Gen 6- Chapter 5 Part 2: Olivine Bloom


There was this guy dancing pretty close to us and with out even thinking, I started to dance with him. He would smile and I would smile back. I wasn’t sure what had come over me. We continued to dance, getting a closer and closer each time.


Finally he leaned in close enough so we could talk. “You’re a great dancer!” He yelled, just loud enough so I could hear over the booming music.

“Thank you!”

“Can I buy you a drink!?”

A drink actually sounded really good. All the dancing I had been doing, I was pretty parched. “Sure that sounds great!”


We stepped off the dance floor and I followed him to the bar.

He took a seat on one of the empty stools and tapped the counter two times.

“Two Fizzy Bubbles please!”

The lady behind the counter nodded and got to work on our drinks. I stood behind unsure what to say or do. Thankfully the tender was quick with her work and in a matter of moments my mystery guy was handing me a drink. I could see the bubbles popping and flying up and out of the glass.

“I can see why they call it a fizzy bubbles!” I joked. Sadly it was a bad joke…

“Hah! Ya its pretty good!”

I took an awkward sip.

“You wanna go somewhere a little quieter so we can talk!?”

“Uhh. Ok…Where did you have in mind?!”

“Follow me!”


I followed him into the lobby. As the door shut behind us, the music all but disappeared except for the low bump of the bass.

“Ah thats better.”

“I’m Veridian. What’s your name beautiful?”

I smiled. “Olivine.”

“Olivine? Wow that is gorgeous and unique.”



“I hope I am not keeping you from your boyfriend?”

I had to chuckle. “Heh. No boyfriend.”

“Really? You? How can that be? You must have guys breaking down your door to get a date with you.”

If only he knew the half of it. “Nope. Not so much.”

“Well they must either be crazy or blind, because you are amazing.”


“Come lets take a seat.”


We took a seat on the little couch right next to the elevator.

“I don’t want to sound cliche, but do you come here often?”

“Umm nope. First time. How about you?”

“I have been here a couple times, but If I knew you were gonna be here, I might just start showing up more.”

I giggled and took another sip of my drink. There was an awkward pause. The conversation died and I had no clue how to revive it. I tapped the edge of my glass with my finger.


“I’m sorry I was staring.”

“Its quite alright. Its the most attention I have gotten in a while.” I teased.

“Haha! Well as long as you don’t think I’m a creeper. Its just, you are beautiful.”

I could feel my cheeks blush. “Aww your sweet.”


We spent the rest of the night chatting and laughing until they closed the place down and kicked us all out. As we were making our exit though, he and I exchanged numbers. It was always nice to have new friends and it felt kinda good, having someone fawn all over me.


By the time I got home, the sun was already up. I fell into bed and I was asleep instantly.


I wasn’t even asleep for two hours when my phone rang. The high pitched tone caused me to cringe. Ughhh no need more sleep. I rolled out of bed and picked up the phone. I didn’t even bother to look at the caller ID.


I wanted to say…”This had better be good.” But decided on the more traditional. “Hello?”



“Its Symph.”

“Oh hey Symph! How are you?”

“Good… Did you forget where you were supposed to be today?”

My stomach dropped. Oh no! The wedding rehearsal!

“OMB Symph! I will be there as soon as I can!”


I looked at the clock. OMB! It hadn’t been two hours! It was almost 3pm!! I jumped in the shower trying to wake myself up. It didn’t really help much. I hadn’t had that much to drink, but I was groggy none the less. I splashed the hot water on my face. Come on you! Wake up!


Once I was dressed, I took off like a shot. I tried to get to the rehearsal on time but even with the light traffic on the roads, I missed it.


It was already dark by the time I pulled into the drive. I jumped from the car and ran inside. I found Symphony on the couch with Rebel, Mom and Emerald.

“I am soooo sorry! I totally forgot! Please forgive me! I feel so so bad!”


“Its alright. Its alright. You are here now. Tomorrow is the important day.”

“You’re right! I am here now. Still. I’m sorry.”

“It’s OK. But you better be there tomorrow, or I will revoke your maid of honor license.”


I pulled her into a big hug. “Of course!!”



