400k Party~

So I was not actually planning on having a party for this, but I started taking photos last night and they just happened to coincide with it, sooooo here you go!! Thank you all!! Wow it seems like we were just doing the 300k Post party!!!

Again thank you all! None of this would be possible without you!!! <333


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  1. Omg, how cute and amazing ain’t this? Do you enhance the colours in your screenshots before sharing them with us or do they actually look that amazing straight away?

    And just to let you know, I am sad panda because for some reason thesims3.com won’t let me post anything in to your forum thread! 😦

  2. Tranquil is so pretty! She looks very much like her mother, but with blue hair. I thought this was very neat to show your sim-self with all the generation heirs. 🙂

  3. Is the girl with freckles and glasses in every picture supposed to be your simself? At first I thought she was a different person each time but then I noticed her face stayed the same and her hair kept changing. 🙂

  4. I am so happy for you! Congrats!! You are a very Amazing person! (I know i have probably said that a million times but i mean it) <3333
    The pictures are beautiful! Congratz and I hope you are having an Amazing day! c:

  5. Congraaaazzzlleess!! It seems just yesterday I was voting for Saffron in the heir poll!! It’s been great following the ride, and I hope it keeps on going for generations to come!! <33333

  6. Wow 400k, and we are already on gen number 7? man it feels like it was just yesterday that Lacey was painting and have kids! and its great to see how much each heir you can see just a touch of lacy in them! Grats berry and i cant wait to see tranquils story 🙂

  7. We love you, Berry! ❤ Thanks for being so amazing and brightening our days with the Chiffons! ^_^ Congrats on 400k; you deserve it. 🙂

  8. Ok, it’s official, I am smitten with the Chiffon family. I absolutely love reading about the lives of my fav simies. 🙂 Keep the wonderful stories coming please! 🙂 Oh, congrats are also in order!

  9. I looooove the way you take pictures of your sims!! The quality is so good and you zoom in so well I forget this is actually sims sometimes!! Congrats on 400K 🙂 I told all my sims-obsessed friends about this legacy so 500K shouldn’t be too far away…. 🙂 Once again, congrats 😀

  10. Congrats, Berry, on your 400k! This has been such an amazing ride through your legacy. It’s good to see a bit of all the old heirs all in one place again. So much nostalgia! ❤ I bet they had fun partying it up with your simself! 😀

  11. AHHH!!! They’re all so amazing haha I’m so sad when I look back and see how much has passed! But Tranquil is my most favorite yet XD she’s so interestingly different from everyone else

    • Only because it was an all male generation XD. If Symphony would have come before the heir vote Papple would have never made it in.

  12. Oh apricot is my favorite thankyou she looks absolutely glowing!
    I think Tranquil is so beautiful though and I really did love Cherry

    You are so awesome! ❤

  13. Congratulations on you 400k, wow you are amazing… I love all of you pictures, at first generation three was not showing up and I thought you had missed it somehow, Then I remembered I had seen it yesterday… So I hit reload and it loaded them in and there was only one picture of Olivine , and I knew that wasn’t right… My computer sometimes… baahhh!!! Love your work, and your simie is as beautiful as you are!!! I agree Tranquil is beautiful!!

  14. Woh. Awesome. COOLIO BERRY!!
    I LOVE ur legacy it’s so awesome and cool and stuff. 🙂
    sry just rambling on Olivine’s (i’m guessing it’s new) hair is VERY pretty!!
    I love Tranquil too.
    by the way…
    do you live in the US?

  15. Congratulations!
    I just found your leggacy, and I have been reading it nonstop!!! It’s amazing!
    I feel so bad for Tranquil, her parents won’t let her do anything!
    I caught up, and was like all right, ready for the next chapter, but then I realized it wasn’t there!!! 😥 Now I have to wait like everyone else!!! Waaaaah! LMAO
    Do you mind checking out my legacy?

    • Thank you so very much for reading!! My apologies, but I just get entirely too many requests to read to be able to read them all. I am terribly sorry.

      • Oh thats okay! 😀 I understand. You can’t have 400,000 people all asking for you to read their legacies! 😀
        Thanks anyways

  16. Woooooooo. just started reading your legacy, its brilliant!!! been reading it bit by bit for the past two weekd and just caught up. your a very talented person 🙂 ❤

  17. Congrats once again but also, I have a question: what’s your color scheme? Like, what will the next color be, and the color after that?

  18. O ! O ! Berry one more thing, I not sure which hair color looks the best on you they are all so fantastic… Hay! Just a thought may be you could have your readier vote on the color they like best on you!!!! Personally I love them all!!!

  19. Berryyyyyy!
    I was going to gift you with something from the sims3 thing, but I’m fairly certain you already have the stuff that’s on your wishlist! =[

      • Haha, just did it then. I like gifting things! And then if I see it in the game, I can go “I totally gave her that.” xD I just splurged on the Spyglass bedroom and bathroom. I thought I should actually get something for the kids in my game, considering they have barely any CC, compared to the adults.

      • Did you get the set as well as the hair? Haha. I may have gotten carried away. I’ve never had the money to get Simpoints before, and now I’m rich(er than I was)! xD

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