Kitty and Berry’s Late Night Adventures Part 4-2:

The Scent of Lime and Honey


“Is anybody there? Butterscotch? Can you hear me?”



“Its me Lime. Don’t you remember me?”

“Butterscotch please talk to me.”

“Hello my little Lime Pop.”

“NO! Not you too! This can’t be happening!”

“Hey Hey. Its alright Lime baby. I won’t hurt you. Just take it easy. OK?”


“Shh Shh”

“Why don’t you bring those lips over my way.”


“What was that, my love??


Suddenly Lime was filled with a desire unlike she had ever experienced before. Burning all the way to the depths of her soul, she was quickly consumed by it, and before she had any chance at all…

Things started to get a little out of hand.



“This doesn’t feel right. Not here. Please.”

“Of course, whatever you wish.”

“Thank you. You have always been so understanding with me.”

“Anything for you my love.”

“Oh Butterscotch, I love you.”

“I know… Now I need to you to do something for me? Can you do that?”

“What is it.”

“Just close your eyes. OK?”



Last installment for a bit, gonna test out this debug thing and see if it will work like I want it too! If so Splash 10 should be on its way!  I guess this is our side story intermission. *sigh* I was having so much fun lol… Oh well back to it soon enough! x3


29 responses

  1. Loved the update of more sexy vamps but Berry I have a little technical question for you if you’d be so kind?

    I’m still waiting on my edition of LN and as we both use the 5×10 UI mod by Rez Delnava along to get the Euphoria Skintones to work I was wondering this….

    I know Rez’s UI mod is currently broken but I was wondering as you are managing to get the skintones working without it and if so how?
    Mine are still working on my active sims as long as I don’t try and make anything in CAS (that’s totally pooped since the patch)

    I only used Res’s mod to enable the custom skins…. I dare not remove it in case takign it out and putting it back screws up my active household.

    And advice or experience is most appreciated 🙂

    *too worried to install LN*

  2. I love this side story! Just greatness!! I don’t care which one comes out next (though I am kinda leaning to the vampires- just so addicting- and I am not one of those vamp fanatics either)

  3. OH BERRY YOUR BACK! and strong! I luv the vampires i already hav one but shes almost a full celeberty so i get in trouble for bitting peolpe

  4. Love it lol. Started reading your legacy(i forget how I found it lol) and its wonderful! Such wonderful story writing. And your sims awesome on the eyes hehe 😛 So anyway stumbled across berry and Kitty here and fell in love so to say all over again. But if they keep it up all will be vamps lol. So yeah thats about it for now. I’ll start playing catch up on the legacy again. 🙂

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