Heir Vote!

Heir Vote!!

lol so I know the pictures dont look as nice I usually make them, but I am typing this up on my knees. So lol bear with me! xD

Clothing and hair are subejct to change!

Couch Potato
Dislikes Children
Easily impressed



Couch Potato


Happy Voting!!

65 responses

  1. WHY are you still covering Koda’s face? T_T
    can’t we admire his beauty?
    anyway.. first I was like.. OH, PINEAPPLE!
    or, maybe.. MIKADO?!! arrrgh!
    then I lost it because of a hotness overload.. yah, but I still voted 😉
    you do know I’ll be needing one of these boys as spouse for one of my gallz, right? they are so STUNNING, MY GOD!

  2. Go Pineapple~!

    And this might sound odd, but once upon a time, I stumbled upon a Sims blog (I can’t remember if it was just a story or a legacy or what) where a Sim refused to change out of a tiger mask he’d once received. As soon as I saw the earlier set of boys receive tiger costumes/masks, I thought that surely one of them would refuse to take it off! I’m not saying you copied this concept or anything, I just find it a little funny to see Koda still wearing it now…I suppose being insane is a good explanation! 🙂

  3. Was really hoping Sunglow would win. It would make for an interesting story line since he is evil and the Chiffons are all so nice. Whoever wins I am sure you will make a great story line for them! Good luck!

  4. This is really hard, they are all so lovely and have such intresting traits. I must say though, Pineapple has had my heart since the begining.

  5. This is the Hardest heir vote so far! They are all attractive and unique…But I went with Butters…Sorry i think that’s a pretty good nickname xD
    Pineapple was my second choice :]

  6. I was really torn between Pineapple and Butterscotch, I loved both of their personalities – but in the end I had to go for Pineapple…

    Why can’t I choose both D:

  7. I can’t choose!!! I’m torn between Koda and Sunny! They are both have such interesting traits and I think that it’ll be really fun if it’s some weird sort of conflict… Ugh! Decisions, decisions.

  8. I vote for Sunny, I just love his bad behavior it’s so refreshing to have that naughty sim in the family.

    Will you be placing any of the above up for download soon?

  9. Hey, I made a potential girlfriend for any of the boys, but I’ll have to give you the link later since the sims 3 website is down for maintenance. Her name is Ruby Sweet Cerise. 🙂

    P.S. Cerise is french for Cherry.

  10. I’m stuck between Butterscotch, Koda and Pineapple!!! All, so so so hawt!!! Err… Eenie, Meenie, Miney Moo anyone? Lol. I’ll cast my vote… Butterscotch! Just to cute to pass up, but I’ll be happy with any of the boys winning 🙂

  11. I voted wrong!!! CRAP! I thought Butterscotch was pineapple! UGH! Could you possibly like put one on Pineapple, and one less on butterscotch thanks!

  12. Pineapple is the only one with green eyes, :0 and he’s such a handsome lil guy 😀 awww so cute!

    seriously his eyes made me vote for him, :O he hypnotized me! :O

  13. Hey There Berry!

    I don’t mean to be a burden at all, but is there anyway you can tell me where you got Saffron’s pregnancy clothes from? Please, if there is no trouble can you give me the link or post it in a blog? By the way, LOVING your legacy’s unique story. Hopefully I can get this far with mine when I start. Thanks again!!!

  14. I hade a hard time deciding who to vote for… I’ve loved Butterscotch and Pinapple since Saffron had them… In the end, I decide on ButterScotch…

  15. I just finished reading your legacy and absolutly fell in love with it 😀 anywayyyy I want Koda (I just love kitties :3) and he doesn’t then I want Pinapple cause he just darn adorabke :3

  16. I made something for you berry. :3
    I was thinking, your names always Berry…. So you turned into one. xD
    Sorry if it seems creepy or stalkerish. xP
    P.S. My usuall kick A paint program is down, so I had to use paint. ><;

  17. GO GO Pineapple and Sunny! ( ok so I can’t choose)

    Berry your almost godlike writing skills have inspired me to make a legacy for my favorite sim.
    My writing skills are nowhere near as good and well.. my screenshots will hopefully improve over time.

    If you have time please feel free to check out my tiny prologue. And excuse the page its still a work in progress as I’ve never had one before! 🙂

    Still finding my way around the menu’s on these blogsites.


    thanks and get well soon!!

  18. I apparently missed the voting 😦 but I’m going to have to agree with the general consensus and say that all of the boys are handsome. I probably would have voted for either Pineapple or Butterscotch (who reminds me a lot of Pummy) but I think I may steal one when you upload it for some future Tea legacy members husband (if my own hubby ever gets my save games off the old hard-drive that is). 🙂

  19. AH HA!

    I knew Sunglow had the evil trait I just knew it!

    Just as I suspected all the boys are completely handsome.

    My little favorites Pineapple and Mikado look great.

    And I love Butterscotch’s Hair!!

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