Gen 5- Chapter 4: Pineapple

Prom Extravaganza!


16 hours after the late night phone call, Grandpa showed up on the doorstep. My Grandmother was gone and he felt there was no reason to stay in Shang Stir Fry a moment longer. Spirits were low through out the house after we had received the news and even Sunny was visibly shaken up. Seeing Grandpa so devastated was pretty much making matters worse.


“How you holdin up Daddy?”

“Baby girl, I just don’t know what to do. Your mother was my world. I feel so…lost.”

“Oh Daddy. Please don’t be sad. She lead a full and happy life. She had a wonderful husband who loved her very much. She is probably watching us right now and smiling, lets try and smile back.”

“I’ll try…”


My grandmothers death had upset me as well, but my mind was so overloaded with excitement about prom, that I quickly forgot about anything else. I was dressed and almost ready to go. Still had to do my hair, and in retrospect I probably should have done that first, regardless I felt pretty good in my tux and I couldn’t wait to get on the road.


I found my dad waiting for me on the other side of door, and I had a feeling I knew what he wanted to talk to me about.

“You look mighty handsome son.”

“Thanks dad.”

“You be safe out there and treat her with respect.”

“I will.”



Mother also had a speech for me, and probably because of the emotional vibe exuding from the house, she started to cry. I was kind of surprised that no one had inquired about my date, but I think with everything that was going on, they were just happy I was going out and not entirely devastated. I would have happily told them all about her, but they did not ask, so I didn’t feel the need to tell. Instead I had mom help me with hair and then I left.


I made excellent time on the drive, and by 7pm I was pulling my car into the Club Kiwi parking lot. I made a few adjustments to my tie and one last touch on my hair before I got out. I wasn’t really nervous until the moment I heard the car door slam behind me. Here we go. I had to give myself a little push, but soon I was headed to the entrance. But I did not even make it to the steps before I was stopped dead in my tracks.


There she was, waiting for me. She looked so beautiful. I couldn’t help but smile at the sight of her lovely green and yellow dress. I quickened my pace and soon caught her eye, when i got to the foot of the steps.


With one smile, she somehow became even more beautiful.


“Pineapple you look so handsome.”

“You look…amazing. Wow.”

“You think so?”

“Oh I know so.”

“We should probably go in now.”

“Of course M’lady.”


For the second time she let me take her hand and we went inside.


I felt like the luckiest guy in the room, with the most amazing girl at the party. She gave me a nervous glance which in turn caused me to smile all over again. I lead her to the very middle of the floor so everyone could see her.


But once we started dancing, everyone else just disappeared.


“Do you even realize how incredibly amazing you are?”

“Oh Pineapple.”

As we swayed with the music, I pulled her in even closer, the smell of her sweet perfume was intoxicating. I never wanted to let her go. With each gentle touch, I was falling more and more in love with my emerald goddess.


I would have been perfectly content to stay on the dance floor all night with her in my arms, but Honey seemed extremely excited about our prom photo. Soon she was dragging me off the floor and over to the booth.

“Come with me. We have to take a picture so we can always remember this amazing night!”

“Lead the way.”


Berry I love that girl.


Once we had taken our photo, Honey took my hand and lead me upstairs and out onto the balcony.

“Where are we going.”

“Some place we can be alone for a little while.”

The view from the balcony was amazing, but paled in comparison to the gorgeous creature standing before me.

“Pineapple I..”
“Honey I…”

“Oh I’m sorry. You go first.”

“I think you are so wonderful, and I know I can be a little hard to read at times, but you have really touched my life in a way that I don’t think I can explain in words. I just want to say thank for not giving up on me. You make me happy.” As she said the word happy another beautiful smile started to grow across her face. “Now what were you saying?”


Oh Berry. This was really happening. I knew it was true, but knowing and saying it were definitely not the same thing. “Honey there is something I have been meaning to tell you and I think there is no better time.” You can do this I thought to myself. “Honey I love you. I think I have since the moment I saw you sitting in that chair reading Unicorns for Apricot.”


“Pineapple…I love you too.”


That kiss… I can’t even describe it. So passionate. Suddenly I wanted to do more than just kiss her, but I remembered what my dad had said and he was right. I was going to treat her with respect. I softly ended the kiss and escorted her back to the dance floor, where we stayed until the night was over.


