Gen 6- Chapter 10 Part 2: Olivine Bloom


It was nearly dusk when I arrived at the Chiffon’s. Olivine was still at work. Everything was going according to plan. Step one was officially underway.


“Well hello there Cello. Wasn’t expecting you this evening.”

“Evening Mr. Chiffon.”

“Olivine is still at work for another couple hours.”

“Yes. Sir. But I am actually here to speak with you if you have a moment.”

“Of course.”


I cleared my throat. Here we go…

“Sir as you know, you daughter and I have been dating for quite a while now.”

“Yes she is quite taken with you.”

“Yes Sir. That is why I am here today….Mr. Chiffon I would be honored to have your blessing to ask for Olivine’s hand in marriage.”

Wow. I actually did it. I had been dreading this moment for weeks now. Not about asking her. No I knew I wanted that. Fearing a rejection from her father, that was my fear. I waited on pins and needles for his response.

“Cello Bismark…You have my blessing.” He replied with a smile.

A huge weight lifted off of my shoulders. It felt amazing!

“Thank you Sir! I promise that no harm shall ever come to her.”

“Oh pfffff no more Sir! Its Dad now.”

“I…thanks Dad.”



We both to turned our attention to Mrs. Chiffo- I mean Mom. Tears were streaming down her face.

“Honey love? What ever is the matter?”



Without warming she threw herself into my arms and sobbed into my shoulder. “Welcome to the family Son!”

I patted her back, not knowing what else I was supposed to do. “Thank you Mom.”


With step one out of the way, it was now time to move on to the main event.


On our next date, I made sure we were in walking distance of my chosen point of attack so to speak. She looked so beautiful, I could hardly contain my desire to ask. But no I had it all planned out, the timing wasn’t right. Not yet.


We spent the entire evening at the esplanade, till I took her hand led her down the road.

“Where are we going?”

“Just for a walk with favorite little lady.”


We walked all the way down the street and then back up again, on our second pass of the laundromat, I stopped and pulled her in close.


“Do you remember this place?”

She looked at the doors of our first meeting place, a huge grin growing across her face.

“Of course. This is where we first met.”


“You know the dent is still there. They just don’t have the heart to fix it.”

“Ha-ha. Very funny.”

“It’s true! Come here I will show you.”


She followed me inside, and as we approached my heart started to beat double time. We stood before the washer and she gently touched my hand. This was it.

“Huh? The dent is gone what are talking ab-”


“One sec.”


“Olvine Bloom, from the moment we met, I fell in love with you. The adorable way you ripped this washer here a new one, sent me over the edge, never to return again. But I could tell you, had been through so much and even though it was scariest thing I had ever done. I let you walk out of my life.”

“Oh Cello.”

“Hang on, there’s more. And I would be lying if I said I didn’t come by this laundromat every day hoping I would see you…Everyday when I would wake I would think about you and how stupid I was for letting to go. I know it sounds crazy and maybe it is, but when you came into my life for the second time, I knew it was no accident and no way was I going to make the same mistake twice. Olivine Bloom, will you marry me and make this mans life complete?”


“Yes! Yes I will!”


I slid the ring on her delicate lovely hand. She said yes. She said yes! I wanted to scream it from the roof tops! She said yes!!!!!!!


I put my arms out to hold her but instead of coming into my embrace, her arms dropped and her head drooped.


Sadness covered her sweet face.

“Love? Whats wrong?”



Goodness this family was an emotional bunch.


I held her tightly until the tears had stopped. When they finally subsided, I pulled her into a deep kiss.

“I promise here and now by the hum of our dear washer friend, to be by your side forever and always to make sure the only tears you cry are happy ones just like these.” I vowed wiping a tear from her cheek. ” I love you.”

“And I love you.”

Olivine Bloom was mine.

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  1. YES!!!! Finally, she found The One!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ (and he isn’t that bad lookin’ for a Sim)
    Let’s get the kids poppin’ out!

  2. I think I just exploded with happy for Liv. Cello seems like a genuinely good guy and (have I mentioned this before?) I adore his name. THAS MA INSTRUMENT โค I hope he treats Liv as well as it seems he will.

  3. OMB! Oh how romantic! In front of the washing machine, thats really creative and I love it!!! And Cello, he is sooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet, ‘And I would be lying if I said I didnโ€™t come by this laundromat every day hoping I would see you’, my fav part! Made my heart jump for joy!!!

