Gen 7- Chapter 1 Part 2: Tranquil Truffle


“Geeze Loli could you get that make up case any bigger? I’m not sure if its got enough room for you?”

“Ha ha. I like my make up ok? Besides my sunscreen is in here too. You know I can’t go far without that.”

“Ya I know. You might burn to a crisp in the Briocheport sun with out your SPF 9000. Seriously Tranquil I wish you could see how massive this box of hers is. Even Pear is laughing over here.”

“Well excuse me for…”

Suddenly my mind was pulled away from Blush and Loli’s squabble by one that sounded much more serious.

“And I told you to stay out of my way!”

“I’m sorry dude. It was an accident.”

“I don’t think it was. I think you purposely got in my way, just to cheese me off.”


“Oh my Berry what is happening over there? It sounds…bad?”

“Huh? Oh that. That’s Granite picking on poor Fir again.”


“Ya. Its pretty much a daily routine. Well its not always Fir, but you get the idea.”


“Look dude I’m sorry. It was a total mistake. I swear.”

“You better be. Now get out of my face!”

“You got it!”


His voice was so full of hate. It actually radiated out across the lawn in waves.

“Wow, why is he so…angry?”

“No one knows. Rumor has it, his parents died in a plane crash right before the start of his freshman year. I don’t know if its true, but its still not an excuse to act the way he does. When my mom died, I didn’t turn in a complete Berry Hole…”

“That’s terrible.”

“Ya don’t feel too sorry for him. He is pure evil. Over the summer he stole my phone from me and then preceded to take pics of me as I tried to get it back. He is bad news Tranquil.”

“I heard he punched a guy just for sneezing to close to him.” Loli added.

All these stories that Loli and Blush were relaying were an obvious attempt to try and scare me, but instead of scaring me, it only made me feel worse for him. What could possibly happen to make someone so mean.

“So he wasn’t always like that?”

“Nope. Jr. High he was just the quiet kid. Then high school came around and bam. It was like two different people.”


When school let out for the day, Blush and I started to walk to the front of the school but she suddenly stopped and took a hold of my shoulder.

“Oh no! I was supposed to turn in this paper to Mr. Tangelo! Ahhh if I don’t he is going to fail me for that assignment. I…will be right back. Can you stay here for a just a couple minutes?”

“I guess so.”

“Three minutes! I will be right back!”



*Blehhhh* It was in that moment, I realized I needed to learn the lay out of this place and fast. I hated being so dependent. It was like I was 5 again waiting for my Mommy at piano practice.

But I did was I was told, and I leaned against the cold bricks and waited. Well I did until a beautiful sound caught my attention. An acoustic guitar and who ever was playing was really good! I listened to the song more carefully and it was like nothing I had ever heard before. One thing I know is music and this was something original.


Due to my insatiable curiosity I decided to investigate the sound further. I ran my hands across the bricks until the texture became smooth. I fumbled for the doorknob and once I found it carefully helped myself inside. I tried to be as quiet as possible so not disturb whoever was playing from their lovely tune.


Each chord was so expressive and full of emotion. It was so sad, yet beautiful. I gingerly stepped away from the safety of the wall to search for a seat. My hands brushed across the back of a chair and quietly sat down. I closed my eyes and continued to listen to the tragic reverie. It didn’t really make a difference if my eyes were opened or closed, but I just liked the way it felt.

I listened in silence until they had finished. Then I couldn’t keep quiet a moment longer.

“That was so beautiful.”


“What do you want?”

“I heard you playing from outside. You are amazing.”




“I recognize your voice. You are the boy from earlier. Granite?”

“Look I told you to leave. Now go before I do something we both regret.”

“You don’t scare me.”


“Look little girl, I don’t know who you are, but you need to go now!”

He must have been pointing to the door or something because the next phrase out of his mouth was…”What are you blind?!”

Instead of being insulted I was rather amused. “Well actually yes. I am.” I mused.

“Oh… Hey I didn’t mean it like-


“Tranquil are you in here?” *Gasp*


I felt her brush up against me. “Granite what are you doing here. If you even think about touching Tranquil I will…”

“You’ll what?”

“I will…”

“Ya that’s what I thought.”


“Relax Princess I was just leaving.”


“Come on Tranquil. Your mom is probably wondering where we are.”


And she was right, as soon as came out the front doors I could hear her calling me to us. “Blush! Tranquil!”

“Hey Mrs. C! Sorry we are late.”

“Its ok.”


