Gen6- Chapter 1 Part 1: Olivine Bloom


I know what you are probably thinking…that doesn’t look like Briocheport. It looks an awful lot like the Chiffon house. Well thats because it is, unlike my almost daily fantasy, I didn’t instantly move to the city and ride off into the sunset with Jammy. No life was pretty much the same as it always was for the first two years of my high school life. Get up, go to school, come home, do classwork, go to sleep, just to wake up and do it all over again. Dull, dull, dull… That is until Junior year. That was the year everything changed, and my dull life transformed into anything but.


It all started thanks to this girl right here. My BFF Strawpenny (Penny for short). From the moment we met, we were inseparable. She transferred from Briocheport to Twizzlerbrook at the beginning of our Junior year, and soon as I found out where she was from, I was more than willing to listen to all her amazing stories from the city. And boy was she full of them! My opportunity to return to the city was getting closer and closer… I could taste it!. Penny was first to get her license, and the moment she did, we were already planning our first trip.


“How do I look? Do you think this will be alright? I’m always worry these pants make my legs look big.”

Our trip was finally upon us, but I was so overly excited that I couldn’t seem to drag myself away from the mirror. I kept checking and double checking, just to make sure everything was perfect. Suddenly though my mind had wandered off into a downtown Briocheport adventure. I was still lazily smiling into the mirror when Penny derailed my train of thought.


“You look fine. You know you’re a hot mamma.”

I turned away from the mirror, my cheeks had started to flush. She always knew what to say, to embarrass the berry right out of me.

“Can we go now?”

“Yup. I am just about ready.”

*Knock Knock*

“Olivine love? Can I come in a sec?”



It was my first trip into the city and of course that meant that the parentals were going to be totally over paranoid about everything. Dad had been working extra hours since his promotion, so it was up Momma to lay down the rules.

“Now sweety when you get there, I want you to call me. Just to let me know you made it there safe. OK?”

“Yes Momma, as soon as we arrive.”

“Good. Now Penny you be extra careful, and drive safe. You hear?”

“Of course Mom. I’m a really safe driver.”

I nodded in agreement. “She really is.”

With that Mom gave a little smile and left the room.

Penny jumped off the bed. “Ok lets go!”


Seconds later we were hurrying down the stairs and out to Penny’s moms car. This was so cool! Going to stay the weekend with Penny and her cousins for three whole days! I jumped in the passenger seat, buckled my seat belt and the next thing I knew, we were on our way!


It was almost dark as we headed over the bridge into downtown. I was contently humming along to the song on the radio, when Penny grabbed the dial. The music disappeared and I looked over to Penny. Must have been pretty important for her to the music all the way off.

“Sooo there is something I gotta tell you.”


“Ok, so my family thinks that we are actually coming into town tomorrow.”

“They do?”


“So where are we supposed to stay tonight?”

“Heres the thing, I have plans to meet up with one of my friends. You remember Haze right? I’ve talked about him before.”

My excitement was slowly transforming into worry. I had never stayed the night at guys house before…She read my silence like a book.

“I promise if you aren’t comfortable. We can just go to my Aunts OK?”

“Sure. OK.”


We pulled up to a massive house, and Penny excitedly hopped out. We headed up to the door and rang the bell.

“You’re gonna love him! He is a great guy.”

Suddenly the door opened revealing a boy who looked about 18. He had a huge smile on his face as wrapped him arms around Penny and engulfed her in a huge hug.

“Hey Lady!”



Once they separated, he turned his attention to me. “Who is lovely lady?”

“Oh Haze, this Olivine. Olivine, Haze.”


Just like with Penny, he greeted me with a huge hug. “Welcome Olivine. Come on in you guys!”

I wasn’t to sure about hugging a perfect stranger, but he was a good friend of Penny’s so I decided to go with it.


He lead us inside, and up to his room.

“I was just finishing getting ready, you guys can hang out in here.”

As we headed up the stairs, I remembered I was supposed to call home. “I’ll be there in a sec.” I called out to Penny, pointing at my phone.

“Oh right.” She replied with a wink. A moment later Penny and Haze disappeared into his room.

I stood in the hallway with my phone, heart racing a 100 miles an hour. What was I gonna say? Sure we made it their safely, but if they knew we weren’t staying at the Snapple’s I was dead. I took a reassuring breath and dialed the phone.


Each ring made my heart beat faster and faster.


“H-hey Momma.”

“Oh Hi Sweety? Did you make it there OK?”

“Yup safe and sound.”

“Oh good.”

“You two enjoy yourselves. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I hung up the phone and I literally felt sick to my stomach. I just lied to my own mother. Ok, I didn’t technically lie, but I did withhold information, isn’t that just as bad? To me it was, I was always the good girl, the perfect daughter. By then though it was little too late, I had already hung up the phone, and unless I was going to call back just to tell her I wasn’t at the Snapple’s… the ship had already sailed.


I slid my phone into my pocket and nervously turned the knob to Haze’s room. To my surprise, I found Penny sitting on the bed with two other boys, playing Kale Zone 2.




and Tiber.


I quickly learned that this certain circle of friends were quite friendly. Everyone greeted with a hug, and I honestly I started to enjoy it very quickly.


But it was definitely Melon who caught my eye. His eyes were just amazingly gorgeous and I think I felt the pink on my cheeks, when he smiled at me. Oh man was he cute!!


Once Haze had finished getting ready, we all piled into Penny’s car and headed out for a night on the town.


I sat in the passenger seat trying to steal glances of Melon in the rear view mirror, unfortunately it was angled just right, that my view wasn’t that great. After a few unsuccessful attempts, I slumped back in my seat. I turned my attention out the window and let a deep breath. This night was sure to be full of surprises.


22 responses

  1. She’s so pretty. I love her shy ways. I have a bit of a crush on Tiber. His blue hair with Olivine’s green skin and eyes. Such pretty children. Please, please…TIBER! Okay, that’s enough Tiber love until next time.

    • I have two very good reasons for you:
      1. He’s smexy 😀
      2. He did not invite Olivine into his room only to try and take off her shirt. The guy’s got good morals :]

  2. haha TBH, I liked Tiber more. That MAY be because my favorite color of all time is blue, so my opinion may not count in that case. LOL Although, Tiber has Jammy Bierberry’s hairstyle, soooo…..GO MELON! 😛

    I love how Olivine is so shy and insecure around strangers, even though they’re hot strangers (that might be why. XD)

    Off to read the next part! ^_^

  3. hmmmm….isn’t the next color teal???
    I see Tiber in the future!!!!!!!!
    oh and Kale zone 2…LOVE IT!!
    great as always Berry…off to read part 2

  4. Yay! Olivine out on the town funnn, cant wait to see how it turns out, I think I’m in love with Tiber, I might be a little biased because my favorite color is blue but still, he is cute. (:

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