Kitty and Berry’s Late Night Adventures Part 6:

Fall From Grace

“Wah! Can you believe it! We are actually here! Berry and Kitty’s place!! I’m so excited I could just scream!”

“I know! I never guessed I would have won!”

*Creepy elevator music*

“OMB Grace there they are!!!!”

“EEEEEEE and Merlot is here too!!!”




“Ah Grace. Its so wonderful to finally meet you. Hope you found the place alright?”

“I did.” *Gasp* “OMB the rumors are true! You are vampires!”

“Uhhh I supposes that is true. Yes.”

“WOWOWOWOW! OH Want to be a vampire! Can you do that?”

“Of course.”

“No wait!~ I want Merlot to turn me. Pleeeeeease.”

“I suppose.”


“You alright dear?”

“Mhmm, Never better.”

“Ok then, shall we?”


“Oh man this is so cool!!”

“Darlin you look about 5 shades paler. Are you OK?”




“My you must have gotten her good my love.”

“I didn’t even do anything yet.”



“Oh good she is coming around. Come Kitty lets escort the boys back in.”

“You sure you ready this time?”

“Uh huh.”

“Alright, then here we go.”




Meanwhile back inside…

“You ready Kitty?”

“You betcha.”

“I love you.”


39 responses

    • 😀
      I’m not quite sure whether I want to get the Bright eyes or keep the ones I have… I’m so conflicted!!! I think I may have to dl them, just for the sake of having my sims look like yours!
      I loved this, it’s so like me to pass out before anything actually HAPPENS.
      Can you blame me? It’s MERLOT, for Berry’s sake.

      • Gotta ❤ Merlot ;D I can't wait to see my simself as a vampy either! I'm just saving up for Late Night!
        *Randomly jumps up and down excitedly*

  1. OMB! 😀 You should vamp my simmies! 😛 (My account on Website is: Qwerty126Alex, my super sims please) OH gosh! I love how you add them in! 😀 I’d love for my super hero’s to be vamped, sadly I don’t got Late Night, and I really wanna see them as vamps! Plus you’d get a male sim that mastered all skills, and his sidekick has 14 pink diamonds… Plus they both have my name! Super Alex and Super Alexis! I would really love it if you could! 🙂

    You could create your army of vampires and take over the whole town of Briocheport! It would become an all vampire town! And every once in a while, when the occasional tourist comes along to explore, they are sucked into vampirism (no pun intended 😉 )!!! I know you’ve been getting a lot of “Vampire me!!!” requests, but I just cant help it 😛
    My Simself:
    You might need to age her up because she’s a teen at the moment. She’s also wearing contact lenses, so they would need to be removed in CAS, but other than that, I think that’s all the fixes you might need to make 🙂
    Oh, and I 110% guarantee that her vampire eyes will look really awesome because they’ll be green 😉

  3. I’m loving this side trip down the vampire alley in the Rainbowcy! Makes me wanna play the game more actually! LOL

    I’m just glad the CC eyes people make glow as well as the default Maxis ones. I would’ve been one unhappy camper if not! lol

  4. Hi i luved it!!! I was just wondering wether you knew that the blond girl in auschick’s LN Vampire thing was me!!! Hahah!! I am Indie!!! LOL!!

    This was amazing i can’t wait for more!!

  5. Elllo Thar. 🙂 I love your stories berry! They’re AMAZING. 🙂 Your an incredible writer. But i WAS, wondering..Can you VAMP ME OUT? 🙂 But..if so..i really do want to be bit by Merlot..*drool* 🙂 Thanks. ❤

  6. :O I’ve missed this. Seriously I am soo far back in this legacy but I MUST CATCH UP! I have such a backlog of reading to do but ur at the top of my list 🙂 Loving this side story although theres a lot of new charcters for me (like I said, I need to catch up lol) and Vampires are awesome!

    working on a random picture page at moment, I has a lot of them (including LN stuff). then I’ll work on another Battre chapter ( I love rhyming).

    right, off to read cram 🙂 xxx

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