I spent time with a lot of the family. Emerald wanted to show me her new collection, and even the boys wanted a little time with me. It was definitely nice to see them all again. I went to bed that night, in my old room. It felt just like it did when I left. I guess home always feels like home. Unfortunately this old feeling encompassed much more than I would have liked. Just sitting on my bed, I could remember all the times I would lay and daydream about Tiber. I twinge of longing hit me as I settled in. Ok Tiber. You can let me go now. Please?


Bright and early the next day we prepared for Symphony’s wedding. We all arrived at the gazebo and she looked stunning! Rebel didn’t look half bad himself.


They loved each other so much. It was obvious just to look at them.


The wedding went on in the usual way…

With this ring…yada yada yada.


I thee wed… yada yada yada.


I was keeping my cool, until they shared that first kiss as husband and wife, but it was so sweet and so tender, the wall I had tried to construct to keep my emotions at bay quickly crumbled. She was so lucky. Love had found her and it worked out so perfectly. They met, they fell in love, they got married. My life in comparison was nightmare. Jilted by insincere jerks, cast aside and left to suffer. Yup. I was the most unlucky person in love ever.


I don’t think Bradenberry was enjoying the wedding very much either. Poor guy kept looking for a way to escape, but Aunty Lime kept staring him down.


Maid of honor. Maid. Maid. Maid. I was going to be an old maid. I just knew I was going to die alone and fail my family as appointed heiress. Can’t make babies without a man. Well I guess you could, but it doesn’t seem like the ri- wait. Babies? Was I really worried about babies. Jeeze my mind was wondering something fierce. This wasn’t fair! We were so perfect together! Why did I have to get grounded all that time! Why! I had to do something. Maybe if he knew how I felt, he would dump the witch and come back to me. It was worth a shot right? I confirmed to myself it was and vowed then there I would do something about. I just had no idea what.

Bonus: Cell Phone shots!

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40 responses

  1. Mah girl you did it again. My heart is breaking for poor Livi and I can’t wait for her prince to rescue her. Veridian’s just a wee bit to forward to make me swoon. Beautiful simple wedding. I can’t wait to see the Symph/Rebel babies!

  2. Awwww, Rebel and Symphony are just too cute together! :3 I hope everything works out for Olivine in the end, good she got to see her family again.

    (P.S. I don’t know what it is about Rebel – maybe his hair? – but he has always reminded me of Aladdin!)

  3. poor olivine! she’s so down in the dumps 😦 i have to say though, i do think rebel is a cutie! i’m glad that he and symph got married ❀ i'm interested to see who is save olivine from her unlucky-in-love stage that she's going through πŸ˜‰

  4. great two chappies! I like Veridian too…but he seems a little to “slick” if you know what I mean. I hope Tiber goes back to Olivine…they make the perfect couple πŸ™‚

    BTW…I had a question about the cc you use…where did you get Olivine’s night gown and under shirt? I remember the shirt from way back but forgot where to get it from.

  5. Veridian does look a lot like Glaze, that’s what I was thinking too! I’m sad poor Olivine hasn’t had much luck in the love department, but you know what they say, good things come to those who wait! I have a feeling there’s an even better option than the 3 other guys in the picture. πŸ˜‰

  6. As for Veridian, I think he’s more blue than he’s teal… plus he looks way too much like Glaze, who is Olivine’s GRANDFATHER… that’s just a little too gross.

  7. Woh. Tiber is HOT, so is Rebel. Man…men. πŸ™‚ jesus I NEED Olivine and Tiber to end up together. They were sooo cute! that other blue guy (sryy forgot his name) was just….idk….bleck? well, not really, but still, kinda…bleck.


    who's with me?


  8. Great little chappy! Really sweet! I want you to know that I like Veridian, but Tiber was so genuine and kid-hearted that I kinda fell for him myself. Just like I did for Edon and Edon Jr.

  9. I giggled when I saw the name Veridian. hehehe.
    Olivine and Viridian are two citys in the Pokemon games. One’s in Johto and the other is in Kanto.
    Anyways, Veridian has the same hairstyle as Glaze and in all honesty it’s a bit creepy. Tiber’s a billion times cuter anyways.

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