Kitty and Berry’s Late Night Adventures Part 4-1:

The scent of Lime and Honey

Three nights have passed, and Pineapple has finally found his way back home. Though Pineapple is feeling a tad bit different…

“Oh Pineapple! Where have you been?! Your mother and I have been worried si-”

*Gasp* “Pineapple?”


“Uhghhh So bright in here… Can we turn off these lights?”

“Ahhh So much better.”



“Oh my!”

“Pineapple what happened to you? Where have you been? We have all been out of our heads with worry.”

“Papple, where is Butterscotch?”


“Your brother!? You know…Butterscotch?”

“Lets not worry about him, I’m sure he is fine. You on the other hand, my sweet Berry.”

“Papple you’re scaring me.”

“Its OK Lime. Its still me.”

“Where is Butterscotch? Please tell me?!”

“Mmmmm You smell positively delicious.”

“Papple I am begging you please?!”

*Groan* “Fine. We went to this club in Briocheporte. The Plasma club I think it was called.”

That was all Lime needed to hear. She was out the door like a shot.

“I’m coming Butterscotch!”

“Pineapple? I don’t understand. Whats happened to you?”

“Oh my Sweet Honey, don’t fret. I promise to play nice.”

“Oh how I have missed you. Come here.”

“I’ve missed you too. Pineapple. I’m scared.”

“Shhhh…Don’t be. Everything is going to be just…”



15 responses

  1. I’m just a bit confused here.
    Is this the new story line or are you going to keep going on with the chiffons when you are done with this?

    • LOL no this is just a little thing I have been playing with because of LN. Lets call it a Halloween special. x3 Chiffons will go on unvamped. Very soon. I just don’t have all of my story telling mods since the new update. Gonna try out this debug this though. If so, I might work on some of it tonight. 😉

  2. this is kinda creepy O_@
    I have a question…how’d you keep your custom skins o.O i tried to keep mine but the game freaked out and wouldn’t give me the breast and muscle sliders or let me change the skin tone x.x

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