Gen 5- Chapter 12 Part 2: Pineapple


“Hey bro? I need to ask you something.”

“Sure Symph. What you need?”

“I was wondering if it be alright with you, if I took Olivine on a day trip to Peppermint Pier. She hasn’t gotten to go yet and I know she is just dying to.”

“Please Daddy!!”


“I don’t see why not. Just be careful and don’t be home too late. OK?”


“Absolutely! You can count on me!”



The next weekend, Olivine and I were in the car and on our way to Sugar Valley. I was just as excited as she was, as we pulled into the sandy parking area across the street. I turned off the ignition and turned my attention to her.

“You ready for a day of fun in the sun?!”

“So ready!!”

We both hopped out of the car, gathered our things and headed across the street.


And what fun in the sun it was!

We spent all afternoon swinging…


Getting our tan on…


Even shakin our groove things!


We topped the day off, by watching the sun set over the ocean. What an amazing and fun trip it had been. It was just so perfect and the smile on Olivine’s face made it all worth the trip. Perfect ending to a perfect day…


Famous last words right? Ya that pretty much summed it up. From the time the sun set, things starting down hill in a hurry. Olivine and I were headed back to the car, still hyped from our amazing trip, but my mood instantly changed the moment we got back to the car.


“Oh no!”

“What? What is it Symphony?”


At first I didn’t want to say.

“I can’t find the keys.”


Oh man the fear was beginning to run through my brain. There we were stranded, on dark night, miles away from home. Oh this was not good. I cupped my hand on the window and looked in, to my horror, there were keys dangling from the ignition.

“Oh No! They are in the car!” I exclaimed and pulled on the handle, praying to Berry it was unlocked. It wasn’t.


“Just call Daddy. He can come get us.”


“Right! I’ll just call Pineapple.”

I reached down to pull my phone from my pocket, but just like the keys, it was missing. I felt my stomach sink. I peered back in the window, and sitting in the cup holder was my phone. This was a Berry lovin nightmare!!


“You mean you locked the keys and the phone in the car!!”

“Y-yes.” I was so embarrassed.

“Wha!! So what do we do now? Symphony I’m scared. I wanna go home. Please.”

“Olivine please don’t cry. If you cry, I am gonna cry.”


Truth was, I was just as terrified. I am huge chicken and the thought of being stranded with no safe place to go, scared me even more. Before long we were both bawling our eyes out.


“I wanna go home!!” *wahhhhh*

“I know! I’m sorry!! *wahhhhh*


*Crunch Crunch Crunch*


“Miss? Why are you crying? Are you hurt? Is everything alright?”

“I *sniff* locked *sniff* the keys in the car *sniff* and my Phooooooooooone!! *wahhhhhhh*


“Oh hey hey, don’t cry. I have a phone. Do you need to call someone?”



*Sniff* “Thank you.”


I took the phone and reluctantly called Pineapple. He wasn’t to pleased the hear the news, but said he and Honey were on there way. I said my goodbye and hung up the phone again. I handed it back to the handsome stranger and flashed him an appreciative smile.


“Thank you. I kinda lost it back there.”

“Its quite alright. It happens to us all from time to time. Your ride coming to get you?”


“You live far?”


“Yikes thats gonna be a long drive. Would you like me to stay and keep you guys company. You know, just to make sure you get picked up safely?”

“Thats sounds lovely.”


At first I sat in total silence, I didn’t know what to say and I could feel the burning sensation on my cheeks, I was blushing like a mad woman. I only prayed he didn’t notice.

“So whats your name?”

“Symphony Perlette. But you can call me Symph if you want, everyone else does.”

“Such a beautiful name. My name is Rebel. Ya kind of a weird name and pretty much total opposite of who I am, but hey my parents thought it was cool.”

“I like it.” I confided, my cheeks only getting redder in process.


Quicker than I had hoped, I heard the door shut on Pineapple’s car and quickly he was running right toward us.



“Hello sweet heart. Are you alright?”

“Yes Daddy. Rebel stayed here with us the whole time. just to make sure we got picked up safely?”
(lol like a little mina bird!)

“Well good. Go to the car love, your Momma is waiting.”


When he made his way back over to me I completely broke down.

“Oh Pineapple, I am so so so sorry!”

“Symph, its alright. Everyone’s fine. You didn’t do it on purpose. Just relax OK?”

“Ok…Thanks Bro.”

“Haha! Love you sis. Now here, and make sure you don’t lock these in. Its our only set left.”

I took the keys from his hand and headed back to my car. Surprisingly, Rebel was still waiting.


“You ok to drive now?”

“Ya, I should be.”


“Before you go, I was wondering.”


“I sure enjoyed our time here this evening. Would you like to go out tomorrow night?”


“I’d love to.”

“Great. Would you like me to pick you up? I’ll be sure to keep the keys safe.”

“Haha. Very funny!”


So the next night, we did go on that date and many more after. My boy had finally come along.


41 responses

  1. Definitely not a boy that one, but one hunk of a man! I love that he says he is the opposite of his name I so wanted Symph to end up with a sweetheart <333. Oh and that it happened at Peppermint Pier, that is indeed a magical place.

    Olivine is so very very cute and Shamrock wow. I can't wait to see the triplets when they get a bit bigger, this is going to be once heck of a hard heir vote I can already tell!

  2. Yay for quick, awesome updates!
    Poor Olivine and Symph, standing in the middle of the night crying by their car… luckily schmexy Rebel came to their rescue!

    • LOL now I’m curious as to what’s gonna happen, aaaalllll because of this little comment. XD

      But even if you COULD tell me, don’t…I hate finding out surprises early…forrealz, when I was a kid, would refuse to peek at Christmas presents early, because I wanted to find out on the right day! LOL

      Anyways, I LOVED this part. I was wondering when Symph was going to find someone…he ain’t too bad of a looker, neither. 😉

  3. Lucky Symphony! Hope that all goes well for her!

    lol at their freakout! made me laugh this morning, which took my mind of the horrible rain outside my house which I may have to adventure into later today 😥

  4. I also had no problems with pictures loading, which I thought was just my computer being a pain when it happened before.
    Great update, I’m happy for Symphony, she deserves a nice guy.

  5. I think I like it broken in two better 🙂

    GREAT chapter! Like always. I love Rebel and Symph togeher. So cute! Rebel is like HAWT!

    I am so glad everything worked out.

    Congratulations to Punchy and Honey for their babies. So adorable.

  6. Rebel is so cute!! If a guy like that came up whenever we were in trouble, I would lock my keys in my car everyday 😀
    And Olivine and Shamrock are SO ADORABLE. I’m sure Jade, Glade and Emerald will be too.

  7. Aw, poor Symph! I love that she took Olivine out to Peppermint Pier though. It’s the meeting place of at least half of the heir/ess’s lovers! It is an ESSENTIAL place for every Chiffon to visit 😉
    Great new chap! Loving it!

  8. I’m so glad symphony found a cute boy all to herself! I was a little sad there was no Koda update (I really want to see his FULL face) but can wait to enjoy Symph’s story.

    Both kids are sooo adorable. Your Chiffon’s have AMAZING genes.

  9. could you please make a download on the exchange of this family? like with olivine as a child, honey, pineapple… and the triplets> with atheir normal clothes and everything? (just how they are in the story!) and where do you get yours sims hair?! i ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ itt!

  10. It’s been a while but I’ve caught up again lol! This is still such an interesting story berry 😀 It’s inspired me to get back to mine, boy has that been neglected! Nice job, I think I’ve enjoyed Pineapple’s gen moreso than the others. He was so torn …

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