couldn’t speak. I just giggled.

“So if this is a dream, I think you should kiss me before it’s too late.”

“Oh ya?”

“Ya. What do you say beautiful.”



*Beep Beep Beep BeepBeep Beep Beep*


As I returned to consciousness. Each beep of my alarm progressively got louder until it was so loud, I couldn’t ignore it any more. I groaned as dropped my face back down into my pillow and hit the snooze button. I stayed there for another minute or so, before I pressed myself to an upright position.


I wiped the sleep from my eyes. Sitting on the edge of my bed, I glanced around my room. Back in my room again. So it was a dream. My annoying alarm went off again and I quickly switched it off. “Thats enough out of you.”


Oh, but what a wonderful dream it had been. I felt all warm and bubbly inside. I swayed back and forth to the rhythmic sound of the splashing of the ocean, I could still feel deep within my being. With a start to a morning like that, I knew it was going to be a great day.


“So then what happened.”

“Well…then he said. ‘So if this is a dream, I think you should kiss me before it’s too late.”

“Ooooo! Did you?!”

“Well we tried, but then my alarm rudely interrupted us.”

“Oh no! Why does that always happen?!”

“Haha! I don’t know…”


“Do you think he is real? Somewhere out there just waiting for you to find him?”

“I don’t know. I guess it is always possible. There was sure a lot of detail.”


“Oh how delicious!” She said with an eager smile and clap of the hands. “Saffron has a dream- lover.”

“Not so loud you! Remember you are the only one who knows about these things.”

“Oh right. Sorry.”

After the day of the interview, Rose and I were literally glued at the hip, and it did not take me long to confide in her my odd talent. It was such a wonderful release to have someone to share with, and on top of that, she was so transfixed by the idea and it became quite a fun conversation piece for her and I.

“I wish some dream-lover would come rescue me!”


It seemed I was not the only one dabbling in love. Pumpkin and Apple were becoming a little more than friends. He had been coming over almost every night after he got off work and he would stay until 11:05 exactly and then he would go home. Its not like they did not see each other at school. They had almost the exact same schedule. Even their lunch periods. They were always close though, I guess that was just the next natural step.


Persimmon was still clickety click click with Romeo whatever his name was. I started to wonder if we would ever get to meet him. She later told me they planned to meet when we had graduated. He was from Pavlova Australia, so he would have to get some things in order first.


Romeo wasn’t the only person she talked to via the interwebs. Sugar was also an avid clickety-clacker. Two peas in a pod I suppose. Normally I didn’t care that Persimmon was on the computer about half of her life, but one night I needed to type up a report and she would not get off for nothing.

“Persi I need the computer. Just for 30 minutes. Please?”

“Not now Saff! Sugar just got herself into massive trouble. I need to make sure she is ok.”

“Can’t you do that after?”

*Click Click Click*



A couple days later we got a surprise visit from Auntie Peach. She was dawning a new little dress and it looked an awful lot like a maternity dress. We all knew that her and her boyfriend were hoping to have a child. Don’t know why they never wanted to get married. I thought that was supposed to come first.

“Mom! Jaffa and I are having a baby!”

“Oh, thats wonderful sweet heart!”


Mom was just down the hall in the art room talking with me and heard the whole thing. Once she heard the news she ran straight to her.

“Peach! I am so happy for you two!”

“Aww thank you Sis! Better late than never right?”

“We have to throw you a shower!”


“Hear that little one? We are going to throw you and your momma a big party!”


Unfortunately Orange missed all the excitement. She had been hanging with her bestie Candi all day. They spent almost all of their time together, just like me and Rose. Though instead of always being at our house, they were always at Candi’s.


“OMB Orange! I almost forgot to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“Ok…You know your cousin Forrest.”

“Uh ya. He’s my cousin.”

“Haha Smarty! Anyways! I heard he got caught making out with Sugar Snapple in the janitors closet a couple days ago!”


“Say what!?”

“Ya! I guess there was some heavy breathing coming from inside and Principle Toffee was just passing by. He heard all of commotion and opened the door and found them. They both got a 3 day suspension!”

“Oh wow! He is so busted. Uncle Peche must be livid.”

“I know right!?”


“Hey Saff! Where you hiding?!”

“In here Rose!”


“Ooo what you got there? New project?”

“Ya. I have been trying to recreate that place from my dream.”

“So this is it?”

“Mhmm, from what I can remember.”



“Oh my gosh! I know that place!”

“You do?”

“Ya ya! Thats! Thats Peppermint Peir.”

“Your telling me this place actually exists?”

“Uh duh! Its only like the coolest place to go in Sugar Valley! Haven’t you ever been there before?”

“Sadly I have never been out of Twizzlerbrook.”


“Oh brainstorm! I just had the most brilliant idea. Ok. So in about two weeks, I go for my driving test, and we all know I am going to pass with flying colors. How about I take you there! Maybe we will see your mystery boy!”

“Gosh I don’t know…wait…what about your skin? Won’t that hurt you?”

“Nah for a day or so I will be fine. Don’t worry you about me. So how about it?”


I could feel my tummy doing somersaults with the just the prospect of the idea. “Ok, lets do it!”

31 responses

  1. its so cool how you and Kitty swapped simmies 🙂 its neat to see the legacies come together. the mystery man is handsome i hope she finds him in sugar valley.

  2. The new guy seems like one of those quiet nerdy guys who are really cute behind their glasses. Also I think it’s cute how you and Kitty are joining your legacies. I think I’ve missed something about Rose’s skin. What happens when she spends too much time in the sun? Awaiting the next chapter eagerly!!

  3. OMB Im loving this! That boy is soo cute. Would it be too much to ask for the color number things for Saffrons hair pretty please?

  4. OMB! Peppermint Pier in Sugar Valley! That is such an awesome thing you did Berry, crucial in the first generation and crucial now! Im loving the story! So happy I started reading again, never stop writing Berry, you have a real talent. 🙂

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