Gen 4- Chapter 7: Saffron Sugar


I walked Glaze down to the break room, where I nervously made some coffee. I had no idea what he needed to talk to me about, so I prepared for the worst. If I was gonna get some bad news,I would at least have some good joe to console me. He stood silent, while I set the machine.


We both stared at the percolating coffee until we heard that all too familiar *beep* signifying it was finished. I offered a cup to Glaze, but he turned it down.

“No Thank you. All you.”


I took a sip. “So what did you need?”


“Saffron i have not been fully honest with you.”

My heart started to race again. “Oh?”

“I have been a fool, and even now I can’t beleive how nasty I acted towards you.”

“Oh…well it wasn’t really your fault. I was sounding like a crazy woman.”

“No…you weren’t.”


He stepped closer and whispered in my ear. I could feel his warm breath on my ear and neck, and suddenly my knees turned to jello. “I’m so sorry beauty of my dreams.” I never thought 7 little words would ever impact me so much. The room started to spin and I had to place my hand on his shoulder to brace myself.


Once I had gotten my bearings, the excitement kicked in. “So it is you! I thought all this time I was just losing my mind. Oh Glaze!”


He enveloped me into a hug and I pressed my body up against his. He spoke gently as he held me. It felt just like it did in my dreams. “I did have my reasons. If my boss were to ever find out, I would probably lose my job.” He pulled away and grabbed my hands. “Can you ever forgive me?”


“Oh Glaze. I was never angry with you. I was just upset and confused.” I wanted to say I love you, but I held my tongue. Instead I suggested we take a walk. “Listen, its almost time for my lunch, how about we go across the street to the gingerbread gardens?”

“Ya that sounds great.”

Berry, he was handsome.


As we stepped out the big glass doors, he took my hand in his and  we walked all the way to the gardens. I could feel my heart bursting with happiness.


We headed up the walkway in the gardens, but we stopped short, when Glaze turned to me and once again took hold of my hands. “Miss Saffron Sugar, I would be honored if you would go out with me.”

I couldn’t believe how incredibly sweet he was, for a brief moment I still felt as if I were dreaming. ” Nothing in this world would make me happier.”


Then we shared our first kiss, it was oh so magical, and believe it or not, it was ten times better than in our dreams! It was sweet and sexy and down right hot! It turned from a small sweet peck into a fiery passionate inferno within seconds. I guess years of longing had built up over all that time. We could both feel the desire that was quickly consuming us.


Reading my mind he picked me up into his arms and lead us to the small washroom/restroom that resided there.


You can probably guess what…uhh happened next.


Later that evening when we arrived home, Mom greeted us at the door. “Oh good your just in time for dinner.” The smell of Goopy Carbonara wafted through the air, and I could feel my taste buds rejoicing. “Why don’t you guys slip into something a little more comfortable and meet us at the table.”


I had about 3 plates of “The Goop” the most amazing dinner, on the most amazing day of my life. Ya, life was pretty sweet! We all giggled and chatted as I stuffed my face. Glaze had to giggle at my exuberance. “Mrs. Chiffon thank you so much for that amazing meal. At least I think it was amazing. I think Saffron ate it all before I got a chance to try some.”

“Hur Hur Hur!”

*Ring Ring*

“Oh excuse me a minute.”


We all continued to talk, as I watched Glaze head out to the front room. I couldn’t hear all of what was being said, but I could tell it seemed pretty serious. “Yes Ma’am. But….I can guarantee…would ever….I see. Yes Ma’am. Of course… first thing tomorrow.” He then hung up the phone and headed to his room. I was just about to follow after him, when Mom appointed me dish duty. Drats…


I gathered everyone’s plates and proceeded to the sink, not long after I was joined in the kitchen by Glaze. He looked as if someone had just ran over his puppy. “Something wrong?”

“I…I just got fired.”

Time stopped, it felt like all the walls were caving in. “What?”