I hated this so much. I know it was necessary but it didn’t mean I had to like it. Carted back and forth going from ones custody to the other, the one aspect of being blind that I hated. How divine it would be to say “I think I wanna go to the mall. Be back later!” or “I think I will walk home today. See you there!”

I guess to a point my mom was right. I would always be sheltered…


When we got back to the condo, Dad was waiting with a huge welcome home hug. Hugs from Daddy were the best.

“There’s my angel!”


“How was school today?”

“It was good! I love it! I think I have learned a couple of my routes already.”

“That’s great!”

“I think I am gonna go practice.”

“Ok Love.”


As I started to play, my mind kept drifting back to that amazing song from just an hour before. I tried to recreate it and for the most part I did, but there was one chord that just wasn’t right. I tried over and over again, but it still sounded wrong.

After a while I finally gave up and moved on to my training exercises.


But my thoughts continuously stumbled back to that angry soul.

What had happened to you Granite?

All these questions raced through my mind. I had to know. Only one thing I could do. I had to talk to him again.

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  1. Yay!! *cheers* I’ve been so excited for this to come out!

    Tranquil really is so independent and Toph-like. I absolutely adore her. I’m also so proud of Olivine, for actually letting her go! *sniffle*

    I’m kinda liking the look of this Granite character… He looks like such a bad boy! Mrowr!

  2. Wow they look amazing. It is so good to see them all together. And I love that you put a small part of Grant’s story in there for Granite. Oooh and that he plays the guitar, love it. I hope Mir breaks down those hard walls for a certain blushing rose.

  3. I know we’re meant to dislike Granite for being such a jerk… but it’s so hard when he’s so hot! Plus I keep hoping that somewhere in there is the sweeter Grant personality…
    Also Mir is such a bad-az! And I have a feeling she’ll be the one to get past the walls that Grant’s put up (yes, I’m going to call him Grant, no matter how much of a berry sweet he is), seeing as he can’t intimidate her…

  4. Granite: like Kryptonite, only better~ 😉

    hmmm.. I can see certain qualities of Loli that are very familiar to me.. *rubs chin and glances over at her SPF 9000*

    loved it, BB! <33

  5. Oh, this generation shall be excting!! Tranquil is such a strong person. I wonder what mischief she will get into, even if she is blind. She is incredible, berry!!

  6. Oh Berry that chapter was fantastic!! I really like Granite already, I can tell that he isn’t as bad as he seems by the way he immediately started to half apologize (haha) for using the blind comment. And the ending where she plays piano and it cuts back to him playing guitar was perfect.

    I really like this generation. Tranquil is different than all your other heirs have been thus far, and not simply because she’s blind. She takes the strength that has been flowing through the Ciffons since Lacy and takes it to an entirely different level – and the best part is that unlike the others, she never really has to try to be brave or a fighter. She just is.

    Keep up the amazing work, I’m excited for the next chapter.

  7. omg this was so amazing, i really hope that tranquil and granite become friends or even more.. maybe. i’m really curious to find out what happened to him. i bet he’s a nice guy deep down.

  8. Oh wow! I really do love Tranquil. She’s such an independent spirit and I love that mom and dad are finally letting their little bird ‘fly the nest’ a little bit. I’m sure high-school is going to make her flourish!

    I, obviously, can’t wait to see how it turns out with Granite. Will she manage to crack that shell of his? Hopefully! They could make such beautiful music together.

    I realized that I missed the big birthday bash, so happy belated birthday Splash!

  9. LOVE IT! as always berry you bring an amazing story to life with your awesome writing. I have been waiting for this chapter and i can’t wait to see more! And i agree with everyone else Granite is HOT HOT HOT! EEEE! so excited can’t wait for more!

  10. I loved this chapter. Everything is coming together so great. c: I like Granite too. And I have a feeling he isn’t a bad guy. Maybe Tranquil can reach him, it would be such a giant plus.

    I think Tranquil may just be my favorite heir so far. She’s so strong, driven, and independent! Good traits to have. c: Good attitude to have. I hope that her Mom realizes just how strong her daughter is. I wonder how Livi’s going to handle the DATING situation.. she knows that will mean her baby will be away from home a little more.

  11. Granite (not Grant, as I keep accidentally thinking 😛 ) is really really rude!! But it’s just an image, you can tell he’s not all bad. When he kind of apologised .. wahh idk, he’s just so adorable I think I’d forgive him anything 😉
    Maybe Miracle can work a miracle and help him turn his life around? xD

  12. I love Tranquil!! She’s such a good soul, and brave too! I love how open she is to new experiences and people- you wouldn’t ever catch her judging a book by its cover! She’s wonderful and I can’t wait to read more from her point of view. Granite intrigues me too, I already love where you’re going with this.