“Sounds like you had a great time.”

I had given a short version of the story to Butterscotch once I got back home, I was sure to leave out most of the mushy stuff.

“Dude it was incredible!”

“I wanted to take Tigra but my stupid work would not let me out of it. She was pretty upset.”

“You will have to make it up to her sometime.”

“Ya, Oh hey! While you were gone Auntie Persimmon called. Looks like we are going to have a little cousin!”

“Oh Wow thats *Ring Ring* Oh hang on a sec. Its Honey.”


“Hey beautiful.”


“Baby whats wrong?”

“I-I can’t see you anymore.”

“What…? But why?”

“You know why. You knew this would happen.”

“But I thought…”

“Look please. If you really love me, you have to let me go. I’m Sorry.”

“I am too…”


“Dude? What happened?”

“She just broke up with me…”



“Well isn’t this sweet. It seems you have found yourself a little boyfriend.”

“Mom?! Boyfriend? Where did you get an id-”

“Don’t play dumb with me young lady. I saw you!”


“It just so happens, that I was called into the gallery and I happened to walk by the Kiwi Club on the way. And who do I see locking lips in front of the world to see? That boy is no good for you.”

“That boy has a name. Pineapple Chiffon and I l-”

“Chiffon? Chiffon?! You were kissing a Chiffon?! Have you completely lost your mind?”

“Mom he is different. In fact he is nothing like you said they are. He is kind and caring and he loves me.”

“He doesn’t love you!”


“I demand that you end this ridiculous infatuation now!”

“But Mom!”

“Honey Mint Bitters if you don’t do what I say, I will take care of this myself!”

“No please!…I will do it.”

“Good. I suggest sooner than later.”



I felt my heart crumble into a million little pieces. It hurt so much. What was I supposed to do? I knew this would happen…but I went against my better judgment and now my poor Pineapple was going to pay the price. My mother was a very influential woman, and I knew her “taking care of the situation” could be quite detrimental to the entire Chiffon family. I cried until I had no more tears to cry.

“Please don’t make me do this.” I whispered into my darkness of room room.


“Hey beautiful.”


“Baby whats wrong?”

“I-I can’t see you anymore.”

“What…? But why?”

“You know why. You knew this would happen.”

“But I thought…”

“Look please. If you really love me, you have to let me go. I’m Sorry.”

“I am too…”


“I’m Sorry…”


What have I done?


What have I done?


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  1. Noooo 😦 I was so giddy reading this chapter up until the end, now I’m super sad. T_T And Apricot isn’t around anymore to fix things with the Bitters family. 😦

  2. poor guy! =( celly just needs to have a metor blow her up or something lol, but maybe honey will ‘run away’ and they can live happily ever after

  3. Aww! Their such a sweet berry couple!! The Bitters just reuin everyones life doe they!! But Honey is sooo nice!! And luved the prom photo really good!! But make it work!!!

    Apricot Bloom, we all loved her.

  4. Noooo Apricot! You weren’t supposed to die!

    Ohmiberry, Honey and Pineapple are adorable together. Their hair colors are like amazing together (I think I obsess over Pineapple’s hair a bit too much). They have to get back together!

  5. 😥 so many sad updates! can’t those bitters not be so…bitter? honey’s mother is olive right? grr!! i hate when simmies cry, they look so defenseless. poor honey and pineapple and pummy too! how could i almost forget that apricot is gone?!

  6. Rest in peace Apricot Bloom 😥

    And wow. I know that the ending was extremely sad, but it was so wonderfully written. How do you do that??
    This story is amazing.

    On the bright side: Hooray for a new little cousin! :3

  7. CELERY YOU GOOD FOR NOTHING BERRY-HOLE!!!! I think she’s JEALOUS! Anyway, Pineapple and Honey look so cute in the prom photo! We didn’t get to see Symphony as a toddler yet! Wow, lots of exclamation marks, lol.

