Gen 6- Chapter 12 Part 2: Olivine Bloom


When my birthday came along, I didn’t feel much like celebrating. Just the name Birthday made me feel woeful. I didn’t want a party, but when you live with 8 other people, you have a party with out ever inviting anyone. So there was the cake, and everyone singing, and me depressed…again.


I made my wish. I almost laughed to myself because I knew it would never come true…not now anyways.


But being the surprisingly optimistic person I was considering the sours I had been through in my life, I blew out the candles and prayed for a miracle.


Time did its number on me, but not too bad considering.


We all sat down with our cake and everyone dug right in, except for me. I just stared at my plate. My mind was running a hundred miles a minute. After only a couple of minutes, I excused myself from the table and took refuge in my bedroom. I shut the door carefully and fell into the bed. The tears started to fall again. Happy Birthday Livvy.


“So this is where you ran off to. What is a beautiful woman like you doing up here all alone?”


“Oh? About what?”

“I’m done trying. Its never gonna happen. We have tried and tried and tried. We have tried so much its not even enjoyable anymore! Its like work, but we never see any results.”

“Oh Sweetheart. Come here.”


“I’m sorry. That was a horrible thing for me to say.” The tears started to fall all over again. “I love making love to you.”

“Shhhhhh. That’s just it love. When was the last time we actually “made love?” It’s been baby making for almost ever now. How about you and I forget about the baby making part and this time we make it just about us.”

“I want that more than anything right now.”

“Me too. Happy Birthday my love.”


A couple weeks later when I found myself running to the bathroom to throw up…


I was more stoked than I should have been for having just tossed all my cookies. Something felt different. It had to be the real thing. Just to be on the safe side though, I made another appointment with the docs and made sure to keep it all under wraps till I knew for sure.


“This is she.”

“Congratulations Mommy. You did it!”


“Yes Ma’am. I have already set up your first prenatal appointment. See you both soon!”

“Thank you! Thank you so much!”


The moment I hung up the phone, I ran in the house looking for the first physical body I could find so I could relay the good news! I heard some dishes clinking in the sink, so I hightailed it to the kitchen as fast as my legs could carry me.


“Mom! It’s finally happened! I’m pregnant!”


“Oh! Baby girl that is wonderful!”

“Ya! I’m so happy!!”


“Me too Sweet pea. Me too.”

“Oh my berry! I have to tell Cello!”


This news was much to exciting for a phone call, so I headed straight down to his to work to tell him in person. I searched every room of the museum, until I found him working on one the exhibits on the top floor.


The beaming smile and odd time arrival to his work probably gave it all way, but I played it up anyways.

“Babe guess what!”


“I’m pregnant!”


“Oh sweetheart! This is wonderful news! I’m gonna be a daddy!”

“Yes! You are! hahaha!”


Ah but in true Olivine form, no good news is never not accompanied by something bad. By the time I returned from Cello’s work, Grandma Saffron had passed away. She had been visiting with my Uncle Sunglow and Aunt Taffy when her time was just…well up. I was saddened to think she would never meet her great grandchild.


I know I should have been sadder to lose her , but my excitement most definitely outweighed my grief, and I was determined to stay as happy, healthy and de-strssed as I could for the babies sake. I was glowing and so was Cello! It was a good time in the Chiffon household.


This is not to say the pregnancy was easy. No, I had so much pain at times it was excruciating. I had refused to take any sort of pain medications, even ones that were approved for pregnancy. Nope, I was determined to have the healthiest baby I could and that meant no drugs whatsoever. A choice at times I deeply regretted.


Lucky for me, I was married to the most amazing man ever and would massage me, feed me, pamper me when ever I needed or wanted.

“You spoil me. You know that.”

*Gasp* “I do nothing of the sort.”



News of my pregnancy traveled fast and before long, we had visitors from near and far coming around just to get a glimpse at my baby bump. Though my baby bump was never ever that big, they didn’t seem to care. They cooed and talked, and giggled to it anyways.

“Hello baby!”

“Oh my!”

“Awwww Look at you. You are glowing!”


All was going to plan until I hit my 7 month point. Mom and I were watching TV in the main room when a pain hit me out of nowhere. It was so intense it caused me shoot up from the couch.


“Ahhh! Mom! Something isn’t right! I think I am going into ahhhhhhhhh labor!!”

“But its too soon!”

“Well its happening! Ahhhhh Get Cello!”



By the time we got to the hospital it was very clear I was in labor. The doctors helped me through and in under six hours there was a new member added to Chiffon clan. Our beautiful little girl Tranquil Truffle.
Sadly because she was so premature. I didn’t get to hold her for very long. And even though I was ready for release the next day, she would have to stay in the NICU for two months at least.

I thought the pain of waiting for a 3 minutes on a test was long. Those two months were the most excruciating of my life.


Finally after waiting and waiting, I was able to bring her home. The whole house was all a buzz, when Cello and I made our way back to the hospital to pick her up.

We finally arrived home, I walked in the front door, and pulled her into my arms.

“Welcome home my miracle baby.”

44 responses

  1. I think a heartfelt “BOINGO!!!” would be a most appropriate reaction to the birth of little Miracle. (how could this not become her nickname?!)

    that is all.

  2. Awww, yaaay~ ❤ So wonderful for Livi to have a baby of her own! I can't help but be insanely happy for her.

    By the way, that was surprisingly realistic. Often, when couples stop trying to force it is when they concieve. [/nerdmoment]

  3. I was so worried when I read part 1 wondering how much more you could put poor Olivine through. I’m glad that her baby is now home and healthy. Although I can’t wait to see what she looks like! Her arm doesn’t even give me enough to see whose colouring she takes after.

  4. Yay!!!! I was really scared that Olivine would never get pregnant and you’d have to figure out some other way to get another heir 🙂 I can’t wait to see who the baby looks like!!! I think she has Livvy’s skintone but I’m not quite sure.. Oh, and beautiful name!

  5. You’re not too bad after all, Berry. But this is only baby one… Olivine sounds like one family hungry gal, so she’s gonna be wanting some more of those adorable little Tranquil Truffles ❤ That name is so adorable!

  6. *crying*
    AHWEE!! That was so cute, and so realistic. Liv must feel like the Fates have it in for her….
    But can’t wait to see little Mir as a toddler! (yes, I know her name’s Tranquil, but miracle baby = Miracle = Mir. I rest my case)

  7. I really really really can’t wait for Tranquil to become a cute little toddler!
    Here’s a question though: are you French? Because I am and a lot of the names you give your sims are French… I was just wondering…

      • Oh ok 🙂
        well just so you know, “chiffon” actually kind of means “cloth”, “peche” of course means “peach”, “chantille” (which is close to Chantilly, Lacey’s middle name) means wipped cream, and “tranquil” means calm 😉
        there’s a lot more but that’s all I can think of at the moment…

  8. Just wanted to say that I just started reading your legacy and I’m especially touched by these chapters.
    I have struggled to get pregnant, myself, and after two miscarriages it gets tough. I still don’t have a baby yet and we want one so bad.

    This was heart warming. Good job.

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