    You are awesome =D

  13. That was Blush and Grant?! Haha no wonder they seemed familiar! xD
    …I’m really slow, aren’t I?

    I really like Tranquil’s attitude towards Granite, she’s such an amazing person.

    auschick – I noticed it too! I think we all know what that means…;)

  14. Granite is going to help Tranquil rebel against her sheltered life and shes going to get into as much trouble as Olivine did :O great chapter

  15. Love this new chapter. Yay for Tranquil to be able to go to school. Granite is really good looking, he has a unique look and I love it. Another amazing chapter as always!

  16. Oh dear lord I love Granite. He is one attractive sim! Tranquil is so cute! She might turn out to be my favorite! I love the line after Granite asks if she’s blind. Witty girl.

  17. YAY!
    butcha know cannot wait 2 see little babies!
    im goin WAY 2 far here
    what? I just had a big bottle of gatorade
    CANNOT WAIT for the next chapter

  18. Granite what a cutie!! Tranquil will have to help him see a better way!!! Sometimes the blind can see better than sighted people!!! Love where you going with this chapter…

  19. Amazing chapter Missy Berry, I’ve read all of the rainbowcy at least twice x3, and I’m still loving it! But so far Tranquil sticks out the most to me from the other heiresses. And not just because she’s blind either, the girls got sass! 😛 Her and Apricot so far are my favorites. Keep the chapters coming! I love this <33

  20. OMB!! is that the same guy from your machinima “Reflection Of”?!! I can not believe i just now noticed that lol i knew he looked familiar, he is so handsome! :3
    Oooooooh AND Grant from the Tea Legacy<3 double win!! ^-^

  21. Okay…so I’m intrigued by Granite, but not willing to jump on board the Tranquil/Granite bandwagon just yet. I think he’s probably a nice guy with a tough exterior and I’m glad Tranquil is showing an interest in getting past that prickly exterior because he seems like he is just misunderstood. But, I think he’s going to need to get past some of his issues (ie – be nicer to others) before he’s a good match for Tranquil. However, I’m excited to see if maybe she can have a hand in helping break down some of his walls 🙂 I think she is the most interesting heir yet!!

  22. Just joining the forces here, what an amazing start of the new generation! I absolutely love her. She is stunning and has a very nice personality as well, her adventurous self is really talking to me. 🙂

    I also liked the picture in part 1 – where she walks next to mom and you can see how alike they are. It was a nice one.

  23. I have a makeup case like Loli! XD I thought that was pretty funny. Anyway, Granite is a total hottie. /drool. I bet he’s really a total sweetheart when you get past his tough exterior. :3 Tranquil and him will make purdy babies. >.D Brilliant job on this chapter! I think Tranquil is my favorite heiress now. XD

  24. I am finallyy caught up with your whooooolleee legacy and I absolutely ADORE it!! 🙂 I think it is seriously the best one I have ever read and I can’t wait to read more. You are an amazing writer and your plot twists, details, and picture taking skills are extraordinary. I’m soooooo excited for Tranquil as heiress because I can just tell she’s going to be uber interesting (not that the others haven’t been). I think I have a soft spot for people feeling trapped and constantly being dependent on others. Anyway, keep up the great work and I’m excited to be able to blow off my homework again and again to read the rest of the upcoming chapters 😀

  25. Oh, this story gives me the chill (in positive way). So amazing! I’m wondering what will happen next. I’m very curious about Granite as well. So sad to hear about his parent’s death. I can see why he acted that way, though, and Tranquil is so sweet.

  26. Wow. Amazing chapter, I’m so excited that it finally came out! I wonder how Berry keeps her towns filled with berrysweets and keeps out the vanilla sims?

  27. Aww yay! I love Tranquil sooo much! Her independence reminds me a lot of Toph 😉 And I wonder if something is going to happen between her and Granite? (but then again, Grant and Blush are together so I wonder if Granite and Blush will be together in this too?) either way, it’s still going to an UH-MA-ZING generation!!!!

  28. I just got home from a missions trip, and this is one of the best things I have come home to! Excellent chapter, even better bad boy!! Love it ❤

  29. Love your legacy. I’m kind of a new reder. Still not couth up whit all the chapters but i love it enyway:D. The plots are so greyt.

    And i’m getig the felig there is going to be somethig between Granite and Miracle ;P

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