Gen 6- Chapter 14 Part 1: Olivine Bloom


It was never hard to find her, she was always in the same place. Seated in front of her piano different working on endless melodic harmonies…or melodies. I didn’t exactly know. Most of the time she was attempting to recreate something she heard on the radio, but other times it sounded much most original. I was sure I had a little composer on my hands. Composer or not though she still had homework. Even if she was home schooled.


“Miracle dear. Its time to finish your homework.”

“Awww Mom. Right now? I’m really busy.”

“Yes, now. We need do this, while I have the time to help you. Now lets go Missy.”

*Sigh* “Alright. I’m coming.”


Miracle hopped down from the piano and then she and I preceded to walk down the hallway. As usual I carefully guided her as we went, except this time, about halfway she stopped. I almost ran into her she stopped so abruptly.


“Whats the matter love.”

“Nothing. Its just…I would like to walk to my room on my own. I have counted the steps.”

“But I always walk you.”

“I know, but this time I wanna try it by myself.”



I was at a loss for words. We always walked together. What had happened all of a sudden that she didn’t want my help. I was more than a bit confused, but the pleading look on her face, made it obvious she was dead serious. After a couple brief moments to mull it over I conceded.

“Lead the way love. I will follow.”

With those words, her face lit up as she turned back in the direction of her room. I surveyed her carefully as she lightly ran her fingers across the wall as she walked. She counted each step with complete and utter concentration. Each move was calculated and precise. I followed her silently until she stopped directly in front of her door. “23.” She beamed with a triumphant grin while reaching out for the door handle.

“Very good Sweet heart.”


Once we were inside, I pulled her chair close to the desk, so she could sit by me as I typed out her work. This was pretty much an everyday ritual. You would think they would have a different curriculum for a vision-less child, but amazingly they did not. So there was quite a bit of online work as well as book reports and other academic goodies, but being her personal assistant was a sacrifice I was willing to make to keep Miracle home and out of harms way.


“So what do you want to say next?”




“Yes dear?”

“Can I talk to you about something?”

“Of course. You can talk to me about anything, you know that. Now, whats on your mind?”


“When do I get to go to school?”

“You do go to school. Monday through Friday.”

“No. I go to home-school. When do I get to go to real school? You know… with other kids?”

“Oh sweetheart. It would be too hard for you to go to a public school.”




“It’s because I am different. Isn’t it?”

“Not exactly. Its just much easier to keep you safe at home.”

“But I want to go to school like a normal little girl.”

“You are a normal little girl.”

“You know what I mean. Why can’t I gol? Am I not allowed?”

“Its not that you are not allowed its just… I stumbled over my words trying to come up with a valid argument, but for the life of me I couldn’t think of a decent reason… “Maybe when you are a little older.”


“We’ll see Ok?”


“Good now lets gets this finished, Daddy is waiting for his TV time with you.”



Tv time was almost as famous as homework time. Almost every evening when Cello would get home from the museum, He and Tranquil would sit and watch her favorite show together. Of course the way she watched was quite different, but that doesn’t mean she enjoyed it any less. She would laugh at the silly voices and sometimes she was able to pick up on more of subtle jokes than we did. Every day with her was amazing. She was always learning and finding new ways to adapt to every day life. She was growing into an incredibly strong young lady.

Much stronger than I ever realized…


Thankfully she dropped the whole “going to school” thing and life got back on track. That is until one fateful afternoon when Cello dragged himself through the front door. Tranquil and I both headed straight for him as we always did, but as we approached, I could tell immediately something was wrong. He was smiling, but it was clear he was hiding something.



“Hello Angel.”

“I missed you.”

“Awww I missed you too love, but I need you to run along so I can talk to your Mommy for a little while.”


Moments later she was heading up the stairs. We both watched her carefully as she disappeared out of sight, not long after the sounds of piano music trickled back down to us. I turned with a smile back to Cello.

“Ok you spill it.”


“Well I have good and bad news.”

I swallowed hard. Bad news. I hated bad news.

“Whats the good news?” That’s it Olivine try to stay positive.

“The good news is, we are expanding the museum and opening a branch in Briocheport.”

“Oh honey that is wonderful!”




“My father needs me to run it. Which means we have to move to Briocheport.”

“Move to Briocheport? But our home is here.”

“I know and if there was anyway I could work it out, we would stay here in a heartbeat, but he needs me there Liv and I have to go. He is letting me have the old condo. We can fix it up anyway that you please. I guess I could go alone, and commute back and forth.”

I started to shake my head.


“No. If you go, we go. We are a family. That is the end of that.”

“I know this isn’t what you wanted, but I promise, things are really looking up. The new branch is set to have some amazing exhibits. Its very exciting!”


Now it was my turn to put on the fake smile. Truth was I was utterly disappointed. I was Chiffon, not only a Chiffon, I was the heiress. My place was here at our home, not living in some Condo miles and miles away from all of my family. But I wasn’t about to ruin this for him, I was going to be supportive and take this as a new stepping stone in my path. As long as I had Miracle and Cello, I would be OK I reassured myself.

“It’s very exciting love. When do we leave?”

“As soon as possible.”


The next week or so, was spent packing and preparing for the big move to Briocheport. That final day we said our goodbyes and I tried everything I could to drag my feet. Eventually there was no other way to prolong the inevitable and I hugged my mother and father before helping Tranquil into the car.

