A New Berry Sweet Story!

Yes I did it again! lol

I will be working on photos for Splash tonight when I get home, but in the mean time… Here is the prologue to my new story

Lost in Sugar Valley!

Enjoy! ^^

16 responses

  1. It looks lovely!

    One question, though, what process do you use to upload your photos to wordpress? I use the ‘Upload from Computer’ option, but that seems to take forever, do you have an easier way? Help would be much appreciated (:

  2. On my way there! It is bothered me a lot that my internet access now are quite slow, especially in opening your blogs. Must be because of the size of the pictures. But, I love your pictures. .. I want to see them all. They are gorgeous. I maybe very late on commenting.

  3. Quick question, are you still going to continue with SOC? I hope so, though I like the beginning of your new story, I would hate to see the end to this one.

      • Good to hear. Love the new chapter but I feel bad for Saff. Maybe he is just doing it to make it seem as if he doesn’t remember since he is supposed to be professional.

  4. OMG! i almost started crying when i realized he didnt know who she was!!thats super sad about what happened to Orange.im glad shes coming home though. awesome story by the way[:

    • It’s just where the blog time is located. I honestly don’t know XD It’s only half a day for me. At 5pm my time it switches to the next day.

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