Kitty and Berry’s Late Night Adventures Part 2-1:

Kitty Needs a Peche Flavored Drink


Ughhhh So hungry… Must eat soon x.x


Why did I let Berry talk me into this? Living at night? What was I thinking? Everything in the dark scares me. Even though, I don’t think there could possibly be something worse out there then me. O.O



Wah! What was that?


“Miss?…Miss are you alright?”


“Yes, I’m fine.”

Oh man this guy is way to cute eat…

“You should go now.”


“Oh my apologies. I did not mean to intrude. I just wanted to make sure you were ok. A beautiful young woman in the middle of the night, who knows what could happen.”


“Awww you are too sweet for words!”


“You know…perhaps there is something you could help me with.”

“Oh? What would that be?”

“Come a little closer and I will tell you.”


“Ok I should tell you that….uhhnnnnnnn”


“Mmmm very sweet indeed.”


“Guhhhh What did you do to me?”

“I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t finish…You were just too sweet.”


“Things are about change for you my sweet fellow.”


“Wait~! What did you do?!”

“I have spared your life, but part of that deal is you will become a nightwalker like me.”


“A Vampire? What am I supposed to do now. I can’t go home. My family. They won’t be safe…”


“Why don’t you come home with me? Its the least I can do.”

“I guess I really don’t have another choice do I?”


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