Kitty and Berry’s Late Night adventures Part 3-2:

Top it With Butterscotch and Pineapple


“Wha-what did you do to him!?”

“Relax. He’s fine. I left plenty.”

“Who are you!?”

“Stay away from me!”

“Awww don’t you wanna play with me?”

“Play with you! No way! I’m a married man! Please? Don’t come any closer…”

“Ooo so much conviction. You truly are sweet to the core. Now I really must have you.”

“Oh Berry…”

“MMMMM My thoughts exactly. Don’t worry, it wont hurt for long. I just want a…”



“Oh My, I think I rather like Pineapple. Quite Good.”


“Hah Yes. Now sit down, we don’t want you to pass out like your dear brother.”


“You’re brother? Don’t you remember?”

“I think so. Where is he?”

“He just left.”

“Oh. Should I go too…?”

“Sure. Let me see you out.”

“You must really love your wife. I have never had to fight against such hard feelings before. Its quite exhilarating.”


“Don’t you think I’m pretty?”


“I’m yours for the taking. A little taste of your own.”


“Uh huh, thats what I thought.”


Little did poor Pineapple understand, was Butterscotch never left that evening. Something he would not discover till he arrived back home. What will he say when they ask where there were? and what happened to Butterscotch?

20 responses

  1. LMAO I jinxed what I commented on in the last part. Oh wells. LOL

    Poor Butterscotch. I wanna give him a hug. Although I’m afraid the others will find me and BOOM I’m stuck there too.

    Which wouldn’t be too bad I guess. Hmmm… 😉

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