  4. Fantastic chapter! I liked how it was also written from different points of view. I love Olivine, but it’s still nice to see things through another’s eyes =D

    AND YAY I’m so happy!! I was smiling the whole time I read this. …ow, my face =P Hehe, but in a great way. I’m so glad Olivine met her prince charming and I can’t wait to read about their future together! ^_^

  5. On the outside I’m smiling. In the inside..I’m screaming..

    ๐Ÿ˜€ I love your legacy. So..much. <33333

  6. Berry you are wonderful, This chapter was awesome. I love that he went and asked her father for permission, So old fashioned. I cant wait to see what you do for their wedding. I do believe they will make the CUTEST little blue and green babies.

  7. Oh yay yay yay yay! Going back to the laundromat was so sweet and cute and perfect and…D’AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! lol I hope this is the start of some beautiful happiness for Liv!

  8. They r gonna be so good together she finally got married great chapter berry ur so awesome btw i love the different piont of veiws I’ve noticed the dialogues gotten longer

  9. Aaaah, I was skimming the start of this part while it was loading so I knew what would happen when I started part 1. The only downside of the 2 part system you have going on, since it really does load faster.

    but awwww, yay โค that was so cute!

  10. Awwww how sweet!! I’m so glad that Olivine finally found her perfect periwinkle prince!! Oy – the desire for alliteration really tortured that, didn’t it? I also really enjoyed the previous ‘chapter’ from Emerald’s POV… she got a sweet brother in law out of this deal, but she’d better keep her sticky fingers out of his museum from now on!!

    In Em’s chapter you had a picture of her sitting cross legged on the bed… How do you do that? I know how to move them in that position but I can’t get them to move up the layer onto the bed, they just sit head and shoulders shoved through the mattress….

  11. uhmmmmmmm…..I’M CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FINALLY olivine is with the ONEEEE!!
    and he’s sooo romantic
    this is like literally what i want to base my life on ((((:

  12. SQUEEEEEEE! OH! im so happy for her! she finally found her lobster! =P i can’t wait to see the cute babies they are gonna have! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. Yay!! Their babies will be so cute! They are a gorgeous couple. โค

    Little blue and green babies! OMB I can't get over how cute the babies will be! LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. *dances around room (badly)*
    Cello/Morty was definitely worth the wait!!!!
    This gen was probably my favourite so far, just because it’s so very realistic and still romantic at the same time >9000 And if I were Liv, I would be realising just now that Em is never going to let her forget that it was her klepto tendencies that brought the prince back…
    Excuse me, I have to go out to the backyard and scream “LIV FOUND HER PRINCE!!!!!” for a while. It should be an interesting experience for the neighbours…

  15. Awwww!<3<3<3 Congratulations, Olivine, you definitely deserve it!!! :3 :3 :3 :3

    …I would give almost anything to see Tiber and Veridian's faces now x'D

  16. Great episode again! Canยดt wait to see what happens next…babies perhaps or wedding :)!!! Btw…I have read this story from the beginning 3 times now, itยดs just maybe the best sims stories I have ever read in english. You should write a real book or something, you are talented storyteller!

  17. Woah, I just had a long read (lots of catching up to do as usual). Poor Olivine hasn’t had a lot of luck with the fellas, but my gawd it makes for a good read ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope things work out for her now. A great story as always berry ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. YESYESYES!!!!
    It was about time!!!
    Cello is amazing. Wonder what drama will occur at the wedding…
    (“Are there any objections?” ZING!)
    Can’t wait! Love the whole washer/romance. It’ll forever be tied into the legacy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Wow!! Berry, you are seriously the best writer in the universe, I enjoy reading you stories even more than Tolkein or Rowling, and think you should publish this as a book! Its sooooo good!! You really know how be get into other peoples shoes, and you can write as a male or female really accurately!! One day, I aspire to be able to write like you ๐Ÿ˜€
    Ive added you to my list of blogs Im following too, ๐Ÿ˜€
    Banya x

  20. I’m so happy for Liv and Cello! I’ve really liked how in this generation you kept us guessing about who she would end up with…lots of teal guys to choose from, but I think she got the best one! I was a Tiber fan, but never really liked Veridian. I can’t help but wonder if Tiber will show up again someday…

    Great chapter!!!

  21. ARRGHH. Tiber was so sexy too!
    But yay! Cello and Olivine [two strange names~] are happy~!
    Their relationship was pretty rushed though, lol.

    • It would have been rather redundant to play out their relationship too much. A lot of time passed, I just covered it very quickly for the sake of the flow of the story.

  22. man this family is an emotional bunch!! hahaha!!! my favorite line!! this was soo cute!! i love it when the sims get married!!!! SSOOO ROMANTIC!! and it was at there first meeting spot!! AWWWWW!! i wanna cry with livi!!

  23. Yay!! I’m still a little sad about the whole Tiber thing though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I can’t believe she never heard anything back. AND I guess I kinda have a soft spot for childhood sweethearts because my hubby and I are. BUT I like Cello and he’s really sweet.

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