And the Winner is!!

Ok and the Winner is, by the biggest landslide to date!!!!!!


Total Votes

Olivine Bloom – 231

Shamrock – 55

Emerald Bliss – 51

Glade – 40

Jade – 4


44 responses

  1. Well done Olivine, i cannot wait to see what happens, Berry promise you will let Pineapple have more chapters i dont think hes finished just yet. Love the Rainbowcy and im having a go at making mine right now but i dont think ill start writing yet i need to figure out a good way to keep people interested. any ideas?

  2. Yay Olivine Bloom! I voted Emerald Bliss, but at least she came in third!
    Sorry for flipping out before. I had a REALLY bad day and I felt like trolling :/ I shouldn’t have taken it out on you.
    No hard feelings? :3

  3. woop woop! *does the happy dance*

    I agree with Revengeroxy though, I feel so bad for poor Jade. He only had 4? Well, if you wanna be optimistic about it (as I naturally am lol), that means those 4 voters will get ALL of Jade’s love…as opposed to the Olivine voters *raises hand* who will get less than 0.5% of her love a piece. LMAO

    I hope Pineapple’s chapter is still going to happen for a lil while. I’m not quite ready to move on from him yet. He’s the first male heir, and I wanna treasure the moment while it’s still here. LOL

  4. Woo! I can’t wait for Olivine’s story, though I’m going to miss Pineapple 😦 It was great having a male heir!

    Something tells me Jade will not be forgotten – remember the heir vote for generation 3? Peche Jr. only got something like 2 votes, but his story became very interesting 🙂

  5. Yay olivine! It really was a tough desicion for me between Olivine, Glade, and Emerald Bliss ^_^ But im very happy for Olivine! Although I’ll miss Pineapple…he still gets 1 more chapter!!!! I LOVE THIS LEGACY! cant wait for the next chapterr!


    Ehem, i mean, GO OLIVINE!

  7. I do feel bad for Jade. I was stuck in between him and Olivine. 🙂
    Jade will forever still be in the story line tho. 🙂 (In my imaginary mind hehe)

  8. Berry how do you get such good pictures? i can’t seem to get any good ones, i have downloaded the sugar valley test town, hopefully it will be easier then creating my own berry-fied town 🙂

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