Happy Birthday Sammers!

Berry Surprise!

“Berry why are we in Rainbow Skittles Park at 6am?” o.O

“Because my dearest niece. I have brought your gift, since I am your favorite aunt and all. Right?”

“Handle it with care, the contents are quite fragile.”

“Oh goodie!”


“Berry… how did she…fit in that?”

“Errr…she just did alright? Its best not to ask questions.”

“Sammers, meet your Berry-fied simself. Strawpenny Snapple.”



“She will be starring in an upcoming generation of Splash! Are you not just excited now?! lol you don’t have to answer that…”

“You have to be excited! I know I am!”

“Oh thank you Berry! You are the bestest Auntie ever~!”

“The surpirses are not over just yet. A certain feline friend has a gift for you also! Uncle J also has something but you will get that tonight!”


“Love you sweetums!”

Happy Birthday!! Sammie!!


Kitty Surprise!

Happy Birthday from one B-day girl to another!!!

15 responses

  1. OMB! thx so much berry u r like the bestist ever u to kitty. i love the last pic at the end with the dinosaur if i had my own pc that would be my screen savor. cant wait to see Strawpenny Snapple in splash!!!!!!!!what r her traits????? well any ways HAPPY BIRTH DAY KITTY!!!!!!!! again thx so freakin much. I ❤ u guys <3333

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