Gen 4- Chapter 11: Saffron Sugar


When we brought the boys home, we decided it would be best to keep everyone in the same room. We purchased two more cribs just like Sunglow’s and set up everyone in his bedroom. Little Pineapple and Butterscotch were much more fussy than Sunny had ever been.


Thankfully Momma was right there to offer a helping hand. She pretty much split up the workload of the twins. More often than not, they would start to fuss just as I was falling asleep. I would hear them crying and throw myself out of bed. I would then trudge half awake to their room to find Mom was already there. “Its OK sweetheart. I’ve got you. Lets let Mommy sleep ya?” Pineapple and Mom connected right away. She just loved to watch him. He was a thinker; completely alert and was always watching.


Butterscotch was very similar in his temperament to Pineapple. Both fussy as could be, but there was one major difference between the two. We had the most horrible time trying to feed him. We would feed him his bottle, but it would always slip. He would try to latch on and then it would slip again. In his nose, on his cheek, one time even in his eye! We still have no idea how that one happened…


With new babies in the house, we did our best to give as much attention as we could to our little angel Sunny. He was talking a mile a minute and for the most part, it was pretty clear. There were a few words that were questionable, but we got the gist of what he was saying.

“Momma go vroooom!”


Vroom must have been the name of his car. He loved that thing. I could just see him growing up to own a big yellow sports car one day. He even wanted the darn thing in his crib, but just like most children, he was not always careful where he left them.


And after about the third time of finding it just on the edge of the stairs, I decided maybe it was time we put Vroom on the shelf. At least until he was old enough to keep a better eye on it. So many times I almost slipped right down those stairs. I felt much more at ease knowing it was out of his reach.


With the arrival of the twins came a calm wind. Life at the Chiffon’s was good. We knew it would not last forever, so we intended to enjoy it while we could. Daddy had moved up the ladder and was appointed the new fire chief. He didn’t exactly retire, but he did retire from the house calls. He was much safer at the station house. Which me and mom liked a great deal.


Mom was keeping busy playing marriage counselor to Persimmon and Dewey. They had just moved into their own house, and money was tight. Which in turn was causing all kinds of arguments in the house. Persimmon wasn’t happy with the location, but it was all they could really afford. Dewey was upset that Persi was upset, but didn’t know what to do.


“You guys will work this out.”

“All families have trouble starting out. Heck even your Dad and I argue from time to time.”


“Well Sure. It takes a lot of work getting a house together. Its very stressful. Added to that you two are learning how to live with one another. You guys will work it out. Just be patient with each other.”

“Thanks Mom.”


Back at home Sunny and I were making serious progress with his potty training. It took us a good six months of trying, but finally we had it down!

“I deeeeed it maahmeee!”

“You sure did sweet pea!”


I was even making a little money here and there teaching a special art class at the Huckleberry Academy. They had called me in for a three week class, where I would be working with the schools elite artists. I was truly amazed and inspired by some of their pieces. A few of them even remembered seeing me at the gallery. They said they were quite honored to have me come and teach. Being in the art atmosphere was making me miss my own painting. I had put it all on hold until the children were older, but I vowed as soon as they were all in school, I would start painting again.


Which was going to take longer than I had previously planned, because I wanted one more little angel to add to our crew. Both Glaze and I wanted a little girl, and now that the twins were getting older and Sunny was almost a child, we decided to try again. I have to say baby making was quite fun!


When the Twins celebrated their birthday, I still was not pregnant. It was much harder this time around. Not from a lack of trying though! I was getting a little older, and I thought Perhaps that was the reason. We were not worried, we planned to keep trying until we succeeded. In the mean time, we focused all of our attention on the boys. Momma brought Pineapple to the cake first.


Ohh I just wanted to gobble him up!


Since everyone and their uncle (literally) were in our back yard, we set up the play pen for Sunny, so he could be with the family. We filled it with his favorite toys and books and set him inside. I couldn’t help but notice though the way he liked to read. The way he would wring his hands reminded me of an evil scientist from those old black and white movies. My concerns about his personality were starting to grow.


Butterscotch was next. I was blowing my horn with as much zest as I could muster, when in a flash I felt really lightheaded. I placed my hand on Glaze’s shoulder.

“You alright babe?”

“Ya. I..think I am gonna be sick though…”

Sadly while I was in the bathroom, I missed Butterscotch blow out his candles.


When I returned I found him crying in the grass. Poor little guy was so upset.


I rushed over and scooped him right up into my arms. He buried his head into my shoulder, and I felt my heart melt. “It’s ok sweety. Mommy’s here now. I am so sorry.”