“Ya, that was my boss on the phone.” He then mimicked what his boss had said during their breif conversation. “We have a no tolerance policy and you were well aware of that when you entered into this arrangement. I have no choice but to let you go.”

“Glaze. I don’t know what to say. I am so sorry.”

“No reason to be sorry. I have had a shift in perspective today. If my job is going to try to keep me from the woman I l-…care for then I need another job.”

I placed the dishes in the sink and put my arms around him. Even though I wasn’t supposed to, I still felt awful.

SSC204 SSC205

“I did have my reasons. If my boss were to ever find out, I would probably lose my job… Can you ever forgive me?”

“Oh Glaze. I was never angry with you. I was just upset and confused…Listen, its almost time for my lunch, how about we go across the street to the gingerbread gardens?””


“Ya. I saw him when he came in. Glaze Lemon-Tart and he is dabbling with the clientele if you know what i mean.”

“You have to be sure about this. That is quite a steep accusation. If it is true he knows the consequences.”

“Well I guess he doesn’t care.”

“Well thank you for notifying me. I will deal with this matter shortly.”


“You’re welcome Mom.”

“Celly I thought we talked about this. While I am at work…

“Ya ya I know. No Mom talk….my mistake. You’re welcome Olive.”

“Much better.”




“Much better.”





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  1. OMB! As soon as I saw Celly in the window I knew what would happen! D:
    OMBOMBOMB…return of the Bitters! O:
    This sucks for the chiffons!
    But dang that was a nice dramatic effect with the last picture, I even had scary conclusion music play in my mind when I saw it. xD
    Nice work again, Berry!

    • Oh, and I accidentally entered the wrong name, it’s SweetPiper. x]
      I was on another website while I read this so I was using another name.

    • omb I was thinking the same thing when I saw Celly looking out the window! As soon as I saw her I thought “Aww crap.. this is gonna end badly….” I KNEW IT!!!!!! xD

  2. *gasp* i knew as soon as i saw Celly at that door that she was up to no good! its so sad tho he worked so hard to get there. i hope things get better from here. i am soooo curious what role Olive will play now.

  3. The Skanky evil of the Bitters lives on. I saw Celly on that phone and the expletives were running through my mind, I knew she was gonna rat poor Glaze out.

    The whole Bitters family needs to diaf, seriously.

  4. I love your legacy, I sat and read the whole thing pretty much all at one time. I have a question for ya… how do make your pictures bigger on here. I just recently tried a blog on here but all my pictures that I edited and tried uploading are small and when I stretch them out their blury. Your pictures look AMAZING so I though you might know what to do

  5. UGH. I knew this was going to happen once I saw that first picture of Celly. Evil, evil little witch!

    It’s so cute how Glaze isn’t too upset that he got fired though, because he is with the women he loves. My heart melted. SO SWEET. And…after that little uh…incident they had…I wonder…*giggles*

  6. Okay… I get it now… But why would she be calling her mom for this?! I thought she was friends with Saffron’s mom! (Sorry I forgot her name, I’m such a dork :P)

  7. OLIVE?! OLIVE?! DID SHE SAY OLIVE?! Whoa!!! Celly is just as mean as Olive!!! So glad u brought Olive back, at first I didnt notice that she said Olive but then it hit me and i totally freaked out!!! This is gonna be good!!!

    ooh and before marriage.
    WHAT will her mother say!!! lol.
    sorry i jump to conclusions xD
    usaually when your sims do the deed they always end up pregnant lol.
    if not then…

  9. I’m about to punch all of those Bitter’s in the face! What jerk faces!!!!!!!!! And what a lovely place to do your first…erm… woo hoo. Then again, I guess in Sugar Valley everything is so sweet and clean it really doesn’t matter! Hahaha!

    Return of the eeeeeeeeeeeebil!!!!! I knew Celly was up to no good since you brought her in!!! Stupid, meddling, ebil green witches!!!!!!!!
    If Saff and Glaze don’t work out I’m gonna kill myself (not really im not emo)
    Fantastic twist though, I fell out of my chair when Olive came back on the scene.
    On another note, it’s weird that Olive is the boss of a medical company when she was always such a *censor beeps* well you get my drift.

