Gen 6- Chapter 4 Part 1: Olivine Bloom

Blehhhhh, well I guess that is what you get when you perpetually lie to your parents for months and months on end. A quick trip to groundation island for an eternity. I should have known it would all come back to bite me in the end. I never get away with anything for long. Its like…Penny had done the same sort of thing for years and never got caught. I just get the hang of it and blammo! Busted and locked away for a lifetime. So not fair.

I guess we better back up just a little.

So that day I returned home from the beach, I found Mom Dad, Grammy and Pappi all waiting for me at the door. The looks on their faces said it all. Olivine Bloom Chiffon you are dead. I stepped into the door way, and tried to walk past. All four blocked my way. This caused the uneasiness in my stomach to amplify to almost nauseous. Mom stepped forward her forhead creases deeper than usual.

“So, you will never guess who I ran into at the store this morning.”

I stood completely still; holding my breath I gave a small shrug of my shoulders.

“Mrs. Snapple, and she was as surprised to see me, as I was to see her. I found out something interesting. While Penny was supposed to be staying with us, you were supposed to be staying with Penny’s family in Briocheport. Thats rather odd isn’t it?”

I bit my bottom lip. I was sunk. There was no way to lie out of this one, and at this point, that would have only gotten me deeper into the hole. “I…well. I…”

“Now Missy. Where have you been going all this time. It better be the truth this time.

I dropped my head. “A friends apartment.”

“A friend? Who is she?”


“He? You have been staying at a boys house.”

“Their just friends, and its not like I was doing anything wrong! Berry you act like am 10 years old!!”

“Young lady don’t you dare take that tone with your mother.”

This whole situation was infuriating me to no end, and I had no idea why. Then I did it. You know that point when your head yells out. Ok you better stop, yup, right here. But instead you keep going? That was one of those situations.

“I’ll use what ever tone I please! You may be able to boss me around how ever you like, but you can’t tell me how to talk!”

Both of my parents eyes grew wide, before moms narrowed to almost non existent slits. “Olivine Bloom you are grounded until you die! Now go to your room… now!”


I drug myself up the stairs and off to my room, mentally kicking myself as I trudged. STUPID STUPID! Why did I even go there? Huge mistake Livi. Now what are you gonna do? Grounded for life? I wondered to myself how long that would actually be.

So that is where I spent the majority of my high school existence. Locked in my room. I wasn’t actually forced to stay in there, I just had no desire to see anyone.

No Tv. No phone. No computer. You would have thought I killed someone! I seriously felt like I was in a prison. I finally was given TV privileges and I could use the house phone, but my cell phone and computer were on lock down, and with 5 other sets of stooging eyes around the house, there was no way to sneak on. So I had a lot of time to observe what was going on in the house. In fact I never realized how much actually goes on until there was like nothing else to do.

Symphony was almost always wrapped up with Rebel. Which totally stunk, because she was the only one I would have really wanted to hang out with. They were always hugging and smooching and just being all sweet and lovey dovey. I guess I may have been just the tiniest bit jealous…Seeing them together made me think of Tiber and how nice it was to be with him, and also made me miss him even more. Something I definitely did not want to be reminded of.

Dad was moving his way up to the top of the list for most wanted photographer in Twizzlerbrook. He was even getting booked out in Fandant Fields and Sugar Valley. Always on the go. Sometimes he would be gone from 7am till 7pm, but apparently the money was ridiculously good, so he welcomed the hours.

Poor Mom as usual was stuck home with all of us kids. I personally would have gone insane, but she seemed to enjoy it. I guess that was a good thing. The triplets could be trying on the nerves and I guess I was not much better.

So I did not exactly spend every waking hour in my room. I would from time to time come out and wander into the art room. I wasn’t much of a painter, but it was a great way to pass the time. There is only so much spying one can do before you are fully caught up on everything going on, so this is what I did the rest of the time.

Like I said, I never claimed to be any good at it. Supposedly artists run in our family. It must have skipped me.

I never would have dreamed in a million years, that I would ever be the one in trouble. I was always the good girl. What had sparked this rebellion in me and where did it come from? It obviously was not passed on to my siblings. Well not the boys anyhow. Shamrock was a Mr. goodie two shoes, just like I used to be. Always with his nose buried deep in a book. I don’t think he even had a social life at all. Gah how boring!

Glade was shaping up to be just like Shammy. Always getting his homework done, never talking back. Just made me look even worse. Thanks a lot boys…

Oh and lets not forget Mr. Environment. Jade was involved in every environmentally friendly group or activity possible for a 10 year old to be involved in. My room was never messy, not because I cleaned it…No Jade was always coming through picking up trash and making sure all recyclables made it to their proper place.

Ah now this is where things get interesting. Sweet little Emerald. She looks so innocent doesn’t she? I mean look at that adorable little face.

Ya well look a little closer. Miss Bliss had what you might call sticky fingers. Any chance she got, she was acquiring something that was not exactly hers. She was pretty brazen too. She would snag stuff right off the street. If she had a clear shot that lasted more than a few seconds, she would go for it.

Of course none of us had any clue this was happening. I think it was Dad who noticed first all the randomness of things she had started to stockpile in her room.

“Where did you get all this stuff?”

“I uh…found it!”

That excuse didn’t fly to well, so guess who else got grounded? Yup. The Chiffon girls in trouble together! What a healthy way to bond.

Life was so boring!! The only time I got to see Penny was at school. She had been grounded for a while, but not nearly as long as me and she said her parents only did it to save face in front of mine. Even so Penny hated living at home just as much as I did.

“You still grounded?”


“Dude thats so lame.”

“I know.”

“At this rate we are never gonna get to hang out before I leave…”

“Leave? Where are you going?”

“I freakin hate it here. My parents just don’t get it. You remeber when that recruiter for the army came for that long boring seminar?”


“Well I am so joining. It will get me out of the house for like 2 years at least. By then i will be making enough money to live on my own.”

Was I really hearing her right? My bestie was deserting me? Off to join the military! What the Berry dude!

My life was slowly spiraling the drain. Everything had been so perfect and wonderful, and then it all went south. I guess this is how life goes. You ride on high until you come crashing down again. May have been the case, but it didn’t mean I liked it. I wanted out. This small town was driving me bonkers.

10 responses

  1. Its good to see that Olivine is sticking to her grounding, I know when I lived at home and was “grounded” I would leave anyways lol

    Symphony and rebel are adorable together!

  2. Oh Oh love the chapter! I know what its like living at home with your parents and siblings 24/7.. it can be torture!! and I haven’t even been grounded in 4 years.. maybe im a good girl.. heehee yeah.. :/ it can be boring and lonley.. but hey you fill my life with color! C:

  3. Aw, great update! I wonder what poor Tiber thinks of not getting to see Olivine. :*( Never good to lie to the parents, though, especially for that long… it usually ends up that the truth comes out!
    The littlest Chiffon girls are adorable! Even if one does have sticky fingers.. LOL.. I bet she’s going to get more interesting as she grows up!

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