Gen 6- Chapter 2 Part 1: Olivine Bloom


Thanksgiving at our house is probably one of the most joyous times of the year. Family from near and far gather to share in a wonderful feast and reflect upon all the blessings that have been bestowed upon every single one of us. From the countless stories I have heard over the years about our ancestors, we truly are a lucky family. Unfortunately by this time though, Great Grandma Olive had already bid her final goodbye, it was rather hard on us, but having Granpy Pummy, made us realize that even in times of loss, there is always good to balance it out.


Sadly, Symphony wasn’t exactly feeling the same holiday warmth that the rest of us were finding ourselves wrapped up in. No… the moment the guests started to arrive, Symphony’s usual bright and shiny demeanor was clouded with worry, and just like almost every other Chiffon, she didn’t hide it well. Grandma and I were the first to notice, when she drug herself into the kitchen; we knew instantly something was amiss.


“Sweatheart whats wrong?”

“Oh Mom…” Her voice cracked with disappointment, and she looked as if she would burst into tears at any moment. “I think Rebel is going to break up with me.” She began again.

“No way! I Choked while hopping off the counter.

“Why in the world would you think that love?”

“Everything was going great, I mean like more perfect than perfect. Maybe I should have expected this. It started almost two weeks ago. He barely says two words to me. Its like he is completely disconnected and I don’t know why! Its even worse today. He gave me a kiss on the cheek when he came in, but now…now he is just sitting on the couch and I can’t get a peep out of him. I don’t know what to do!”


We all just stood around in shock. As badly as we didn’t want to admit it, none of us had any ideas on what to do. All we could think of was try our best to calm her down. The utter heartbroken expression that was now permanently ingrained across her face though, was making it quite hard for us to keep from bursting into tears right along with her.


I just couldn’t believe it. Rebel and Symphony, from the night we were locked out of the car, were the cutest couple I had ever seen. He was so attentive and understanding, I refused to accept that he was changing. No way, there had to be a reason. I snuck off into the living room to see for myself, and there he was sitting oh so silently on the couch. I stood next to Uncle Butterscotch and him for several minutes and just like Symphony said, totally vacant, it was like he was on another planet.


I reentered the kitchen to find Aunt Lime trying her hand at Operation “Make Symphony Feel Better”. No such luck, it became pretty obvious, there was only one person who would be able to fix it…

That was just about the time I saw Penny wander through the kitchen walkway, huge grin was plastered on her face. She gave me the, lets go upstairs nod, and I excitedly followed her to my room.


“I have good news!!” She purred.

Just hearing the word good news, my heart started to beat harder in my chest. “Ya?”

“Yup, Party at Melon and Tibers tonight! You down?”


“OMB yes!” There was no containing the excitement in my voice, I had been wishing all day for these exact words to come out of her mouth! “I’ll just have to go ask Dad.”



I eventually found dad his in room, doing a couple last minute things before dinner. Slightly little nervous about asking, I cautiously entered the room. It was a pretty special occasion, so the chances the answer would be no were high, but my need to see Melon and go back to Briocheport pushed me to ask anyways.


“Yes Love?”

“Can I ask you something?”


“I was wondering if I could go with Penny to Briocheport for the weekend?” I braced myself for the absolutely not, but when only silenced answered, I waited on pins and needles.


You could tell he was really thinking about it.


“Please Daddy?”

I was pulling out all the stops. I had to get the green light, my life depended on it! OK, well maybe a slight exaggeration, but I HAD to go! Finally my efforts had paid off.

“OK. But! Not till after dinner and you have to help Mom and Grandma with with dishes. Deal?”



I ran back to my room to report the good news! Penny was just about as excited as I was and offered to help with the dishes too, that way we could get on the road even faster. The smell of turkey wafted its way through my room and we both knew it was time!



Dinner as usual was incredible. Gramma was one amazing cook and the Turkey had come out perfect! We all sat around stuffing our faces (some of us a little faster than others.) Not exactly sure why we were rushing though… we couldn’t really do the dishes till everyone had finished eating anyways.

Poor Symphony sat in silence at the far end of the table pushing cold mashed potatoes around with her fork, and Rebel? He still had not uttered a word since we had all taken our seats. But a spoon crashing to a plate, caught all of our attention, especially since it was his. He wiped his face and stood from the table.


“I’m sorry, there is something I have been meaning to say. Symphony?”

We all looked to Symph, the color from her face had completely drained and her expression was a smooth combination of fear and desperation. Reluctantly she stood from the table.


“You may have noticed that the past few weeks, I have been a bit…preocupied.”


“Well there is a reason for that.”





“You see, from the moment I bought this…”


I think at this point all of our mouths had dropped open. We all got up from the table to get a better look.

“I just haven’t been able to think straight. Wanting to ask you, but not knowing what I wanted to say. I mean I know what I wanted to say, I just wanted it to be perfect, so I didn’t risk the chance of you saying no.”


“Symphony Perlette will you Marry me?”


“Yes! Of course! This is why? Oh yes yes!!”


The look on her face was priceless, the sorrow of the previous few hours slipped away and were replaced with a giddy smile unlike anything I had ever seen. It was literally melting our hearts as we looked on.


The peanut gallery patiently waited until the moment had ended before we all erupted into cheers and laughs of joy.

“Whoooo Go Symph!




The kids didn’t quite pick up on the significance of the moment and chose to laugh and playfully reenact the moment.

“Oh Emerald I love you! Marry me!”

“Oh Jade!” *giggle* *giggle*



The moment had the desired effect on me however. I felt all mushy sentimental and wanted nothing more to get to that party so I could see Melon again. I nodded to Penny and in no time at all we had the entire kitchen and dining room clean. I was quite pleased with our efforts.


We packed our things and threw them in the car. I said my goodbyes to Granpy Pummy and a few others and then Penny and I were on our way once more to the big ol BP! The drive seemed unnaturally long this time, probably due to the fact I was so overly excited! Each minute ticked on until those bright city lights came into view. As usual my excitement sent my blood pressure rising, and as we made our way up the elevator to their place, I swear it was beating double time. I stopped penny at the door.

“How do I look?”

“He’s gonna love you. Stop worrying.”

I made one final adjustment to my cardi and then we knocked and opened the door.


This was certainly not what I had been expecting…

26 responses

  1. Oh wow what a chapter! lol i knew Melon wasn’t for real! poor Olivine :/ i hope she can make it through this.. and yay Symph and Rebel are engaged!! can’t wait to see thier beautiful babys ^-^

  2. So that was the real reason why Melon was being a “gentleman” the other day!! 😑
    And also… is that Olivine’s cousin he is kissing?!

    On the bright side, congratulations Symphony and Rebel! ❀ They will have beautiful children!

  3. Oh all the Chiffons coming together for thanksgiving, I really liked this Chapter, seeing all of the toddlers that actually grew into children was great, but I felt really bad for Olivine when I saw Melon making out with some other berry sim on the couch, that must have hurt her, seeing that, while she felt that about him. Still loved the chapter though,

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