Our little family was not the only ones who had recently celebrated a birthday. Macadamia also was looking a little older. “She has the family lips.” I heard my mom remark to Daddy. Even so we all agreed she was absolutely gorgeous.


Things seemed to be going better for Persi and Dewey also. Dewey had gotten a raise at his work, and they were able to fix up the house a little bit. It wasn’t much, but it seemed to be enough to help everyone relax. I was hoping we would see some babies soon. “Sorry to disappoint sis. We are just not ready yet.”

SSC313 SSC314

Three toddlers…What was I thinking?! And now another one on the way. I was starting to think I had totally lost my mind. The twins were not the problem though. It was Sunny. He would not share anything. If Butterscotch was to pick up a block, Sunny would want it, and since he was bigger, he held no qualms about just taking it. Butter would start to cry and Sunny would laugh. After so many trips up the stairs to see what was happening. I contemplated moving the play area closer.


It was just too dang hard to stay mad at the little guy! We would switch off consoling and uhhh reprimanding…


But how could you be mad at that!


Pineapple seemed to receive less abuse from Sunny. The reason for that being is he spent more time playing with us. He picked up talking lightening quick. Dad was so surprised with his progress, that he spent hour upon hour with him. Increasing his vocabulary as they went.

“Ok now say Kalonimos.”



All was going along great until mom came to me with her “Exciting News”.

“You’re father and I are going to be taking a trip! The station has awarded him a trip to Shang Stir fry!”

“Oh mom thats great!”

“Yes, but thats not all!”

“Oh really?”

“Yes. You see. The station is paying for the round trip plane tickets. To depart when we decide and return when we decide.”

“Ya…” I had a feeling I knew where this was going.

“And…well we are going to stay for 6 months at least.”

“6 months!?”


Well there was little I could do to argue. They had certainly earned it. My father had never used a day of his vacation time or sick time in all the years he worked for the department. So the morning of their flight, I walked them out to the car and wished them well.

“I’m gonna miss you guys.”

“We will be back before you know it!”


As the kids started to grow, their personalities really started to shine through. Pineapple was a lot like me. We would watch cartoons every Saturday morning. Persi would have been proud to know he was a huge fan of Fluffy Bear!


Butterscotch was just the opposite. He did not speak a word and did not want to hang out with us big kids at all. We tried and tried, but there was no use. Not even simple words like Mom or Dad or even go!

“Can you say Da-da?”




This was the day I had been dreading since my Mom and Dad got on that plane. It was Sunny’s birthday, and all the preparations were up to me. Mom had always been the one to take care of this stuff, but with her thousands of miles away sipping green tea, it was all up to me. I reassured myself I could do it. I made all the calls and invited everyone I could think of. Ready or not here we go.


It was not quite the extravagant shindig like Moms, but I did get to carry Sunny to the cake! He refused to get out of his feety bunny pajamas, so I just took him as he was to blow out the candles. I told him to make a wish, but I am not sure that was a concept he quite grasped. We blew out the candles though. How adorable he was!


And what a sweety. I was starting to think his mean streak had passed. I was in the living room with the boys when Sunny walked in.

“Mommy? Why is your tummy so big? Are you sick?”

“No sweety. I am having another baby.”

“Oh…can I feel.”

He gently placed his hand on my belly and just as he did, there was a kick.

“Whoa! Hello baby. I love you.” he said as he kissed my tummy.

“Awww Sunny You are so sweet.”


But not 5 minutes later, he was outside picking on his brother. He had gotten a fairly large lolly pop as one of his presents, and he decided it would be fun to hold it just high enough so his brother could not reach it. I heard crying and went to see what was happening. Disappointed I dragged Sunny to his room.


“Sunny its not nice to pick on your little brother.”

“But hes stupid.”



“Its not my fault! He makes me mad, and I have to.”

“Sunny. You need to leave your brother alone. He loves you, and it really hurts his feelings when you do that.”

“Shut up Mom.”


“Don’t you tell me to shut up. You are going to stay in here until you learn some manners. Oh just wait until your dad gets home.”

*Slam* Oh I was so angry. I slammed the door a little harder than I should have, but that kid was infuriating. How could he go from sickening sweet to downright awful in a blink? All the anger was making me hungry, so I stormed off to the kitchen to fix myself a snack.


When I returned from the kitchen, I could hear the TV on in the living room. I knew the twins were asleep and Glaze was at work. So that only left one more person. Sure enough there was Sunny on the couch watching Btv. ”

“Sunny! I thought I told you to—aghhhhhh”

“Mommy! Are you ok?”

“Yes sweety I’m fi- agghhhhh”


“Mommy! I’m sorry for being mean to Butter! I promise I won’t ever do it again! Mommy!”

“Mommy is going to have the baby now. Its ok.”

