Gen 7- Chapter 1 Part 1: Tranquil Truffle


“I want to go to a normal high school.” I demanded in my most commanding voice.

I had been planning this moment for days, and something about the moment felt right. Dad was working late, which meant Mom would be alone with her book. She was my biggest obstacle after all. If I could persuade her to let me go, Dad would be a piece of cake. I knew it wasn’t going to be an easy task, but I was going to give it my best. So why dance around it? No, I decided to jump right in feet first.


She didn’t say anything at first, but thenย  I heard her close her book and place it on the end table.


No! That’s what she was gonna go with! I had planned for every possible argument to any response she may give, but NO?! Why didn’t I prepare for that one?! At this point, I was not turning back, so I had to wing it.


“Why? And I want a good reason.”

“Dear we have discussed this before.”

“Ya and you said when I was older we would discuss it again. Well I am about to start year 9 and if I am not mistaken, that would put me in high school. Would it not?”

“It would.”

“So when were you suggesting we talk about it? After I had graduated?”

“I just don’t feel comfortable with you going.”


“But I can do it. If you just give me a chance. I really want to go.”

“Absolutely not.”



“No. You are the sole heir to Chiffons, if something were to ever happen to you, I would never forgive myself. My Father, your Grandfather, would be crushed, and well my dear, my luck has never been that great.”

“See that’s just it right there! If I am the heir, how do you expect me to carry on the Chiffon name if I am never allowed to meet anyone? I don’t have a single friend!”

“You have your cousin.”

“That doesn’t count.”

“I don’t want you going to a public school. It is out of the question.”


That was the last thing she said before I heard the pages of her book rustle once again. Was she really going to sit there and ignore me?! I had never been so angry in my life. I clenched my hands so tight I could feel my nails cutting into my palms.



“Miracle! That’s enough!”

“No! I am so sick and tired of this hypocrisy! From the time I was little, you always told me. ‘ Miracle You are so strong! Miracle you are so amazing. Don’t let anyone ever tell you, can’t do something.’ You always encourage me to be independent, but when I actually wanna try something that is independent you won’t let me! You can’t shelter me forever!”


“Well until you are 18 I can shelter you as much as I want. Now this conversation is over.”


“No buts.”

Well there was nothing I could say to that. I had lost the battle, and from the tone in her voice she wasn’t backing down either. I felt tears running down my face.



“I’ll be upstairs doing the only thing I am allowed to do.” I scoffed as I counted the steps up the second floor.


Now I should make it known that I am not usually a pouter. I have moments of gloom just like everyone else, but most of the time I am usually a very happy girl. But this was too much, I was so upset and disappointed. I don’t think I had ever wanted something so bad in my life. Then there was the part of me who was angry at myself for giving in so easily. I should have said this, I should have done that. My mind was racing and my fingers were flying on the keys.

No place in the world I loved more than the seat of my piano. Sure the balcony was a close second, but music was my life. No matter what kind of day I was having, if I sat down and started to play, I could feel my
troubles floating away with the melody.

Not even the music was easing this frustration though.

*Knock Knock*

“Can I come in?”


“Guess so.”

“Can we talk?”

“What so you can just tell me again, why I am not good enough to go to school.”

“It has nothing to do with how good you are.”


“I called you’re Father and he and I discussed it.” *Sigh* “We have decided to let you go.”

“What? Really?!”

“Yes. I just researched a couple of schools and amazingly Kit Kat Bliss Bar High offers a program for students with special needs. I already sent in your registration form. In two weeks you will be a high school freshman.”

“Mom! I…”


“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome sweetheart. I’m sorry. You were right. I should let be more independent. I know you can do. It just scares me. You’re my baby girl and you always will be, no matter how grown up you get.”

“I will be fine. I promise.”

“I know. I love you sweetheart.”

“I love you too Momma.”

“Now its time for bed.”



Once I got to my room, I did a little happy dance. Oh ya! I was a real high school student! Or would be shortly! Kit Kat Bliss Bar High here I come!


When the first day of school arrived, I was so nervous and excited, I could feel my belly doing flip flops. I waited near the front door until Mom was ready to take me. Part of the deal with Mom was she would be driving me and dropping me off everyday. I didn’t really want that, but sacrifices had to be made.

“You ready?”

“So ready!”


Once we had stepped onto the premises, I could hear the hustle and bustle. Laughing and talking, there were people everywhere. I was so excited, I could feel my lips poking into my cheeks. This was really happening. I was about to attend my first real school!

