Kitty and Berry’s Late Night Adventures Part 2-2:

Kitty Needs a Peche Flavored Drink


“I can set up the bed upstairs for you…”



“You’re all Vampires?”

“Yeah. The four of us, well three until…you know.”


“I want you to know how sorry I am. Its an uncontrollable thirst and you were in the wrong place at the right time.”

“I’m really tired. I just cant even think about all this right now.”


“Ok… I’ll let you sleep.”


“Kitty? What did you do?”

“I uhhh.”

“You can’t take pity on every one of your meals! Remember what happened to the last one? That Pumello guy? He escaped and then we had to track him down and ‘Take care of him.’ I’ don’t want to have do that again. Do you? ”




“Then you better make sure this one DOESN’T want to leave.”


“Hey, how are you feeling today?”


“Any better?”

“My family…I can’t believe I will never see them again.”


“I know your hurting, but what if I could make all the pain go away.”

“You could really do that?”


“If you let me. Just like a bad dream…when you wake it will all be gone.”

“I uhh don’t know.”

“Its not so bad here. Aren’t you just the least bit curious?”

“I am bu-”


“Shhh. Kitty is gonna make it all better.”


As with Merlot, Peche never stood a chance. Kitty had him from the moment she had entered the room.



One night later…



16 responses

  1. why do i have a feeling that most of the Chiffon boys are going to into trouble?

    And a comment from before, i like that Kitty is still afraid of things that go bump in the night, considering what she is now 😉

  2. I am so slow, I read part 1 without noticing and then I saw “peach” and saw it was spelt “peache” and the I saw Peache, and was like “Oh it’s Peache!”. Great little adventures. I can’t wait to be a vampire 🙂

  3. i wish mon and dad would cave into buying this for me……hey mabey my favortive aunt (cousin) can buy this for me or let me come over and play 😉 lolz i cant wait for the vamps OMB they need werewolves… im like the biggest twilight geek……haha…….love the story

  4. Aha! I love it! Merlot, Pumello and Peche! What was up with Merlot, though? He wasn’t all pale and glowy-eyed like the others. Although, I suppose you wouldn’t be able to see his eyes since they were closed, but that’s beside the point! xD Great story, though! I especially loved the dancing on the counters video and the ‘I introduced her to Kitty’ bit.
    And I’m LOVIN’ your body mods! I’ve been looking for some good ones of late. Where did you get yours?

      • OOOOH… PRETTY COLOURS… SO SHINY….. *mesmerized by purple-ness of Merlot’s eyes* xD
        Alright, I get it now. Skin tone on vampires doesn’t change, just the glow-y-ness of the eyes. I love how he’s gravitating when he sleeps!
        I can’t wait until I can get Late Night! I’m saving my pennies… Hopefully I’ll have enough at least by the end of November.
        *begins muttering to self about math and money*

  5. Berry I’ve just read through all of these and these are awesome and hilarious. I haven’t gotten to the vampire culture yet, I’m still working on the celebrity portion. Lol.

    You and kitty look so cute as vampires! 😀

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