Heir Vote!

Ok  folks! You know the drill! and good luck. Its not going to be easy…or is it? I can never tell with you guys! XD

Traits:Slob, Absent Minded, Family Oriented
Current Life Stage: Pre-Teen(2 days from age up)

Traits: Slob, Easily Impressed, Hydrophobic
Current Life Stage: Child

Traits: Virtuoso, Artistic
Current Life Stage: Tot

Traits: Couch Potato, Brave
Current Life Stage: Tot

Traits:Neurotic, Hates the Outdoors
Current Life Stage: Tot


75 responses

  1. dear Plumbob.. everyone’s GORGEOUS!
    Olivine and Shamrock are my favourites, though.. Shamrock looks a little Goth-y (as in, the family) and I love it!! ^_^

  2. I thought that this was going to be tough to choose just one but after looking at Olivine for 2.5 seconds I just knew I wanted her as heir. She is so pretty! Def has a sweet n innocent face. Love that she is family oriented.

  3. okay, so I couldn’t decide who to vote for so I voted for three different sims xP but I have a feeling Olivine is gonna win. She just so gosh darn BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! 😛

  4. All of the kids are so good looking! I swear, the Chiffons have the best genes 🙂 I’m also glad Symphony has finally found a good guy! Can’t wait to see the next generation get started!

    P.S. The pics did load better with it split in half.

  5. i voted for Olivine she just screams Chiffon. Berry i have a lil question, considering the UI mod hasnt been updated yet how do you get the different coloured skin tones as they dont show up?

    • I agree with you on Olivine, and I like her name, but I voted for Glade c: he probably smells nice, and I like his traits better than hers, heehee.

      And on the skins, If you have a mouse wheel, scroll it. c: Or try the arrowkeys on it, dunno if that works, but you actually do not even need the UI mod anyway. I’ve been happily using all of my skintones without a UI mod. 😀

      • lol thanks i did manage to work it out before i read this the UI mod seems stupid now 🙂 im actually hoping Fawkes updates her skintones cos the muscle definition goes when u change outfits, not that it matters i have the skin from ladyfrontbum. i just prefer hers to peggy’s :). I voted for olivine cos her traits are very different and would make for interesting story lines, i know she has won but still, i know berry will make it amazing no matter who won.


    ….I voted. 🙂

    LMAO sorry, I felt like screaming it. It was for Olivine, btw. She’s by far my fave…Shamrock’s a close second though. 😉

  7. I was torn between Glade and Emerald Bliss, I like Olivine.. but Slobs are a pain in the butt if you want everyone else in the household to stay happy! Haha. I went with Glade, he’s younger, he’s artistic, and I love his color combination! c:

  8. Sorry, but this is kind of annoying me. Why are you holding the vote so soon? Last we left off, Shamrock was still a toddler and the triplets were babies. Personally, think that’s way too young to be able to properly choose an heir\ess. Geez, they only have two traits! Plus, Pineapple only has twelve chapters. He should get longer to tell his tale. And isn’t it rule of thumb that heir\ess votes happen after the eldest child turns into a young adult?
    OK, so I just read that over and it sounds like I hate you now, but I don’t! I was just venting. And it just really peeves me because this is my first ever Chiffon heiress vote and I need to make my decision on two traits!
    Yeah, it’s not just about gurgeous genes to me 😉 Although that also counts 😛

    • ummm OK. Thats the greatness of it being my story, I can do what I please. I have my reasons. o.O

      And just because we are doing an heir vote doesn’t mean its over for Pineapple just yet…..

    • I think that.. probably story-wise, an early heir vote really helps to move the story forward, as there are probably different plots for each possibility, and of course you want to get that figured out sooner lol. But in a legacy with rules.. you choose an heir when the parents are elders, and anyone who is not the heir moves out when they are YA.
      I am not so picky when it comes to stories haha, I’m just picky when stories start off the same way for each person.. and they meet an attractive person and they go “OMB! Love at first sight!” and bam, preggers, oh oops! ..bam dating, and then no marriage until the baby is a toddler or child. That might happen often nowadays, but I’m a sucker for values and moral obligations. c:
      I really like the way Berry is doing her story though, and I trust that she knows what she is doing, being is this IS her story, and she can do what she want haha.

    • did you try viewing in firefox? I had the same problem in Safari, to the point where only a couple pics load and THAT’S IT lol, and when I go to see it in Firefox, they all pop up nicely. 🙂

  9. Omg! Berry your Chiffons just get more and more beautiful! I LUV YOUR STORIES! I voted olivine 🙂 she’s so beautiful 🙂 keep simmin 😀

  10. I HAD to vote for Olivine Bloom – she looks so much like a classic Chiffon, but at the same time, she also looks a lot like Olive! She’s a perfect blend of both families 🙂

    Plus, she’s ABSENT-MINDED!! That trait is one of my absolute favourites in the game.. and I’m also extremely absent-minded myself 😉

  11. I’ve been reading since the beginning, and this is my first time commenting! While Olivine and Shamrock are adorable, I honestly like what Emerald Bliss brings to the table. She has a new look, while Olivine looks like a mini Honey with Pineapple’s skin. All the kids are adorable though! Keep going, this is the best sims story I have ever read! 🙂

  12. OLIVINE!!! It really was a hard desicion between Olivine and Emerald, they are both gorgeous!!! I looked back and forth between them for a long time, but finally fell for Olivine! ^_^ Im so addicted to this legacy! I check the website everyday…hehe. CANT WAIT for the next chapter! As much as I’ll miss Pineapple, I can’t wait for the new heir! GO OLIVINE!

  13. Olivine is winning. I voted for Glade, he’s gorgeous, pretty babies! At least we’ll have a girl heir once more. How do you get them to be teens when they’re only toddlers or less?

    • I voted for Glade too! c: I mean the oldest usually gets the most attention, and most camera-time, so WHY NOT!

      She takes them to the mirror, saves them to bin, and opens them up in CAS, where she ages them up and makes them look all nice in hair and clothes. ;D My sister has done this for her heir vote as well.

      Saving sims to bin is a great tool haha.

      • Actually she doesn’t save them to the bin at all, she ages them up using the Edit in CAS tool that’s part of the Master Controller mod. 😀

  14. It was a hard choice between Shamrock and Olivine, but Olivine reigns supreme.
    As I’d like to point out, Olivine’s hair is gorgeous. That’s usually what I look at in an heir vote – the hair xD (Heir? Hair? Geddit?)

  15. Wow they’re all stunning! Awwwwww they all aged up so well, Olivine is so cutee I’m so glad she won, she was one of my favorites, but I was also kinda hoping for a Shamrock story. Oh well either way it’s great 🙂

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