“Bye Grandma! Bye Poppy!”

“Bye angel! We will see you real soon! Love you!”

“Love you too!”


Due to all the drives to Briocheport in my younger years, I pretty much knew the route like the back of my hand, but never in my wildest dreams had I ever pictured a trip quite like this one. I had to smile to myself, life was good, I had a loving husband and darling daughter. What else did I need? Nothing. That’s what.


My positive reinforcing was working wonders. I floated into the elevator and joyfully held Tranquil’s hand as we waited to be taken to our new home. That final ding rang out and slowly the elevator doors opened.

“Here we are! Home sweet home.” Cello cooed as he pulled the key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He then stepped aside and ushered me and Tranquil inside. “Ladies first.”


At first glance everything was perfect. It was indeed a beautiful condo, but then my eyes focused and I felt my stomach drop.


“A balcony…”

“Yup spared no expense for my special gals.”


I just stared into the huge panes of glass.

“You never mentioned a balcony.”

“I wanted it to be a surprise. Isn’t the view amazing?”

I flipped back around. “Oh its amazing alright. Its amazing that you would fail to tell me that the new home you were moving us into had a balcony.” I snapped.

“I don’t…”

“Think about it dear. Do you think this is safe. For Berry’s sake Cello! We are 19 floors up and your daughter is blind!”


I was so angry I could barely see straight. “I worried enough about her at the house with 2 stories!! I can’t believe how selfish you can be!”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t even think…”

“Oh of course you didn’t! You just dragged us to this deathtrap and expected everything to be hunky dory!!”


Suddenly that sweet angelic voice cut through.

“Mommy. Please don’t fight.” She pleaded in a choked whisper.

I stopped mid sentence. I felt my cheeks flush, in all my frustration and completely forgotten she was there. Tears were welling up in her eyes. “It scares me when you yell.”


“Oh Miracle baby. It’s Ok. Come here. Shhhh Shhhh. Mommy didn’t mean it.”

“Please don’t be mad at Daddy!”

“Awwwww Honey I’m not mad. Everything is fine I promise.”


“Lets go find your room.”



We went up the stairs and after searching a couple rooms, I located Tranquil’s. “Here we are! Oh Miracle it looks lovely.”



I sat with her for a few moments on the bed, I would have stayed longer, but there was something else I needed to take care of.

“Sweetheart I will be back in a few. I need to go talk to your father.”


“Love you baby.”

“Love you too Mommy.”




“Listen Cello. I owe you an apology.”


“No. I’m sorry. You were right. I didn’t even think about that…I was thoughtless and inconsiderate.”

His voice sounded so broken. With each word he said the guilt pounded down on me harder.

“No. I shouldn’t have blown up like that. It was uncalled for and I’m the one who is sorry. Please love, you do nothing but good for our family. I’m sorry.”


“Its just so scary! She is so little. Everything terrifies me. What if this…what if that. Fear and worry are always running in the back of mind.”

“She is gonna be Ok. We can lock this door. That way she won’t ever be out here.”

“Ok love.”

“She is a smart girl dear. She is going to be an amazing young woman, you just have to put a little faith in her.”

“I know. Its just so hard!”

“I know it is, but we can do it, together.”



I pulled him into my arms and kissed him gently. ” I don’t deserve you.”

“Sure you do.”

Suddenly a beautiful melody wafted through and I instinctively grabbed Cello’s hand and lead him towards the door. “I think we have a concert to get to.”

“Hmmm I think you are right.”


We spent the rest of the evening listening to our amazingly talented daughter as she played her little heart out to her appreciative audience. It was absolute heaven. In the loving arms of my husband and surrounded by my beautiful daughter and her inspiring music, I could finally say my life was complete.

18 responses

  1. As sad as it is to leave the old Chiffon house… I have a feeling life in Briocheport is going to be awesome 🙂
    And I never realised there would be a problem with the balcony… I guess I just have faith in ye olde door lock XD

    • I don’t think they are so much worried about her committing suicide as having an accident. I mean I’m clumsy enough and I can see where I’m going. There is a tendency to try and overprotect visually impaired people almost to the point of not allowing them to live. I think that Livi has just had so much pain in her life she doesn’t want her anything to happen to her precious child and would never forgive herself or Cello if Mir was playing on the balcony and somehow toppled off.

  2. that wall looks tall enough to keep her in. I mean, it should be thick glass. Unless she made the effort to climb over it, wouldn’t they be ok? Or only let her out there with supervision…. Ah, overprotective parents~

  3. I’m glad that they could manage the quarrel. Sooner or later she has to learn to let Tranquil to do anything on her own. Wonderful Chapter, Berry!

  4. I do like this chapter it is hard for any parent to let go. Especially with a disability parents find it hard but let is so important because as you have written she is a very capable little girl and independent too. 🙂

  5. I really liked this…it seems very realistic that Livi would be so overly-protective of Mir. I think Mir is going to be a strong independent woman as heiress…I just hope she doesn’t end up butting heads with Livi too much in her teen years. Off to read part 2!!

  6. I love this couple, and that daughter of theirs is just the smartest little person ever!~! She will give mom and dad a good run for their money!!

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