Casting Call!

Hello Ladies!

I am looking for another leading lady who has fallen victim to the charms of Merlot Pinot Noir. So here is the deal! Create a small story about what happened! If your simmy is chosen, they may have the chance to star in a possible new Machinima!

Post a your stories below!

Downloading Merlot is not required. You can create him if need be. I am looking more for you story. He’s in my game so its not a big deal there.

Have fun! I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with ^^

Story does not need to be too long, 5-10 photos at most.

You can either enter on the sims 3 forum or at the Berry Sweet Site :))


9 responses

  1. Hi, I don’t really know where to put this so I’m going to put it here. 😀
    I just created my first sims 3 blog and I was wondering if you’d maybe like to have the link? it’s:

    This is really awesome! I’d probably be EXTREMELY bad at video machinima, seeing as I haven’t posted any videos on YouTube EVER and therefore have no idea how to do it, and also because any video I take in sims show up black when I play it on my computer. 😦

    (Formerly Mau, but my user name has to be 4 characters)

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