And the winner is…..

With nearly half of the votes Pineapple Chiffon is the next heir!!

I had all the scores tallied but word did not save them… lol

38 responses

  1. He’s adorable…but I’m such a sucker for evil sims, I was really hoping it would be Sunny. Regardless, I look forward to hearing his story.

  2. I thought Butterscotch, Pineapple and Sunglow were all gorgeous to be honest. I’m still curious to see how evil Sunglow turns out and if he’d be trapped into fatherhood but another evil minded sim!.

  3. *sigh* It’s alright Sunny, now you’ll have more spare time for the L.E.B meetings. Also berry, are we going to have one more chapter of Saff, because we still haven’t found out what Merlot’s quest was….

  4. aww! pineapple is so handsome! i’m bummed i missed out on the heir vote, but i’m super excited for the next generation. i can’t believe it’s the fifth generation already 0_0. what will you do for the labor face this time? lol

  5. Hooray! Pineapple was my favorite from birth. I would’ve been ok with Butterscotch winning, but Pineapple’s “yellowness” was the deciding factor in my vote for him. Yay for a male heir!

  6. I have finally finished generation 4….i’m halfway done on catching up! Your such an amazing story teller and I love the characters! I know your on generation 8 already but it took a week and a half to read the first 4 generations for me lol. I’m catching up though! 😀

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