Gen 5- Chapter 11: Pineapple



The arrival of the Olivine, was like a breath of fresh air, that the Chiffon house really needed. Her adorable and bubbly personality captured even the hardest of hearts. I had never seen Sunny be so nice in my life. I have to admit, I was a little worried for him to be around her at first, but he quickly proved that my anxiety was unjust. To Olivine, Sunny was just a loving uncle and that was a very cool feeling.


And as she grew older, her charm only grew.


Symphony, like everyone else, wanted to spend as much time with her as possible. It was a treat to see her doting on little Olivine, pretty much the same way I did to her. She said she didn’t remember much of that, but watching the two together, I think remembered more than she realized.

“What does a cow say?”


“Very good!”


Yes she was my little angel. She looked so much like me, but there was a softness to her face that was all Honey, and just look at those gorgeous green eyes.


The look in my eyes said it all. I was completely wrapped around her delicate little yellow finger.


“I wuv you Daddy.”


As much as I loved my darling angel, there was someone else just a little closer to her heart. And that someone was Mommy. Which really did not surprise me in the slightest. Though it did make it hard for poor Honey some times. For a about a year or so, once Olivine was eating solid foods, she would not eat one bite unless “Mommeee” had served it to her.

“Here you go sweety!”

“Tank koo Mommeee.”


*Munch Munch*  “Mommeee! Belly!”

“Thats right love. There is baby in there. You’re gonna be a big sister.”




“Hewe baby! Hungeee?”

“Awwww we’ll have to wait till he comes out, for him to share your food.”


See what I mean…smitten.


This was a very special time for the Chiffon’s for another very important reason. Not since the beginning had a Chiffon lived long enough to see a great grandchild, and lucky little Olivine actually had two. Great Grandma Olive and and Great Grandpa Pumello were still around to enjoy their time with little Olivine as well. Honey said she had never seen her Grandmother look so happy before in her life.


Four generations all together, what an amazing sight! Joyous times were being had by all! Well…all but one.


Not even Olivine’s sweet face was a match for Mika’s bad mood.


You see, Koda and Mika had both applied for a special course and entry level training program at Sugar Valley General and only the top four students were chosen, Koda claimed the second spot and Mika, well Mika was number five, and to make matters worse, Koda gloated his winning every chance he got, only fueling Mika’s anger.

“Tough break Mik! Maybe next time.”

“Koda I swear, if you say another word!”


Knowing that Koda would be going away, actually was a huge relief off my shoulders. Why do you ask? Two words. Strawberry Shortcake… Little Strawberry was a friend…sort of friend. Ok, She thought she was a friend, but honestly Koda didn’t seem to like her too much.


Everyday after school she would come over, and everyday pretty much went the same.

“Hey Koda! Wanna go play!”

“Uhhhh No thanks!”


“Why not?”

“I just don’t feel like it.”



“Ok then. Bye…”

Even though she got the same response everyday, every afternoon, like clockwork, the little pink haired girl would come a knockin. She was persistent I had to give her that.


But once they hit their teen years, Koda stopped coming to the door all together. It was now my job to get rid of her. I am not or have I ever been a good liar. So when I attempted to let her down easy…


I failed miserably.

Still she never gave up. Not until the day Koda left. I guess she had caught wind of his move, because we never saw her again. Poor little Strawberry Shortcake…*ahem* But enough about that! I know what you really want to hear about!


Time passed on and soon we were preparing for the arrival of our little boy. It happened as most labors do, quite unexpectedly. Honey was giving Olivine a bath when the all to familiar twinge of pain hit.


Trying her best to not scare the living daylights out of our daughter, but also trying to call to me, Honey did her best to get my attention.


I had been downstairs at the time, but something seemed amiss. Olivine wasn’t giggling and I could hear a faint.


Something inside me instinctively knew what was happening. I dropped my pencil and rushed up the stairs and knocked on Symphony’s door.

*Bang Bang*


“Symph. I need to you to watch Olivine. Its time!”

“Omb!! Right Now!!?”


The next afternoon, Honey and I returned with a bouncing baby boy. Shamrock Chiffon.



Briocheport. Now I know what you are probably thinking…Huh? This isn’t Sugar Valley?


Well my brother only had half of the story right. I was accepted to Sugar Valley General, but the training course was actually here in Briocheport at Sacred Candy Hearts.


The folks rented me a little studio apartment not far from school. Not much to speak of, only thing I had really brought from home was some of my old bedding. Totally fitting yes? Ya, if you couldn’t tell, I love tigers. Truth is, I am a tiger.


You will have to excuse him, Koda is totally nuts.


