The Great Debate

I was not going to post this here at first, but people are having a hard time seeing it on the forum and I thought you guys would get kick out of it! So here it is! Let your side be heard!!


“Team Honey!!”

“Team Lime!!”

“Team Honey!!”

“Team Lime!!”

“Back off Sister! I was here first!”

“Well I am here now, so you better just get to steppin!”

This is about to get ugly…


146 responses

    • Me to ^_^ I can’t stand to choose! I love Lime ’cause she’s just a cutie and she was so nice to Papple after he couldn’t be with Honey, but I love Honey too ’cause him and Papple were so good with eachother! But him and Lime are too! ARGHS! I also agree with PrincessPearl: It’s about time a Bitter married a Chiffon!

      • Ya know what? Never mind. Team Honey! Just reading other peeps’ comments has convinced me. If there was a vote, she would probably win by a long shot! TEAM HONEY ALL DA WAY PEEPS!

  1. I gotta say I’m on Team… Uh… PAPPLE! That’s right! Follow your heat Papple!

    Buuuuuuuuuut I am leaning towards Lime. She’s pretty, sweet, and not getting pushed around by her parents so much that things are impossible.

  2. Honey and him are mean’t to be, Lime is just a rebound! (She is beatiful though. :3) But really, he had it all with her, thats the only way Honey would be happy. :”(

  3. Team Honey, definitely! Although, I must say, I prefer Lime’s shade of green–I like the brighter colors 😛 But in terms of the actual girls, I’d have to say Honey. I think it’s way past time for the Bitters to marry into the Chiffons, anyway. We were so close with Olive and Peche!

    But I trust Pineapple to make the right choice! 🙂

  4. You should have people vote for who pinny should be with, but have the results hidden so no one will know till the next chap is out…Btw…


  5. HONEY! HONEY! Lime can’t just come in here and expect to steal Pineapple’s heart! He fell in love with Honey at first sight! It took heartbreak for him to like Lime. All she is is a rebound! (If you can’t tell by now I am for Honey. lol)

  6. Team Switzerland but I’d really like to see Pineapple with Honey. But I’m also okay with Lime, she seems really sweet. I like the suggestion of her with Butterscotch though, lol.

  7. TEAM HONEY!!!!! I really can’t stand Lime, she just swept in there and stole Pineapple before he had a chance to make up his mind about what to do!! SHE FORCED HIM TO MOVE ON!!!!
    *waving Honey flag and sign, wearing Honey tshirt, hat, socks, bracelet, shoes and face paint*
    SO THERE!!!!

  8. Team Honey!!
    But i think that if she loves him as much as we know she does she needs to tak a risk. Stuff her prents she needs to go get her man! 😀

  9. Team Lime! 🙂

    Honey is nice and all but I think it would kinda be funny if Lime and Honey got into this big rivalry and in the end its Pineapple and Lime’s kid who ends up with Honey’s kid. It would sort of be a really good build-up. 😀

  10. Wow! How did you get them to protest like that :D. I think both of them are very pretty and Lime is a nice character, but I prefer Honey so Team Honey.

  11. Hmmm, Team Lime. I think Honey could have fought more for her man if she truly wanted to be with him, and Lime seems to have more personality than Honey. XD Honey’s a bit wet, whereas Lime is feisty. ^^

  12. Team Honey all the way, baby!

    It’s like twilight. First he meets the best, then the second best. But no worries, just like Jacob, Lime will find her lover. Lets just hope it’s not a baby :D.

  13. Okay so I can’t resist, and I’m posting again! LOL. I’m team Honey, as if you didn’t know! LOL, Lime’s a sweet little thing she can find someone else, lots of single boys around there! GO HONEY GO!!

  14. OMB, thanks so much for the birthday update berry! (BTW, I’m the same Alex who posted here as “Alex, I think.” Not a random, lol)

    Do you think that if you find just 5 minutes you could take a look at my new Legacy here ( and tell me what you think?

    Love the Rainbowcy, can’t wait to see what happens next!

  15. I kinda’ve lost my steam (i’m all bent out of shape over kitty’s story instead) but Papple needs to chose ASAP, cause this will get ugly (be it the sims in the story or the readers, something’s gonna give ;P )

  16. How cute 🙂 Honestly, I think either of them would make a good couple… but, the bottom line is which one would ultimately make Pineapple happiest.

  17. OMB! >:O I just had the best idea ever!!! I’m totally Team Honey, but what if there wass a sweet guy out there for Lime…. Someone like… KODA!!!!!! 😀 She could totally get him to take that mask off!!!!! 😀 TEAM KODA LIME! FTW! 😀

  18. Not sure if you will even see this Berry brcause I am so far behind in the catch up process lol,but Team Honey all the way. Woot woot 🙂

  19. Team Honey. All the way, for the rest of their sim lives, I will forever be on side of team honey, unless she rebreaks papples heart. I do feel sorry for poor Lime though, as always rebound relationships are doomed from the get-go. She knew the situation going in so I think she’ll expect it, I hope my little papple doesn’t hurt her too much, She’s a sweetie but she ain’t got nothin’ on my little Honey Mint Bitters <– who woulda guessed that I or "we" would be rooting for a Bitters. That's what Berry does to us all, throws the bait then reels us in, then she goes and throws a huge twist in the mix. Berry believe it I will be ready for whatever you'll be throwing the Chiffons in the future. XD Loved the chapter btw, your amazingly talented chica :3

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