I called Persi and asked if she could come and watch the kids while I was gone. She got there before my Taxi had even arrived.

“I got it from here sis. You take it easy. Oh and I called Glaze!”


A night later, Glaze and I welcomed Mikado…


and Koda into the world. I was slightly disappointed that neither of them was the girl I had hoped for, but I guess it was just not meant to be.

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  1. Sunny is a devil but he is so cute. I love the new names. You will continue even though you don’t have a female heir, right? I don’t want this story to ever end!

  2. Hmmm, I thought Sunny was evil, but at least he’s cute.

    I heart Butterscotch, but I just love little Pineapple to bits. I thought the picture with him and Saffron, was funny and cute at the same time.

    A lovely chapter XD !!

  3. Every family needs a little Evil. πŸ˜‰ Sunglow is incredibly entertaining. I actually find Evil, Mean-Spirited, or Inappropriate Sims to be a breath of fresh air… Not everyone in the world turns out perfect. ^^

    Pineapple is so ridiculously adorable, though. The shot of Butterscotch refusing to speak, also… The children are certainly turning out to be cute. Five boys though, man… Talk about Saffron having her hands full.

    It would’ve been nice to have a girl, but since you’re not doing a Matriarchy, it’d be nice to see at least one generation where the heir turned out to be male. Breaks the trend a little. πŸ˜€

    Lovely update as always, Berry. ❀

  4. Loved it! I am glad there is finally a little bit of evil in this famly, hehe. I love how you can take toddlers and children and make them so multifaceted and interesting. I now that these two have some very good looking men, so I can’t wait to see how they all grow up! It will be fun to have a little male-Chiffon perspective. :DD

  5. β€œOk now say Kalonimos.”


    You have no idea how happy that made me :O

    I kind of wish there had been a girl Heir, but of the boys, I’d like to see Sunglow as Heir. I love Evil sims. Besides, he’s just adorable.

    Pineapple and Butterscotch are just precious, and I’ll bet Mikado and Koda will be absolutely adorable! Can’t wait for more!

  6. Sunglow is adorable! I can tell that he has Saffron’s eye shape (:
    I love how Butterscotch has Apricot’s hair ^^;
    And Pineapple is still my favorite xD

    Yay for two yellow babies~!

  7. whoa two more toddlers running around soon. you’re going to have a full house berry! πŸ˜‰ i really love pineapple, he’s so adorable. goodness sunny is starting to become a handful, but he’s so cute as well. i can’t wait to see how the new additions age up πŸ™‚

  8. Awwwww! All of your boys are ADORABLE. My word. You have great genetics running around in your legacy. πŸ˜€ Can’t wait to see what Mikado and Koda look like! πŸ˜€

    And…heh heh @ Sunny being Evil. He’s still adorable though. Looks like she has her hands full with him.

    As always, your pictures are brilliant! πŸ˜€

  9. I have an idea for a name for a future daughter.
    Apricot Fawn Chiffon.
    I think it would be nice to name a girl after Apricot.
    please use this name!
    And I loooovvvee your rainbowcyβ™₯
    Thanks lots!

  10. I’m loving this story Berry πŸ™‚ It’s full of little twists and turns, great work! I wonder if the Bitters’ will be back :0 I’m glad we’ll see a male heir πŸ˜‰

  11. wow male heir….Sunglow was born with the evil or mean spirited triat i think….plus u need thoughs traits to steal candy from a baby. Awesome update though I loveeeeee Pineapple!!!!

  12. wow just read thru the entire legacy over the past week. I got on here almost every night and read a few chapters. Really great legacy, loved every word.

  13. Two more guys! That sure will keep the parents busy! πŸ˜‰
    I loved the update, and I love how Sunny has a not so sunny personality after all.
    I can’t wait to see the new twins grow up, too. All the kids are so adorable!

  14. The kids are a blast although I’m sure Saffron and Glaze must be exhausted of taking care of them all.

    I adore the potty training screenie with Sunny… so cute ❀

  15. I wanted a girl soooo bad with my rainbowcy sim. Five boys, two of which were twins later, she finally had a twin boy and girl. Two days later they both aged into elders. xD
    So long story short, I feel Saff’s pain. Stop now, trust me. xD

  16. Pineapple’s has stolen every bit of my heart Berry!!!!!! oh my GOSH those eyes are gorgeous!! (But don’t get me wrong, I think they’re all adorable! But I just love those eyes!!!!)

  17. I was so excited when one was named Koda. That is my absolute favorite name and when I have a child, I am actually going to name him that. πŸ˜€ Anyways… on to the next chapter for me! I luckily got reading when there were five generations out… I’m like a kid in a candy shop!

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