Mom and i were lead to the class room upstairs. Moms breath began to get more labored and I knew she was worrying about the stairs. I reached out for her hand and when I found it, I gave it a squeeze.

“I’ll be fine. ” I smiled.



“Ahhh you must be Mrs. Chiffon. And this must be Tranquil.”


“Ah wonderful, I am Miss Grapple. We have been eagerly awaiting you’re arrival. You’re shadow here is so excited she my just burst.”


“Yes she is very excited too, but I have a few questions if that is alright?”

“Of course.”

“I would like to know more about this ‘shadow’ thing.”

“Oh sure! Well you see Mrs. Chiffon, we here at Kit Kat Bliss Bar high or KB Square for short. We feel that all students should be given the chance to attend traditional classes regardless of challenges or disabilities and the Shadow program allows us to do just that. Tranquil’s shadow has spent the entire summer training to assist your daughter. She will essentially be her eyes.”

“I see. And she will be safe?”

“I can assure you, I helped train Blush here myself, your daughter is in very capable hands.”

“Now if you have no more questions. I think it is time we introduce the girls.”

“Of course. Have a good love.”

“Thanks Mom.”


Next thing I knew, Mom was gone and I was being introduced to my Shadow Blush.

“OMB! You have no idea how I much I have been looking forward to meeting you!” She giggled. I could tell by the way her voice slightly faltered she was literally bouncing up and down.

“Its nice to meet you too.”


“When I got the call that they were actually going to need me! I couldn’t believe it! I mean school was only two weeks away! I never would have guessed! But here you are and I promise ot be the best possible shadow I can be!”

Wow this girl was bubbling over like a pot of happiness. I had to admit it was kind of infectious. “You have no idea how happy I am to be here!” I grinned not quite and bubbly and I was shooting for, but I was happy with it.

“Come on. I have much to tell you!”



From the second I was released into Blush’s custody (Hah) I don’t think she her mouth ever stopped. She told me all about the program, and all about school. I got to hear some local gossip and whoa talk about drama! So much information it was hard to take it all in.

She even told me about the other students with Shadows. There was Java Mulberry who was born with out the use of her hearing. She may not have heard a sound, but apparently she was quite the talker in sign language. Unfortunately the one language I would never understand.


Then there was Pear-Flower Chiffon…we must have been related somehow, but I wasn’t too sure on that. She was born with out the ability to speak, so of course she was another fluent in sign language.


However amazing this was for them, it left little chance for me.ย  One of the senses I relied on most was my hearing, which meant It was almost impossible for me to communicate with either of them very well. I ended up being closer to their shadows then I ever did to them. Nice girls though!


Class itself was great! Miss Grapple had such a lovely voice, I could listen to her all day If I had to. I loved speaking in class too. When she would ask a question, I had no qualms about raising my hand to give an answer. School was everything I had hoped it would be!

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  1. TRANQUIL you beautiful heiress!! I’m so happy Livi finally let her go to school. Even though I knew she was going to end up going, there was still something in my heart that was genuinely worried for her that she’d end up being homeschooled for the rest of her life!!! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ This is the Generation of Miracles!! <33

  2. check out that guy behind her in the last picture i can’t tell for sure but i think he is a purple cutie!!! i’m so glad tranquil is in real high school!!

  3. So happy for Tranquil to go to school, but so sad that she’s left out with the whole sign language thing. Maybe they could work out something like Helen Keller had, where they could sign into each others’ hands?

  4. Oh my berry!
    this was AMAZING
    i wanted to start a legacy of my own but my game keeps crashing so I uninstalled it and decided to install it again but found out I had lost my registration code ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    sorry for bothering u with my problems but there it is
    still I love this girl!

  5. You have such a way with words. Your posts are always amazing and lovely.

    The sims in this post are very interesting too.

    I’m glad that she’s getting into her school now.

  6. did anyone else notice that the lime green guy in the last picture in the very back is the “reflection” in the Reflections Of Machinima she made?

  7. Loved this chapter Tranquil is such a beautiful berry sim. Also Ms.Berry might be able to learn sign language, or atleast the basics. When I was learning sign language I also learned that the blind can feel the signers hands. They can feel signers hands when they are spelling words. But that’ll probably be something incredibly hard to photgraph on the sims,hard to catch the right movement. Again love the chapter and Olivine doesn’t look aged at all.

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