Gen 6- Chapter 2 Part 2: Olivine Bloom


No No No! This couldn’t be happening. I blinked harder trying to clear my vision, it had to be someone else right? I looked again. Even with all my hopeful wishing it didn’t change the fact that it was indeed Melon who was now seated only feet away, wrapped in the arms of someone who wasn’t…wasn’t me! I felt my heart crumble. Berry, I was such a fool!


Once Haze had noticed we were standing at the door, he made his way over to us, blissfully unaware of the complete and utter tragedy occurring right behind his back.

“Oh hey you guys made it!”

“Hey Haze!”

“Hi.” I managed to mutter.

“Well make yourselves at home. There are drinks in the kitchen if you want. Help yourself.”

“Oh thanks, but I don’t drink and Olivine doesn’t either.”

“No prob, they are there for everyone!”


Haze moved in a little closer to Penny and his mood totally changed.

“Hey I kinda needed to talk to you about something. Can we go for a walk?”

Ughh this was not happening. Penny looked at me for an approval, I rolled my eyes and waved her on. “Go, have fun, I will find something to do…”

With that Penny and Haze were gone. Bleh…


Worst night ever. I am not sure if it was the fact that he was sucking face with another girl, or because he was totally ignoring my existence. It didn’t really matter, I was crushed, angry and ready scream at the top of my lungs. I pushed through a crowd of people and took refuge in the bathroom.


What was I supposed to do? I had no where to go, and I refused to stay in the bathroom all night. Then a voice ran through my head…”Theres drinks in the kitchen feel free.” Now Penny was right, I didn’t drink and I knew I wasn’t supposed to, but I was so out of sorts, that it felt like my only way to escape the nightmare I currently had found myself immersed in.


I pressed my shoulders back and gracefully made my way to the kitchen, doing everything in my power to ignore the two figures on the far couch. I successfully made it to my desired destination and when I got there I found glasses of all colors sitting around. I studied them carefully, and finally decided on one of the green fizzy numbers closest the fridge. This should do it.  I lifted the glass to my lips and took a sip. Yum!! It was just as tasty as it looked.


With each sip, Melon and his tart were slipping further and further away.



Ok so I may have had one too many. Things started to get a little…spinny? A voice I didn’t quite recognize located on the floor no less, caught me by surprise.

“Oh my. Someone is not having a good night.”

I spun around to locate the sound of the voice (a little to fast I might add) and found a girl sitting with Tiber on the linoleum.

“Who me?”


“Ya you. We just watched you throw back four of those things. You should sit down, they are gonna hit you soon and its probably not going to be pretty.”

At the time I had no idea what she meant, but sitting down felt like a good idea. I crossed my legs and thunked to the floor. Not as graceful as I pictured it in my mind.


The girl introduced herself as Patina and then also semi introduced me to her boyfriend Apple, who was sitting on the couch just opposite the slime ball and his floozy.


“And this is Tiber.”

“Ya. We have met before.”

“Oh good. So whats the matter darlin? You look like someone just ran over your kitty?”


Normally I would have shrugged it off as no big deal, but probably due to the juice, I spilled it all.

“I thought Melon and I would have a chance at something. I thought he liked me. It seemed like he liked me, but now he is over there with that girl and I feel like a total idiot. Why would I ever think that a hot guy like that would want me?” Oh no, I could hear the words spewing from my mouth, with no way to stop them. Deep seeded insecurites and childhood worries started to surface whether I wanted them to or not. I bit my bottom lip trying to keep me from saying any more.


“Girl you are way more pretty than she is! Isn’t she pretty T?”

“She’s beautiful.”


Beautiful? The word danced in my head. He thinks I am beautiful? I don’t think I had ever heard a boy call me beautiful before ever. I felt my cheeks blush. I giggled and looked down at my feet. “Awww thanks.” All three of us were quiet after that, I suddenly felt completely awkward sitting on the floor. I steadied myself to my feet and went to grab another drink, but my body had other plans.


The very second I was upright, gravity tried with all its might to pull me back down again. I threw my hand out frantically to keep myself from tipping over.

“Whoa cow girl! You better ease that horse back down.” Patina called out.