  11. such an amazing update, i basically read this entire legacy in one night.
    i twisted my knee playing volleyball and have been stuck in a recliner for two days…
    your creativity and pictures and all the plot twists have made everything much more bearable. keep up the amazing work!

  12. Evil Olive and Celly. I thought Olive had gotton past her bittnerness! I am pleased that Glaze chose Saffron over his job. Maybe he can get another job that is even better now! I hope they have yellow babies! x

  13. I have been waiting for your update and you didn’t let me down.

    I kinda liked seeing the Bitter’s back. Gives us some excitement and makes me eager to see what happens next.

    I loved it and I’m glad Saffron and Glaze are finally together. I can’t wait to see what Apricot says about it.


  14. Ack! Olive’s back! This can’t be good… ^w^
    But I thought Olive and…um… Saffrons mother…Apricot!! I thought they had made up? So now Olive is back being evil again? Or, no, it’s her daughter that’s the evil one. Right?
    Oh, wait, is that was Glaze was talking about when he said his boss was strict and all?
    And Glaze and Saffron! Yay!

  15. Return of the Bitters! Can’t wait to see how that goes. Will the Chiffons and the Bitters become arch rivals? That would be interesting to see down through the generations. Until maybe two of them fall in love…

    … but i’m getting ahead of myself again XD

  16. I’m super happy that Glaze and Saffron are together (because they make the CUTEST couple ever!). When I saw Celly in the window I knew that comething was up xD

  17. I knew it! (about Olive being Celly’s mom) I’m so glad that Glaze and Saffron have finally come to terms with their inevitable relationship. Looking forward to Generation Five!!!

  18. Since when did Olive have a little girl, I thought her son was still little? But as soon as I read the last chapter introducing Celly I knew Olive would somehow make a return. Glad to see Galze and Saffron are together.

      • So is Celly from a previous relationship or did Olive have an affair?! Curiouser and curiouser! Love your stories, can’t wait for the next chapter!

      • Well its not really in the story, but once Olive came home, she later married Lime Fizz`. In her eyes he is more on her level. (According to her Peche was too good for her).

  19. :0 mean old lady! gah, i knew something was up when i saw celly in the background! boo! i had a feeling that she might have been realted to olive when saffron was first introduced to her, but i never would have thought that she was olive’s daughter. i wonder who celly’s father is?

    but i’m glad that glaze and saffron can finally be together now, even though he lost his job. 😦 there’s a reason why olive’s last name is bitter! lol

  20. By the way what is going on with Olive now, since she left … can’t remember his name Seashell I think? What has she been up too?

  21. Woah!! I so was not expecting this, but I knew there was something about Celly when I saw her in the eighth picture. And Olive is her mom????? 0_o

    At least Saffy and Glaze can be together now though and can make cute little coloured babies 😀

  22. Oooh, I knew that was coming! I knew something was familiar about Celly, cause she awfully looked alot like Olive. Poor, Glaze….but i’m just glad that Saffron and Glaze finally came clear to each other. Plus, I hope Orange goes back to normal soon.

  23. Amazing chapter!

    In the chapter when Mint said ‘She gets that from her mother I suppose. She’s actually more bitter than Celly if you can believe that. Guess their surname fits them well…’ I was like OMB, Celly couldn’t be Olive’s daughter…? This has just confirmed my suspicions!

    The emotions and suspense you put in to every chapter are amazing; I am loving this Rainbowcy!

  24. BUM BUM BUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I thought Celly reminded me of Olive! Man the Bitters’ just can’t cut the Chiffons a break now can they… But I love what you did with the chapter anyways 🙂

  25. Hey Berry. I don’t mean to sound rude but the pictures aren’t loading for me and I know it is not my internet cause I can watch a 15 minute youtube video in HD with no pauses do you have any idea why??

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