What? Truth is the truth. Only he has one small advantage, and thats me. I take care of all the important matters. Take for example the psychological exam to get him into the school in the first place. If they had talked to him, he would have been locked up so fast, it would have made his head spin.

Can I please continue?

Ya ya. Go for it.


Anyways, school was pretty great! The first day we met our instructor, and he was actually a pretty weird guy.

Like you can talk!

Do you mind?

No. Do you?



Prof. Smurfberry was an incredibly gifted scientist, and after many years of study, decided to start a program desigend to help other gifted students get an early start in the medical field.

And being such a progressive guy, he even welcomed cuckoo’s mask.

Thats it. I’m out of here. Do you want to tell the story.

Ok Ok. Fine. Last you will here of me. I promise.

Thank you….

“Welcome students. As you may or may not know, all four of you were chosen because of the incredibly high marks you received on the entry exam. To that I say congratulations. All four of you will make fine doctors one day. Now I want you to take a look around, because your three companions here will be your life line. Together you will go far. I can guarantee.”


As instructed I took a look around.


Maki Zushi was one of the two former exchange students, and what I mean by former is, once they were accepted to the school, they were given a full ride to stay and live in Briocheport, until the training was complete. Then they had to option to move to Sugar Valley or go back home and apply at a Hospital in Shang Stir Fry.


Fugu Sashi was the second and I have to say, not as nice Maki…


Third. Unbelievably was Strawberry Shortcake. Man had she grown, and wow was she beautiful. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. It couldn’t possibly have been the same awkward girl from home? Could it? But the first time she spoke, I knew it was. Whoa…


The first day of class and we were already deeply emerged in course work.


I did my best to study but…


My mind kept wandering.


After we were let out for the day, the girls came up to me with a proposition.

“Hey Koda, we are gonna go out tonight, you should come.”

“Yup! Its gonna be fun, there is little place called Buri’s. Its super quiet, but its a great atmosphere. Come with us!”


“Strawberry is gonna be there.”

“Ok Lets go.”



So a quick change of clothes later, we were off to Buri’s.


We weren’t even there for 10 minutes and Strawberry was ordering her third juice. I had never seen someone throw em back like she did.


Again I couldn’t help but watch. I had never felt more crazy, than I did right there, thinking back on all the times I had totally dissed the gorgeous creature that was currently sitting in front me. Before I ever had a chance to say anything though, she was up and dancing.


Unfortunately she thought it was a good idea to use a small table as her dance floor. She wasn’t very stable up there and it really started to make me nervous.


I tried to coax her down,but her rhythmic motions made it hard to speak.

“S-strawberry? Maybe you should get down from there. It doesn’t look entirely safe.”

“Oh so now you care?”

“Yes. I mean. Of course. Why wouldn’t I?”

“Huh. Could have fooled me. Koda why don’t you just-“




“Whoa! I got you!”


“Come on. Let me take you home.”


“Take me home with you. Please?”

“I guess I could do that.”


Man was I nervous. I had never taken a girl home before.


I tried to be romantic and that didn’t turn out that well.

He tried to brush her cheek and ended up poking her in the eye!! It was classic!! hahaha!



“Oh Man I’m so sorry!”

“What was that for?”

“I was trying to…never mind.”


“Strawberry can I tell you something.”

“Whats up?”

“I just wanted to say I was sorry for being such jerk when we were kids. I was stupid.”

“Oh Koda. We don’t need to talk about that.”

“No I think I do. I really want you to understand how bad I feel about that.”


“Really sorry? You mean it?”

“I do.”

“Why don’t you prove it.”


“If you’re really sorry, why don’t you take off that mask and kiss me.”

“I— Um.”


“See I took mine off, now its your turn.”


And so the for the first time in his life, Koda cast aside his mask to kiss his dear sweet Strawberry, and thats how two crazy kids (literally) found love. Come back and visit us again real soon you hear!

Strawberry Shortcake is an Alyssum Candy original. She is up for download and you can find her here!!  CC Version/CC Free


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  1. Wahhh I loved it. That was so cute to see little Olivine with the whole family! She is just the cutest thing ever. And I absolutely love how you brought Koda and Strawberry together again. I was always wanting to see more of that story. And I may be totally off the mark there but did I see a berrified Gracie working in the hosiptal?!? Oh and Professor Smufberry!! Fantastic!

  2. Koda!! what a wonderful story!! ❤
    I love how you made him take off his mask.. best. way. ever.

    "Trying her best to not scare the living daylights out of our daughter, but also trying to call to me, Honey did her best to get my attention."
    as if that wasn't enough to make me break into laughter.. SMURFBERRY?! REALLY?! XD
    I want him in my legacy.. THOSE GENES! :'3

    llllllloved it~!
    Koda stole my heart. big time.

