Gen 5- Chapter 12 Part 1: Pineapple

Trying something new. Breaking up the chapter into two parts, let me know if it is easier to get the pics to load this way 🙂




“Don’t you think one more baby would be just perfect?”


“Seems like quite a handful, are you sure you are up to the challenge. I mean you are the one here the most taking care of everyone.”

“I’m sure.”

“…Then yes. I think thrid times a charm. Now why don’t you scoot over here.”



Everyone in the house was growing more and more each day, and I think the fact that her little girl wasn’t so little anymore, was the main reason behind her wanting to have another baby.


Our little Olivine was developing into a beautiful young lady. Fun and smart and just as bubbly as ever. Yes the boys would be knocking our door down one day, for just a chance to talk her. A thought I quickly pushed from head. I wanted my little girl to stay little!!


Olivine wasn’t the only one growing older in our house. Little Shamrock was also growing by leaps and bounds. He looked just like his Mommy, but he definitely had my complexion and hair. Such and interesting combination on handsome little guy.


Thankfully the two got along incredibly well together. Unlike me and some of my siblings that shall remain nameless. Oilvine and Shamrock just adored one another. Always making time for her little brother, the two could be found laughing and playing most of the time.

“Shamrock? Oh no! Where did he go? Shamrock?”


“Oh there he is!!”


Last but not least was me. I too had recently had a birthday, though unlike the kids, I really didn’t feel or look any different. Honey said I was still as handsome as that first night. My lady is definitely a sweet one.


Well, after a few midnight waffles attacks, it didn’t take long for us to learn that Honey was indeed pregnant with our third child.


Now I may be slightly biased, but I think my Honey is the most beautiful pregnant woman there ever was. She simply glowed and it exuded from every pore in her body. It was pure bliss to watch her float around the house, only to pause and have a small conversation with her belly. Oh how I love that woman.


Not long after we discovered Honey was pregnant, it was time for Olivine to start school. She was so excited! The morning of her first day, she rushed around her room packing her back pack and getting everything ready. She was even humming a little tune as she worked. Only once she had finished, did she she realize she still had almost 30 minutes before the bus would even arrive. So she grabbed her pack and sat on the porch eagerly waiting. It was pretty dang adorable.


Poor Honey didn’t enjoy the morning quite as well. The moment her little girl was on the bus, the tears began to fall. Its hard to let your daughter grow up. She said it was just hormones…but I know better.


Since there were so many birthdays in such a quick succession, we decided to throw a big party to incorporate everyone. Mostly just family and a handful of friends. Everyone was doing their best to try and cheer poor Honey up, but by the end, she was pretty much “Day Brightened” out.

“Honey if you need anything you know you can ask me. Right?”

“Yes Mom. Thank you. I promise if I need anything I will let you know.”


Of course no party was complete with out Grandpa. We all thanked Berry that he was still in such good health at his age. Still strong and sharp as a tack. Mom made sure to spend as much time with him as possible, something she regretted that she was unable to do with grandma I think.


Not quite as bright to have a party, but a blessing none the least, Olive too was still with us. Olivine absolutely loved her Great Grandma. Watching them together made me think, how amazing it really was, to be able to hug a great grandparent. It also made me wonder… What would my Great Grandma have been like?


The biggest surprise of the evening though, had to have been when Punchy came waddling through the door alone. Honey squealed with delight as she pushed herself up from the couch and as quickly as a pregnant lady could, hurried over to her.

“Oh Punchy! This is so exciting!! Congratulations!!”

“Thank you Honey.”

“But….Where is Sunny?”


“Sunny is in Shang stir fry for the next six months for a business trip.”

“Wha! You mean you are home alone?”

“Pretty much.”

“Oh thats just crazy! Why don’t you stay here with us?”

“I dunno…”

“Oh it’ll be fun! A couple of preggers together! What do you say?”

“Ya. Ok, I think that would be great!”



So the next afternoon, I escorted the girls back to Punchy and Sunny’s place so she could pack some things. Once she was settled in, the fun really began. Honey and Punchy were like two pregnant peas in a pod. They both enjoyed the midnight waffles and spent almost every waking hour together.


The glow in Honey’s face was definitely back.


Shamrock also was huge fan of Punchy. Pretty much everyone in the house adored her. Well. everyone but me…

But I was pretty sure that the feeling was mutual. We tried to be civil, but every conversation ended with one or the other party getting their feathers ruffled over something. Usually something really minor and stupid. So in the end we kinda learned to avoid one another.


In a blink of an eye, the night arrived and Honey was going into labor for the third time. Symphony and I started freaking out, but Punchy was so far gone in baby lala land, that she just stood there completely oblivious. Finally I gathered myself enough to help Honey to the car and then she and I were off to the hospital.


While we were in the hospital, I got call on my cell. Seeing that it was almost 1 in the morning, I had a pretty good idea it was an emergency, and I was so right. It was Symphony calling to tell me that she was also at the hospital with Punchy. It seemed only an hour after Honey and I had left, Punchy also went into labor. The kid must have been on roller skates or something, because Eclipse had already been born, while Honey was still deep in labor.


To our shock, we brought three new babies into the world that night. 2 boys and girl.

Emerald Bliss…




and Jade.

We were gonna need a lot more diapers!


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  1. Wow what a big beautiful family :3 I love the triplets they are so greennnnn! :3 (greens my favorite color)

    I cant decide whos my favorite i think im leaning towards sham though!

  2. Oh how cute. I must say I love Punchy!!! I think out of all the characters you have had she is my favorite, not sure why I just love her, she is very pretty!!!

  3. Darn! It must be my computer or something cause I just can’t seem to get all of the pictures! And it’s the pictures I want most too :(. Oh well wonderful as always. Now on to the second installment!

  4. I got to see all the pictures this time so It seems a bit better. And triplets…really! Are you just trying to have an heir war 😀 Also those are 2 perfect genetics so all those children are ADORABLE!

  5. I like the name Jade, Oh berry, i’m getting excited cause i remember the conversation we had about a particular, quirk for someone in the family. If i’m thinking correctly it has to be coming soon ^_^
    If not, just dont burst my bubble yet

  6. Shamrock is adorable, seriously adorable, wow this is what the third set of triplets in a row for these generations. Oh I wish my sims would have triplets! I love all this cuteness, for the first time so far all the children have me going awwww.

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