  8. RIP Apricot Bloom…

    Argh, darn you Celery Bitters! I can’t believe she would break them up like that! They were so happy! (And WHAT is Celly’s problem with Chiffons anyway? I thought Olive and Apricot had made nice >.<)

    • Technically, I am not sure that Olive ever told Celly about Forest and her involvement with the Chiffons. Olive would have wanted to hide that part due to her family’s image.
      Olive as far as we know is still alive, so she could actually step in to try to change the arranged marriage thing and right wrongs of the past. But, we shall just have to see.

  9. Pinapple looked so cute in his prom stuff 😀 But the evil bitters strike again, ruining love one offspring at a time 😡 They can’t stayed split up forever like Olive and **I forgot his name, seashell or something?**.

  10. I swear I’m about to cry right now!!!! 😦 Apricot will be loved and missed something awful… I will now be overwhelmed with sadness until you post another chapter and make everything happy again! and soon…….

  11. R.I.P Apricot girl we’ll miss u *wipes tears* whos comin to the funeral with me. I hope that Honey and Pineaple we’ll be able to get back together. The chapter was AMAZING like no joke Berry. U should write a book. cant wait for the next chapter. C:

  12. I’ve been reading this from the start and i’ve always wanted to know, How do you pick the names of the Characters? Do you go on Food sites and look at the names & do it that way? Btw Love the Legacy! Keep up the awesome work..I feel bad that Apricot died 😦 RIP.

    One more question…Since Peche had a son with Olive…Wouldn’t Honey be related to Pineapple O_O?

  13. This is so sad. DAM the bitters, they ruin everything. I hope they can find a way to be together!!

    Pls pls pls could you tell me how you get the sim to hold the camera? I have been trying for so long and cant figure it out!!

    Thank you xxx

  14. I love ur story. Do u guys have a berry neighborhood? Bc i would love to do a berry story. 🙂 also pineapple and honey are perfect together.


    *cries all over the place*

  16. NO! This DOES NOT fly by me! 😡 I wanna see a FIGHT! Pineaple vs. Celly! Ooo! Better yet! Mom to mom! Saffron vs. Celly! I would’ve suggested grandma vs. grandma, but that’s not possible anymore. R.I.P Apricot Bloom ❤

  17. i just realized going over this again that Pineapple and Honey’s colors go really good together. i hope the game genetics will mix and match the two of them together really well.

    • Haha, I think it was hilarious. 😀

      And, sims usually get really really mad when something in their house breaks, so that would be a fair punishment for her. Maybe her sink could break too.. and her shower. xD

  18. This chapter was an emotional roller coast! I feel so bad for Pineapple and Honey!! BTW is Honey’s mother Celly Bitters or another Bitters we have yet to meet? Just wondering….lol

  19. I have been working my way through this legacy, it was taking me a while because the pictures wouldnt work unless I reloaded like ten times. It working better now so yay!

    This is the saddest one for me so far. My heart breaks for them.

  20. Its Romeo & Juliet berry style, so, so sad! Here’s hoping that Olive will get involved. Celey Bitters is even worse than Cupcakes Lemony Sourz; I didn’t even think that was possible.

  21. Oh, and RIP Apricot Bloom Chiffon. I think she’s is my fave heir so far. That will probably change, I’m only up to generation 5 so far, writing a legacy is so hard, I didn’t realise how much work goes into the simtography. I need a mod for hiding speech bubbles, you must have a mod for that as they are clearly interacting in your screenies but there’s no speech bubbles. You are a sim goddess Berry. I love all your work, my fave story of yours has to be I dreamed a dream, that story was so poignant and beautifully romantic. Oh, and Honey is gorgeous I love her name Honey Mint Bitter

  22. Sadness , so much sadness, and Love too, they were so cute! Honey said it (I love you too) !!! YAY!


    R.I.P. Apricot Bloom Chiffon

    *Cries more*

    Berry you Celery Apricot Bitters! You, good for nothing Berry Sim, your daughter is the first nice Bitters, she learned how to love for the next generation on and you nip it in the butt? Mean, cold-hearted Berry Sim……. GRRRRR

    *Scowls at Celery*

    I still love the story Berry,
    But one question, This is my first and last question, I promise!

    How did you do the whole prom thing, I know it’s in generations but thats at the school and you can’t film any of it ): .Did you get a venue and then just throw a party there?


    thats all i have to say

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