“I don’t feel so good…” *mrrphh*


“Oh boy, Tin we better get her outside. I think she needs some fresh air.”


Patina took one look at me and then quickly they were both escorting me outside on to the patio.


We stepped out into the cool morning air and the crisp jolt brought me back to reality with a vengeance. All those things I had been trying to avoid came crashing down at once. I couldn’t contain it this time and doubled over and started to cry. Stupid girl! Stupid boy! Stupid heart! Why was everything so stupid!


“Oh Livvy please don’t cry. It’s OK. He’s not worth it, I promise… T stay with her, I am gonna go get some water.”



I was so mortified. Bawling my eyes out like a huge baby, in front of someone I hardly knew.

“I’m sorry. I am not sure why I just did that.”

“It’s fine. Sometimes its best to get it out.”

“Ya, but I shouldn’t have just unloaded like that. I’m sorry. Its like a tad over dramatic for the situation.”

“Its not just you.”


“He’s a major player. Its like one girl after another.”



Wasn’t exactly what I was wanting to hear honestly. I was just a play thing in his game. My shoulders sunk forward and I felt two firm hands grab hold.

“There is nothing wrong with you. He is just an idiot. Believe me I know. I live with him. You deserve way better.”

*Sniff* “Thanks.”


By the time Patina returned with the water, the sun was already starting to creep up over the horizon. I couldn’t believe we had been up all night long. I was so unbelievably tired. Tiber offered his bed and I accepted with out any hesitation. We went to his room, which happened to be in the same room as Melon. Thankfully Melon had gone home with his girl and was no where to be found. That is when it hit me.

“I didn’t even notice your bed in here before.”

“Huh? Oh ya. Yup this is mine.”

“So where did you sleep that night?”

“On the couch.”

“The couch? Oh man, I’m sorry.”

“Nah its fine! I just wanted you to be comfortable.”


“Well thank you.”

I pulled him into a hug. I was pretty use to this huggin thing by now.

“You are really sweet.”


I kissed him on the cheek and then he wished me a good sleep. Couldn’t really wish me a goodnight since it was almost 6 am. hah!


So for the second time I fell asleep in that room… two total different experiences.


Two total different gentleman.


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  1. Tiber fanclub yes.

    Beyond that, I’m actually kind of glad that Olivine saw Melon and that girl, because now she knows how he is. Wish things hadn’t ended between them quite like that, but…He can’t have bene that good of a guy. :/ Patina is totally right, Olivine is gorgeous and she deserves better. Like Tiber the hottie =D

  2. I feel so bad for Olivine, she got sucked into Melon’s game, but at least now she knows what a jerk he is AND she can start things with the gorgeousness that is Tiber 😀

  3. “Oh good. So whats the matter darlin? You look like someone just ran over your kitty?” ;A; ?!!!

    *sigh* oh, Tiber.. such a well-mannered boy 😉
    “good things come to boys who wait.”

    loved it, Berryboo! it’s amazing how the crowded living room had such a realistic party-feel to it on every single picture!

  4. Berry if this is a story from your life then I have to say who ever ‘Melon’ was he did see what was in front of his face. Not then with you and not now with Olivine. I loved it and how you showed what she was feeling those pictures were amazing. And I saw both Slate and Lemon in there <33. With the hints you been dropping I can't wait to see what's next, I have a feeling it will take us somewhere unexpected!

  5. OMB Tiber is HOT! I defiantly think that him and Olive have a chance. I love Patina, are they siblings? Did you say that and i just miss it? I love “the kids” they are SOOOO cute giggling together. Berry you are such an amazing writer and you take amazing photographs! every time that you post a new chapter i get so excited! Also i think you should make a Facebook page for the Chiffons, i’m sure that i would follow you! I look forward to the next chapter, Spiff.

  6. Im sad that Melon ended up being a jerk, but goo Team Tiber! So glad for Symphony also! This chapter was awesome, as usual, cant wait for the next one!

  7. i really loved this chapter berry! even though livvy’s heart was crushed :o. Patina was right, melon’s just a boy that doesn’t deserve her anyway, hmmph! lol, i’m glad that she was able to end the night with a real gentleman

  8. awwww yay! I knew that Melon was up to no good! I also knew that Tiber wasn’t just gonna be a little side character in this girl’s life. 🙂

    LOVED this part. If Tiber does end up being her true love, I’ll be ecstatic, because he’s blue! ^_^ My fave color.