  3. YAY for Koda and Strawberry, I also give guts to Kodas for taking off his mask.
    Also, I think a congratulations to your new son is an order for the Chiffons.
    Great chapter once again.

  4. ZOMB Berry! I nearly SPLODED when I saw that you gave Koda his own POV, and then I IMPLODED when I saw that you used Buri’s!

    X_X You have made a dead man so happy! ^_^

    P.S. Olivine has broken the Richter scale of cuteness =D

  5. Yay to it all! I finally finished it. And now I can’t wait to see what happens next. I just want you to know I love love love reading in general and when a book gets me to laugh cry and wonderer about it till I can read some more of it, I consider that a awesome book. So what I’m trying to say is your story has had me doing all of those plus some. So just keep up the good work! Also I would love to have my very on berryfied simself if that is possible. But if not I completely understand. Always a faithful Slpash follower Candi

  6. Why is every one like OMB Koda finally took off his mask. I mean u gus should know Berry and her little tricks see when she first had Koda in the mask i was loke oh hes going to take it off sooner or later……..hey whos telling the story with Koda……..Olivine is freakin cute…..i wounder what her bro will look like……well any ways love the chapter as always Berry

  7. Olivine is super-adorable! I can’t wait to see what her little brother looks like! And, I think Strawberry Shortcake has to be the cutest berry-sim ever! I love her little outfit, just like the real thing! 🙂 Great update! Can’t wait for more!

  8. LOOOOOOVVVVVED this! I was waiting for the day Koda would take off his mask…gotta let that face breathe once in a while! 😛

    Also, why do I get the feeling that the other narrator in Koda’s POV was his mask? At least maybe Koda was “imagining’ that it was. I mean, he’s had it for so long, he might as well consider it as a living being. Maybe to him, it was? XD

    When it’s a crazy (but lovable) sim, anything is possible. LOL

  9. I think Olivine may just be the cutest Chiffon yet. I am enamoured! (She is can be mine? … that’s way creepy, self, way to go.)

    I love that you gave us Koda’s story and that he didn’t notice Strawberry until she had a mask on. Adorable.

  10. Pineapple’s children are quite wonderful and I liked that part of the story very much but I loved Strawberry the juice-drinking little kook. Her and Koda are perfect together and I appreciate that side-story as well. You never cease to amaze me with your creativity.


    Best way to have Koda take off his mask. *squeals like a little fangirl*

    Olivine is adorable! Can’t wait to see who Shamrock takes after in hair/eye color! 😀

  12. Yay! Koda without his mask! 😀 I’m glad that he finally found someone; she’s definitely perfect for him. I love those pictures you took of the four generations together; it’s so great that Olive and Pummy are still around to see their great-grandchildren.

    And btw, I absolutely adore Prof. Smurfberry. I completely bust up laughing when I read what his name was, and his appearance fits it perfectly.

  13. Berry another great chapter can i ask one thing, you can edit the colours of the blankets for the babies, where can i find that mod (if it is a mod). Also Olivine is sooooo cute ❤

    • Sorry… I wanted to write more than that, but I pressed the wrong button and suddenly the computer just sent my comment. Oh well.

      GREAT story about Koda and Strawberry, and it was so cute that she wore a tiger mask too! :3
      Now the only one left who has to find love is Symphony. I can’t wait for her story!! 😀

  14. Aww Olivine is GORGEOUS!!! I can’t wait to see Shamrock hit toddler!

    And YAY someone finally managed to get Koda’s mask off wheeee!!!

    Great chapter, loved it absolutely loved it 🙂

  15. Berry, you never cease to amaze me with your creativity and your absolutely adorable berries. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a toddler as cute as Olivine, and that’s the honest truth.
    I’ve been reading from the beginning and just seeing where everything goes, is so fantastic. The best part was the photos of the four generations, and seeing the long lineup in one shot.

    The side story about Koda was extremely well written, and as soon as I saw Strawberry in the mask, I knew he’d fall for her.

    Keep up the amazing work.

  16. OMB Koda! your half face is pretty! of only I could see the rest of it. Love his point of view, next time there is a possibility of an insane heir I am soooooo voting for them!

    And Olivine is GORGEOUS! looking like it’s gonna be a pretty gen 🙂

  17. Cutest. Chapter. Ever.

    Little Olivine has captured my heart, and everyone else’s it seems like.
    She is just so adorable.

    OMB I was so happy to see Koda with his mask off, Finally! He grew up nicely (;

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