Kitty and Berry’s Late Night Adventures Part 5:

When the Floss’s come to Dinner


*Very deep male voice* “Ah Yes Cinni!”

“Oh hello sir!” *Covers the phone and turns to Tani* “Its Vermouth.”

“I have some great news! I managed to get you a gig at the hottest place in Briocheporte.”

“Really? Well that is great news!”

“So the plasma club at 8:00?”

“Thats right.”

“Oh great I’ll be there!”

“Wonderful. Oh and Cinni? Have a great time.”

“Looks like we are going out tonight.”

That same evening.

“Here we are!”

“Wow and what floor was it again?”

“The 27th.”

“Geeze this place is huge!”



“We’re leaving…NOW.”

“Ahhh! I can’t open it. “Its stuck.”

“Hurry Cinni do someting! They are coming over!?!

“You must be the Floss’s! Its so wonderful to finally meet you in the…flesh.”

“H-hello. I’m Tani and this is Cinni.”

“Such a pleasure to meet you both.”

“Your set will coming up very shortly. Why don’t you have a drink and unwind a little. You both seem so tense.”

“I don’t normally drink before a-”

“Oh Nonsense. I insist.”

“Here you are Madame.”

“Thank you…”

“And don’t think I forgot you Mr. Rockstar.”

“Uhhh yes. Thank you.”

“Wow this is quite good.”

“Yes. Very.”

“Its a special mix created by our own bartender. We call it the Petit Fizz.”

*Tani’s favorite song starts to play*

“Oh Cinni I love this song! Come on lets dance!”

Suddenly and what seemed like magic, Cinni and Tani’s worries and cares flew right out the window, and both felt better than they had for many many years.

“Cinni, Its almost your turn. Let me show you to your dressing room, so you can finish getting ready.”

“I would like to go too please.”

“But of course. This way.”

“Excuse me for being slow, but where is this dressing room? I must be missing it somehow.”

“Oh we will get there soon enough.”

“My what delicate skin you have for a woman of your age. How ever do you do it?”

“Ummmm I moisturize every morning. Cinni…?”

He’s a little busy dear.”



“Tani dear? Are you still with us?”

“I? Huh?”


“Yes, we must do dinner together again real soon.”

“Aren’t they just precious?”




9 responses

  1. heehee i love it! I wonder what Tart and Valentino would do if they were turned into vampires lol

    btw I just tryed to get on your berrysweet site and it wouldn’t let me, is it down? :C

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