  9. Yay!!! Team Tiber!!!! I can’t believe how much Olivine reminds me of myself–especially now since I’m just about her age. Melon is such a jerk and I feel sorry for any lady who falls under his spell.

    Can’t wait for the next chapter!!! Hopefully, Tiber and Olivine get together 🙂 he’s such a sweetie

  10. Team Tiber ❤
    Since I read the last chapter I have been thinking to myself, "Tiber is waay cuter. Olivine should like him instead!" So I'm kinda glad it didn't work out with her and Melon, though it is sad how he sorta lead her on.

  11. Amazing as usual, i did love the kiss on the cheek, but will Tiber and Olivine get together or is this just to confuse us Berry? I am wondering if Briocheport will be Olivines new home soon… 🙂

  12. The nerve of Melon! To switch from girl to girl and to actually make Olivine think they had something! I EVEN THOUGHT THEY DID!
    Ok, now that I see it, I love Tiber and Olivine together. They have matching personalities and they are both sweet and great loving friends. But I hope to see a ring for Olivine soon, from a friendly hand of Tiber.

  13. Awwww Tiber was so sweet in this chapter! HE knows how to treat a girl.. unlike some others! 😛

    I love Patina, she sounds like she is from the Southern states xD

    Creat chapters…but I will miss Olive. 😥 Rest in peace Olive Bitters, and thank you so incredibly much for making Olivine’s story possible.

  14. Great update! I squee’d like a tweenage girl at a Jammy Bierberry concert when Rebel proposed. ^_^ And I adore Tiber. Andand I Googled brioche. Yummy. ^_^ Maybe I’ll look up a recipe and try it this week. Thank you for using it as a town name and getting me curious!

  15. couple things, i do like Timber, he’s pretty cool. i like Penny too, maybe it’s cause she has a different shaped face than what i’m used to seeing (what are the chances of her getting uploaded?) the other girl at the party was cool to, the blue one whose name escapes me at the moment. Anyways, love the updates.

  16. “I kissed him on the cheek and then he wished me a good sleep. Couldn’t really wish me a goodnight since it was almost 6 am. hah!”
    In the picture above that quote, Tiber looks like you just took Jammy Bierberry, turned him into a teen, and changed his colors!

    • Also, I know that the site loads faster with the split chapters, but when I saw Melon and that girl making out on the couch at the top of my page, it sort of gave away the surprise.
      And speaking of that girl, she looks like she could be a distant member of the Chiffon family…?

  17. eeeeeee! Tiber is GORGEOUS! I am soo gonna have to steal him! And lol at Olivine and her first experience with alcohol! You got it spot on! Not that a 17 year old knows much bout these things . . . hehe


  18. I’m finally all caught up here (yay) but now I can’t wait for the next installation (boo). 😛

    I think Olivine is my favorite heiress since Apricot. I don’t know, maybe I am reading her wrong, but she seems a lot more rebellious than the rest of the family has been. I hope she doesn’t get in too much trouble in Briocheport!

  19. I’ve been following this legacy for a while now, and I really love it so I figured it was about time to comment 🙂 Olivine is adorable, and I felt so sorry for her when she found out about Melon. You’re a great writer Berry!

  20. So, here I am, like any other of your readers. I have been reading through your whole legacies in the last four days, I guess, from beginning to end. Well, what more to say than… I love it. It’s amazing. To tell you the truth, it makes me want to quit my own legacy because it’s not worth it anymore ;).

    You put a lot of work in this, I guess. How much time does it take you to play the game, take the pictures, write the story, upload and everything, for only one chapter, if I may ask?

    If you please, read my legacy, and comment!

    And I hope to see an update soon. If you won’t mind, I’ll add you to my link page…

    • awww thank you!! LOL I kinda of work in stages. I honestly don’t play the game normally anymore. I just use it as a tool to shoot the shots, very similar to my machinima but in still form. 🙂 The pics take about a day and then writing usually about the same. I will try and take a look at your legacy very soon! Thanks for reading and thanks for the link! ❤

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